Draxler Delegations, Vucinic Terms Agreed, Transfer Deadline Madness.

Prepare yourself. Rumours are attacking from every direction.

Morning, folks.

Having stated yesterday that he was “hoping to have something to tell you” to the press regarding potential incomings, Arsene has inadvertently set the rumour mill into a white-hot state of chattering. With unfortunate injuries having come along at the most inopportune of moments, we need players – so they say – and there’s plenty of stories floating around the Goonerverse to have a look-see at.

One deal that might – MIGHT – have been done is a loan with Juventus for Mirko Vucinic. He’s a furry-faced centre forward who likes to put himself about a bit – not sexually, as far as I know – and is capable of coming into the side and making an impact. I don’t claim to know all that much about him as I’m not an aficionado of Serie A, but my extensive research – YouTube – leads me to believe he has the physical attributes and style of play to suit a move to the Premiership. It’s being reported mainly in Italy that the deal was agreed yesterday with the loan initially thought to be to Inter Milan having fallen through. There could be a decent element of truth to this.

But that’s the smaller of the stories. The big one surrounds Julian Draxler. Across many avenues, tales have emerged that Dick Law and a delegation of Arsenal representatives are in germany attempting to negotiate a deal with Schalke. This one, I hope is true. In true parsimonious fashion, it’s alleged Arsenal aren’t at all keen on meeting Draxler’s £37m buy-out clause, and instead are preparing an offer in the region of £24.7m – a full £12m short.

I hope that is not true. If we want the player badly and he has a clause that enables us to discuss terms, pay it. If he’s as good as everyone feels, that extra £12m will be fairly easy to get back when we sell him in 5 years to Barcelona (I’m joking). Again, I’m no expert on the player, but I have tried to do my research – YouTube – to get a little more familiar with him. I think he looks exceptional – a truly gifted footballer who could make the transition from wide/central attacking midfielder to striker in the same way Henry and van Persie did.

The seconds are ticking down until the window closes tomorrow, but I do get the impression genuine effort is being made to recruit. We could find ourselves empty-handed come Saturday and whilst that certainly isn’t ideal, it’s also something we should be prepared for. All these fibs and mendacious tales make it practically impossible to decipher between truth and hogwash. All I have is my gut instinct and that’s not known for being particularly accurate. It’s guesswork, folks. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but I do have a favourable inkling towards the unveiling of a new faces.

That’s all on a news front. Yesterday the Goonersphere Podcast was recored, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable show.

Joining Daniel Cowan and me for the 15th show are:

Danny (@The_GFP)
John (@Gooner_in_BCN).

Up for discussion is Southampton, Draxler and expectations. We also have an interview with renowned journalist, Paddy Barclay, about his biography of Herbert Chapman. Plus usual features “Listeners Questions”, “Goonersphere Shoutout” and “Goonersphere Prick of the Week”.

This podcast is explicit in nature and is probably not suitable for children, unless you are a really bad parent or a really cool one depending how you look at it.


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That’s all from me today, folks. There’s a rather fetching comments section below in which you can plaster your thoughts all over. How do you feel about the need to buy players and who’s your ideal choice? Let me know a few of your thoughts.

I shall return tomorrow with more. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

16 thoughts on “Draxler Delegations, Vucinic Terms Agreed, Transfer Deadline Madness.”

  1. Nice piece…the same guy who broke the Ozil transfer has confirmed draxler move…arsenal have offered 25mil + ad ons ie if win the Premiership which is a total of 33mill…according to the chaps in germany….???fact or fiction let’s see I hope is true thou arsenal need those final pieces of quality…

  2. Vučinić has a very decent shooting technique. He can score a free-kick and a long-range effort with his right foot. He is not the most prolific guy around and he would be more of a support for Giroud rather than a spearhead of our attack. Wenger has been fond of him for years but it seems that move depends on whether Juventus can persuade Osvaldo to join them and not knock out Chiellini, Marchisio and Buffon at the training ground.

