Everton, Premiership (H): Team News And Starting XI

Afternoon, folks.

After yesterday’s silliness, it’s time for me to at least try and be a little more serious. There’s a little something called a competitive football match happening today and that seems to have been lost in amongst endless transfers rumours and players moving here, there and everywhere. Now that the window has been abruptly closed (I’m a little curious why the transfer window must always be closed with such vigour? Surely, someone could just gently push it into the closed position for once…I suppose it’s the dramatic value. You can’t really say, “Arsenal miss out on £98m superstar as transfer window calmly closes with minimal noise or effort”) we can put all that behind us and look forward to seeing how our new attacking option line-up together.

Well, we might have to wait a little longer to see Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as he’s not feeling very well. I don’t whether he has the same man-flu I had or it’s something a little more serious; coming into contact with Anthrax, for example. Whatever the reason may be, our new signing will be assessed close to kick-off and I’d say it’s unlikely he’ll start today given how Arsene Wenger likes to bed new players into the team gradually. A place on the substitutes bench is about the best we can hope for today, which is a shame for all those hoping to see his full debut.

Elsewhere, there are no further notable absentees other than those who aren’t at the club anymore. It’s a bid odd writing a preview and not mentioning either Giroud or Walcott. It’s especially odd writing preview in which Theo Walcott lines up against us so soon after leaving. I’m sure he’ll get a good reception today – he certainly deserves one. He might not have set the Emirates turf alight as many of had hoped, but he was a loyal, professional player and at times quite brilliant. He scored a lot of important goals and there’s plenty of good memories. He left with class and dignity and we he deserves to be received in the same manner.

The Arsenal team should be very similar to Tuesday’s horror show in Wales. I’d look to take out Xhaka and play Elneny alongside Wilshere if it was up to me, but I think Arsene will leave our Swiss midfielder in the team. I’d guess we’ll line-up something like this (assuming I’m right and Aubameyang in only named amongst the substitutes):

(Edit) – I’ve just realised Wilshere is sick, so I imagine Iwobi will play higher up the pitch with Ramsey alongside Xhaka – I can’t be bothered to create another team picture…

Predicting an Arsenal game at the moment isn’t exactly easy, folks. Your guess is as good as mine. We could put on a comprehensive attacking display and beat Everton by 3 or 4 goals with much spectacle and cheer. Alternatively, we could huff and puff and exhibit some atrocious defending that sees our opponents beat us by the same score. I’ve absolutely no idea. At home we are strong, so we should win. We should… Assuming nothing ‘Arsenal’ happens, I’m going to say we will, but only by the odd goal in 3 – the Everton goal will be courtesy of Walcott. Either that or the little f*cker will bag a hat-trick and teabag in Wenger’s face before leaving the pitch.

I’ll leave you with that glorious image, so that’s all for today, folks. The comments sections awaits your predictions. Hit me up.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more.

Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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