7 thoughts on “For the attention of you. Yes, YOU.”

  1. Common man wats going on with u? Av been waiting for Ʊ’я?̲ post from yesterdays game and Ʊ’я?̲ telling me abt Ʊ’я?̲ nu twitter account?

  2. Greetings O wise one!

    Long time no contact.

    I thought I’d better update you on my latest stance regarding football.

    In response to a one word comment on our blog, the word being “hodgsonforarsenal!”, I posted the following diatribe. i will continue to pop i here and see how you’re doing, mate, but I;m afraid that me’n’footie are finished.

    G??day MrsT.
    I must admit to quite honestly not giving a flying fuck about football any more. Some twat was moaning on the BBC last night about the Arse being absolutely shocking last night ??…just like our season?, he whined.
    4th in the premiership aint so bloody bad ?? I bet Dalglish or another 15 managers would settle for that!
    The final straw for me was listening to that farce at Old Trafford last weekend. All the fucking media were interested in was who shook hands (or didn??t) with whom. The football just didn??t matter. Alan Green on Radio 5 summed it up, when he said that it all made him want to throw up.
    Couple that shit with Tales of Tevez, ??Appenings wiv ??Arry, and that whining bastard Pulis moaning about his poor overworked team having to play on a Thursday and then again on Sunday, and it just confirmed that I??m sick of the whole fucking shower of ??em.
    Even Dalglish has made an arse of himself over his public backing of the moronic Suarez?. and that??s something I never thought I??d even think about saying.
    Enough! Football is dead.

      1. Thanks, mate.

        It’s been coming for a few seasons now, but this latest fiasco has just tipped me over the edge……. and that’s before the neanderthal Terry drags his knuckles into a courtroom, England get knocked out of a competition in the quarters (just about right, in my book), and the BNP announce that Rooo-neeee is their new PR manager.
        OK, maybe not the last one, but you get my drift……

        Oh, and if you could correct the typos in my last commnet, I’d be grateful.


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