    Draxler – I will repeat it again: he is a huge talent but he is bloody injured right now. We have so many injured players already that our team made of them and unused substitutes would have been good enough for at least middle of the table. And, it would have been good enough to beat Spuds at Shite Fart Lame as well.

    Wenger has hinted during January that he might go after Mandžukić in the summer. The Croatian striker has been on the ice at Bayern lately and given that Lewandowski will join Bayern in the summer, Mandžukić might look for a new club. If that is correct, we won’t go after a high-profile striker this term but for Vučinić-esk short-term signing.

    Oh, I forgot to say: hello, James. 😀

  3. i will be happy if arsenal sign draxler from this last hour winter transfer for the betterment of the team spirit.So that they can push for the title challenge.

  4. Wow! Refreshing to read a Blog that doesn’t whinge (Le Moan) and one that is structured and reasoned well. We do need reinforcements, that is obvious, but we need to look at the fact that a team that has spent in excess of 600m since the sandmen arrived is only one point ahead. Like you I feel Draxler is quality and a purchase well worth the money. As for Vucinic, I think he could be very handy.

  5. could someone clarify my confusion? if draxler has a buy-out clause that activates in the summer, why should schalke accept less than 37 m or at least wait until the summer to start a bidding war? i understand schalke might need the money, but are they really in such financial crisis that they cannot wait for 4 months to get the best money? additionally, it might also be the case that draxler might agitate for a move, but surely schalke can make him wait till the summer. it’s not like he’ll be a free agent. someone please explain.

    1. Because at the moment he either a) doesn’t have a buying clause inserted yet or b) he currently has a lower buying clause or c) he wants out and there is sosomething in his contract that permits talks.

      1. uh bingo! i must admit my naivete and your speed of intelligence. nowhere has schalke publicly talked about any buy out clause as far as i aware. it’s the media that has been bandying this 37 m thing. maybe you’re right. anyways, let’s hope for a happy conclusion to this saga.

  6. we are having a great season and still fighting on 3 fronts for silverware however to sustain this challenge we need some reinforcements and I hope we take a gamble and go for it,get them instead of having regrets in may if we do nothing

  7. I am with geekaybee
    I am not going to write on here that I am 20 stone of lard and will be doing a nude series of hand stands down the Severn sisters road if we sign draxler

  8. Hi gunners, tell you that its difficult to know what De prof is thinking. Only get excited to hear from him say it. Lets not forget that he likes doing the opposite. Fingers crossed and hope he is in the same shoe as everyone else. Draxler is an excellent attacker and can sort out the striking problems we have though he might need a few words from the master himself AW.
    I believe in this current squad and hope we do not drop points against Cpalac this weekend. Getting the injured players back in time is what I yearn for. Hope its done. Cant wait to see Arsenal walk with a trophy at the end of a busy and competitive season.

  9. I hope we get him (Draxler), but all the talk this morning is about City, l don’t buy the idea that they will walk this title. They have been incredibly lucky at places like Newcastle and even yesterday. They are playing well, don’t get me wrong, but not as well as the score lines and papers deem them to be. They are an injury or loss away from a reality check. Forget the Spuds, even Liverpool put 5 past them, D Levy could have a bestseller on “how to waste 100m”. But the fact is, if we are to win anything this season at some point we have to beat Man City, with the current squad and form, maybe not, but with an addition like this Draxler guy, oh yes we will! Lastly, what’s the matter with Podoski and Wenger? I just don’t get it, l think he has the best goals per game ratio at Arsenal and the other day, AW called him “the best finisher he has ever seen outside the 18yds box”. Come on! The guy has over 100 caps for Germany, l just cant get it why he never starts games, does any of you?? COYGs

  10. Arsenal Fans and players alike should not allow this media frenzy and craziness to disrupt our preparedness to land a trophy this season. It is the media against Arsenal. So forward march to victory, Guys.

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