Eden Hazard, “Ox Mania” and dancing in the streets of Britain.

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I always find that without any midweek football of note involving Arsenal, I struggle with Thursdays when I’m writing. Sunderland and Middlesborough will, in all likelihood, play out a poorly-attended snore-fest tonight for the right to host Arsenal in the next round of the cup. Other than that, there’s slim pickings out there – unless you count the bitter disappointment of not seeing Twitchy get sent down. It goes to show there’s a lesson to be learned from every story. In order to not have to pay my taxes, I’ve decided to have a lobotomy and get my cat to open a bank account for me. I should save a fortune. Again, I’m writing this the night before posting, and I’ve just received the news of Cappello’s resignation. Seems likely to me there’s a dastardly plan afoot and that saggy-faced, convulsing, abhorrence of a man will be leading the national team to Euro 2012. I cared little about that tournament as it was; I care even less now.

Enough of that, ‘Arry is nothing short of a putrid choice of topic. I apologise, so let’s focus on The Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger has stoked the fires of speculation with a few choice words about Lille’s Eden Hazard, recently. When quizzed about the player many would have you believe is the cure to all the ailments at Arsenal, the usually coy Wenger was overcome with gushing sycophancy;

“I really like him, and for several reasons.

“It’s his creative power, his ability to mis-align the opponent, his vision of the game and his consummate skill to address the last pass which make him a very interesting player.

As much as it’s unlike Le Boss to openly covet another club’s player, it just was a statement of admiration, and nothing more. I’m still expecting one of the hottest properties in European Football to end up at one of the big spenders once they’ve thrown obscene amounts of money at him. I just can’t get my hopes up on this one.

Once news of Djourou signing a contract extension was released to the masses, pandemonium broke out. Ordinary citizens took to the streets shedding tears of unbridled joy. Throughout the country, the night skies were pierced with yelps of ecstasy; people sang, they danced and they celebrated any way they could. He is ours for another 2 years.

Seriously, though; Djourou does get a bad time of it. He’s a decent back-up player, and let’s not forget, he was excellent last season until his shoulder injury. It’s not a bad deal to have kept him until 2015. Maybe some of the extra cash he’ll be getting can go toward sorting his fucking eyebrows out.

Lastly, it’s “Ox Mania”. We all would agree he’s a fantastic prospect, but I hope the hype isn’t heaped on his shoulders too much. Captain, and all-round splendid human being, Robin van Persie, agrees:

‘He’s a big prospect. Everyone is enjoying watching him, I do, you do and he brings something extra to the game and people just love it.

‘Don’t put too much pressure on him. You always have periods when you are young when you have really high highs and you go up and down until you balance it a bit better.

‘He will have ups and will have periods when he’s not playing so well. So my advice is to be aware of it and be patient.’

Exactly. He can’t be expected to be brilliant and settle in immediately to the first team. It’s been a mere two games; he’s going to have bad days and he’s going to make mistakes. Placing too great a weight of expectation on his shoulders is both idiotic and unfair. He may appear to have made the transition as effortlessly as both Cesc and Jack did, but siding with caution is simply the only right thing to do. You need only look at Theo to see the detrimental affect of expectation.

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  1. i believe arsenal we finish in top four,am so sure about that,what our club just need is that there need to play with strenght and fucos on there game.

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