Eden Hazard will NOT join Arsenal.

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Amidst the petty squabbles and peculiar ‘AKB’ posturing that makes up the vast Goonerverse at the moment, a great deal of chatter has surrounded rumour of Eden Hazard’s imminent signing. I don’t pretend to not secretly hope we make such an investment; lord knows, it would be a great signal of intent and a pick-me-up for the club as a whole. I just simply to try and avoid the idle drivel and take the news reported from those in the know.

Like the good folks at Le Grove who had this and this to say about the wild speculation floating around Twitter like unflushable excrement, I know it’s utter unsubstantiated nonsense.

Let’s be honest here, what are the chances of Lille selling their best player to us with a few days left in the window, and us meeting the bloody enormous fee such a deal would command? There aren’t many.

If seen a few fleeting glimpses of the Belgian wonder-child in action, and I’ve heard the countless reports of how good he really is, so there isn’t a part of me that doesn’t wish I could believe it a possibility. In this climate of smaller clubs selling on to the wealthy for as much as they can get, I can’t see him going anywhere other than the big two in Spain, or Manchester City.

Arsene Wenger’s continued refusal to pay the big money for the big talent also comes into account. Our policy in the market has become more and more a frustration as time progresses, with “bargain basement” acquisitions and unknowns regularly favoured ahead of marquee unveilings of players. We opt to take a punt on Park, wait for Chamakh to be available for nothing and pay £1m for a right back with little or no experience. These aren’t bad moves, they aren’t examples of our manager’s continuing descent into egotistical madness, but they can’t be the transfer dealings of the 6/7th richest club in the world. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and compete with what’s happening around you, regardless of how much you may disagree. We don’t have to drastically change our original approach to buying players, our manager needs to understand that it doesn’t hurt to do a bit of both.

That’s about all that’s happening today, folks. Only Bendtner’s broken nose and the continuing trial of Redknapp make up the column inches at present and neither warrant much discussion – unless ‘Arry gets sent down for tax evasion. I’ll dedicate an entire post to how priceless and richly deserved that will be.

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7 thoughts on “Eden Hazard will NOT join Arsenal.”

  1. I agree, I can’t see him going to anywhere but Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City or Chelsea. I REALLY HOPE he comes to Arsenal though. Arsene has been following him for 3 years and he’s only 20 so that means Wenger has wanted his signature since he was 17. In the interview before Udinese at home I remember Wenger saying he would pay “30 even £40M for the right player”. It was confirmed by the German media that Wenger made a late bid of £30M for Gotze in the summer. I think we’re looking for a player with the Andres Iniesta/David Silva/Juan Mata/Mario Gotze frame. Now Fabregas has left we’re missing a player like that who can create something out of nothing. It’s not all bad if we don’t get him, we have Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who can be just as good in a few years BUT imagine having both of them. The thought is frightening. Wenger bid £18M for Mata and if Cesc didn’t leave when he did/Chelsea didn’t bid £26M we probably would have got him and we would be in the Top 4. Maybe just MAYBE Wenger thinks Eden Hazard would be worth the money. I hope Vermaelen/Gervinho can convince him and I hope Wenger can work his magic in the french market for us to somehow do the impossible. Along with Koscielny this would be the best deal he’s done in the french market for a VERY long time. @LevReynolds

  2. Arsenal dont need a winger but a good midfilder like cesc in other word mario gotze they’re living under the shadow of someone who cant clearly pin point and give the final pass like cesc use too he his a pritender who hold the ball beautifully well and fail fails to deliver when its nesscesary am talking of the one and only rambo (mr remsey) he is the major problem in the squade now unless he his replace by some good midfilder arsenal wil no longer game their ball possesion..tanx

  3. Aliyu-Are you kidding ? Who is Arsenal’s play maker and supplier right
    now ?
    A joke called Ramsey ? or timid guy called Walcott ? Can’t you see there are no play makers, and we aren’t scoring much ?
    If only Arsenal would wake up, and realize 2 world class players would take this team to competitiveness. It seems like we can all see this except for the powers to be of the team.

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