Gervinho, Santos, Gnabry, Arshavin, Wenger, and another cauldron of sh*t.

UEFA Champions League; Arsenal 0-2 Schalke


I ordinarily would great you with a chipper, “morning folks”. Not today.

I hated the piece I wrote on Sunday after the Norwich defeat. Not because of how it was written, but due to what it contained; anger and pessimism. I like to think I’m a fairly positive soul; I try to look at the good things before I deconstruct and evaluate the bad. I wrote that piece just after the game – as I am this one – and left it unchanged because I believe blogging should be an honest pursuit; one that shows your emotional side, and isn’t compromised by sitting on the fence.

Point being, and this is certainly open to answer; how am I supposed to be positive, when the team I love are showing me only things that arouse my negative side?

I was prepared to put Saturday’s performance down to ‘one of those days’ – the kind where all that can go wrong does, and things just don’t click. Then I sat through that unrelenting shower of shit last night, and it was far worse. Not worse because we lost, but it exceed the direness of the weekend purely because of the fact we knew a reaction was needed, and it didn’t come. There was no urgency, cohesion, enthusiasm or guile. We had to wait until the 93rd minute when we were 2-0 and the game was over to record a shot on target.

Gervinho and Andre Santos were woeful. Playing the Ivorian as a striker has to stop. His all-round contribution wasn’t close to being half-decent, and he topped off his fiasco with an abomination of a dive.  We had more than enough theatrics when Eboue was here, thank you very much.

Andre Santos appears to have taken a crash course at the Gael Clichy school for playing people onside, and generally falling over when faced with an opponent. I like the Brazilian as an attacking option, but defensively, he simply isn’t good enough. He’s had the odd good game here and there, but nothing to convince me otherwise. If I was the boss, I’d be seriously looking at playing Koscielny and Mertesacker in the centre, and Vermaelen at left back. Schalke knew he was a weak point, and went after him. Podolski, usually an able runner, didn’t offer him enough help, either.

Of course, I’m not blaming the defeat on those two players. Arsenal were collectively bad, with perhaps only Mertesacker having a reasonable game. Errors came from all angles. For example, why wait until 82 minutes to introduce Ganbry and Arshavin when it was only too apparent some players needed to be replaced? What can we possibly expect them to do in 8 minutes? – ironically, Gnabry did more of note in his first 20 seconds on the field than Gervinho managed in 75 minutes.

For the first time, I’m starting to feel genuinely concerned about our prospects. At the start of our campaign, things looked rife with potential. Those thoughts are rapidly giving way to doom and gloom. There has to be something done. Arses have to be kicked, and those not pulling their weight and continuously under performing have to be told. Arsene can’t allow a quiet period of cogitation in which the players can think about their short comings. He needs to hit them with some home truths.

I hope that’s what he will do. I hope it will be done sooner rather than later. I shouldn’t be worrying about a home game against QPR on Saturday. Because of last night, I am.

That’s all for today folks. What did you think? Are you alarmed by how utterly shit-awful Arsenal were? Do you have a positive view on the game? Are you angry at just how familiar and predictable all this is? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, my fellow miserable so-and-sos…

16 thoughts on “Gervinho, Santos, Gnabry, Arshavin, Wenger, and another cauldron of sh*t.”

  1. Very much angryyyyyyyy!, wat d heal was Ramsey doing on the field? For almost every season, arsenal players are always affected psycologically. Whenever they come back from any international break its one story or the other. I think we should on d players psycological approach to every game. At least they should learn from their rivals, manchester united.

  2. we just don’t have any more sparks going into the final third.everyone expects Carzola to be the main person but if no one helps him out then we are doomed.
    i love Arteta but ever since he became our defensive midfielder it’s like he lost all his touch for creating those pin point passes for our strikers and he no longer shoots.
    maybe i am the only one who believes Gervinho is useless because he cannot make up his mind when he goes for goal and to cap it all what’s wrong with Ramsey.i don’t know why the manager believes in him alot but he is one of our heavy burdens and he should be benched and maybe try giving Eiefield a run in the first team soon rather than later otherwise if we keep on playing like this then i don’t think we shall make it anywhere.
    for 2 straight games we have not had any shots on target that is a call for an alarm.

  3. Santos is sh*t and should be sold ASAP. Gervinho should be plasced on the bench for the game against QPR. He’s be really awful in the past few games. When he’s played, we’ve played with only 10 men. If he has to feature on Saturday, then I think he should come in for Poldi(he’s not looking too sharp. It’s probably down to fatigue). Gnabry should start on the right against QPR, and Wilshere should play in the midfield alongside Arteta and Cazorla. Personally, I don’t think Wilshere, as unfit as he might be, can be much worse than Ramsey

  4. I guess you’ve said it all. Our performance yesterday lacked passion and drive,there was no energy at all.
    We need to employ a different approach,something fresh, Wilshere or even Arshavin. Players who can move the ball with purpose.
    Lastly,we desperately need a proven striker.

