Muamba in action for Bolton.

Morning, folks.

It’s hard to know where to start. There are things of far greater importance than Football. Yes, we all love the game; we’re passionate and vociferous when it comes to the fortunes of our chosen allegiances. But today, it all seems trivial to me.

Yesterday, a young man collapsed. He was a man few of us can claim to have known. Yet, we all united, we put aside of differences and collectively wished him a full and swift recovery.

I saw the good side of football supporters. The Spurs fans could have reacted unfavourably to an ex-Arsenal player, but they didn’t. They showed compassion, real class and sung his name. They might be our sworn enemies, but they’re human beings at the end of the day.

Fabrice Muamba, our thoughts are with you. Whether we be blue, white, red, hooped, striped, claret or yellow; we all support you, and we all pray for the best possible outcome.

One thought on “Fabrice.”

  1. Precise post. It’s good to see the humane side of Football,rivalry and racism should take a backseat and yesterday can be used as a stepping stone. Kudos

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