  5. After 7 years of selling off our best players and replacing them with unknowns can we really expect more. The fact is, Arsenal are not one of Europes elite teams any more. Take away the abundance of passes we make and we have nothing else. We lack everything else including the ability to learn from past mistakes. I’ve been an Arsenal fan for 35 years and i’ve never been so confused or dejected about the direction the club is going right now. In all my time i have seen an Arsenal grow in strength but the last 10 years have seen them lose thier class, respect and spirit to win. I guess we just have to get used to the fact that AFC are “just another team” now.

    Last nights performance was proof in full that there is no determination at the club. This could well be the year that Arsenal do not qualify for the CL, the one thing that the club seem to be focused on achieving every year. This may be a good wake up call?

    Is it Arsene’s fault or the clubs? Is it the players fault for that matter? Where does the problem stem from and why is nothing being done about it? Can anything be done without heads rolling and, i think you know who i mean.

    Fact is, this Arsenal needs to change in opinion and that starts at the top!

  6. I was surprised by the assistant coach. When Pat Rice would get a chance, you could see it, and results were good. Steve sat quietly as if nothing was happening, for over 80 minutes. When we saw Koscielny warming up in the first half we thought, he was coming in for Santos, who was obviously out of the game, but nothing happened. The torment we suffered mainly came from his highway. Sometimes, a coach has to be decisive. Who said a sub has to happen after 70th minute? I think it should happen in the 46th minute if things aren’t happening. Steve watched us at Emirates, the way he did at Montpellier. Wenger and Steve have to learn when a game needs injection and do it straight away. I am not sure if our coaches have someone with a stick over their heads, if so, they could be a little ruthless to the players too. We blame Vermaeleen for going upfront, true, but what do you when your charges have no cutting edge completely. It is a shame that it has to take a 17 year old, and in the 90+ minute to make a meaningful shot at goal, and at home for that matter. Where is the Arsenal we knew? By the way, does Wenger get to read these things?

  7. At least your blog is good mate. Don’t worry, things will get better. I have faith that these losses will spur the board/Wenger to make the purchases necessary now. I really do. They cannot fool us anymore by making crap signings just before season ticket renewal time
    The time has come to fix what’s definitely broken and become the big club we are meant to be.

  8. Some REAL changes need to happen to turn our beloved team back into a football team not just a toy and cash cow for the board to “play” with. Surely they can see what is missing and what needs to be done so we don’t become also rans. I’ve always supported Mr Wenger but he needs to start making some proper decisions about players not pulling their weight and those who simply aren’t good enough. Great blog keep up the good work

  9. How did Santos manage to sneak into Arsenal’s first team?Santos, Ramsey and Gervinho should never have been in that pitch to start with. They totally killed the team morale with their out of this world performance.

  10. …what about a gang-up to change Mr Wenger himself??? Remember Chelsea just changed AVB and they ended the year with 2 trophies. Wenger is the problem of that team…he is living off past glory! Pls take a 2nd reflection on this thought.

  11. Gnabry was the only positive last night, that piece of skill in his first 20 seconds was honestly sublime. Also his shot was pretty good too. Good prospect, he’s better than gervinho without a doubt.
    Shit performance, shit team, shit times.

  12. Wenger should let Ramsey go out for loan to learn how to play the ball.Santos i don.t like how he defend he is too slow.i think this is the time arsene need to spend in the transfer window to buy a better important Striker

  13. Folks, you guys are right, but Wenger doesn’t care of all we are saying, if we like we can go to hell, Wenger did not bothered for a second. Men, i think something is definitely wrong with the so call arsenal managers, take a look at Steve Bould yesterday, this is the man that came in as manager, and we all happy that yes, may be things will change, but it’s getting worst, how can a manager so stupid enough, not to know when a team need injections, he sat on the bench yesterday like a dead man, no passion, nothing, he couldn’t even stand up to give any instructions to the players, what a shame!

    Furthermore, i just want someone to please tell me, what is Wenger’s problem, how can a manager be in a club for 16 years, he could not produce a great team, for the past 8years he what ever he likes he does, don’t you guys know that Wenger is a morron, if not how can RAMSEY, GERVINHO and SANTOS wearing arsenal shirts? over and over again, these sluggard players shown to us that they were not good at all, and you get playing them. Yesterday, when i saw Ramsey and Gervinho and Santos, in the team, i told my wife that we would loose the match, Ramsey in particular shouldn’t be playing at all, he is slow, i just don’t know what to use to qualify him, but he is a sluggard player, in as much this guy is our selections, we should forget about winning, including that stupid Gervinho, he has no brain at all. We have billions ways to go men, our positions this year we will be eight on the table, unless Mr WENGER, bury his ego in january and buy three good players, that is it for now. Thanks Folks.

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