Giroud, Rosicky and Koscielny Administer Sunderland Walloping.

Celebrating a magical third.

Morning, folks.

This may well be the briefest match review you’ll read. Don’t hold it against me; I’m suffering with an astonishing lack of sleep and instead of heading to bed where I should be, I’m taking a few moments to ensure my run of posting every day in 2014 stays intact.

I’ve managed to see as much of the game as possible. Yesterday I worked a 12-hour shift and missed everything of the match as it occurred live – checking Twitter and live scores services whilst serving wedding food is extraordinarily tricky. It also tend to go down rather poorly with those expecting you to actually be performing the tasks you’ve been assigned. You’d think it was obvious where my priorities lie…

In order to keep things short, here’s a handy bullet-point list of a few things I managed to glean whilst checking around for footage of the game:

  • It was a fluid, intelligent performance with scatterings of truly wonderful approach play – the third goal from Tomas Rosicky was what I’d describe as the quintessentially ‘Arsenal’ goal and It was a joy to behold.
  • It was a solid team performance on the whole. Even without Mesut Ozil, who was correctly offered a rest, we looked capable of opening Sunderland up at a moments notice. Olivier Giroud took his two goals well and it’ll be good for his confidence to bag a brace after his recent, shall we say, tomfoolery and stupidity.
  • We started quickly. Too often in games we’ve floundered and dragged our heels in the opening exchanges. We learnt how costly that approach can be at Anfield. Since that day, the team has shown a little more urgency.
  • Even with Chelsea’s result, we still are keeping the pace with those around us at the top. Liverpool are sure to have a huge baring on how things pan out, and a few results in their favour could see them right in the mix. At this stage, any one of 4 is in with a realistic shot at the title.
  • It was lovely to see Dennis Bergkamp back at The Emirates for the unveiling of his statue. I’d like to think some of the free-flowing football and subtle exchanges on the pitch would have warranted an approving nod from the brilliant Dutchmen.

That’s about all I have to say to you all today. Apologies for the shortness, but I’m sure you’ll understand my bed is calling and performing the simple task of keeping my eyes open has become increasingly difficult. At this stage, I might fall asleep on the keybo…..


*snores loudly*

The comments are below. Please feel free to drop me a line and discuss some of your favourite moments from the game, the performance and the glorious sight of a legend returning to his home. I shall be back, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, tomorrow with something considerably more substantial than today.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

11 thoughts on “Giroud, Rosicky and Koscielny Administer Sunderland Walloping.”

  1. In my opinion, another noteworthy topic is that Podolski was not only offered his starting position on the left wing today, but he also competed the entire match. That’s happened, what, like 5 or so times since his arrival? I’m aware of my bias, but I thought he played very intelligently, making runs to cause defense problems, as well as getting involved in link play and smart distribution. I think that Giroud plays better with Poldi on the field, I’ve long held that opinion, and I think today’s performance helps support this claim. Additionally, Rosicky’s goal truly was quintessential Arsenal, as you say. So enjoyable to watch, almost reminiscent of Wilshere’s vs Norwich. Superb team performance all around, and a great response to a tough run of fixtures.

  2. i had watched the chelsea game earlier and was delighted till the 92nd minute when i had to endure the sight of that hideous looking racist bastard celebrate a goal that took them 4 points clear of us.

    however, wilshere, rosicky, giroud and co made sure that i forgot the sight of that hideous bastard celebrating. thank you very much. the performances were awesome all around. let’s hope it’s lit a fire up ozil’s backside and he’ll be back to his best in the next game against the orcs of stoke.

    1. John Terry is no more a racist than you are. Let it go and move on. It’s bitter people dragging up the past that keeps racism fresh in the memory and gives racists a platform. You don’t hear people still banging on about witchcraft yet years ago it was far more dangerous and far more demeaning than racism. But as nation and a continent we moved on.

      1. @atid, it was more like a tongue in cheek statement than a serious one. btw, you think witchcraft more dangerous than racism? i salute you sir!

        1. Think you’ll find that abusing someone racially tends to stick in my mind also. To see that twat wheeling away claiming a goal he didn’t score with that I touched your wife head on him just shows how spoilt twats turn out . good to us react well Saturday and confirmation of rosickys new deal soon to be announced ive read today. Hope we continue with a quick start away in mordor next and put those creatures in there place

  3. It was great to see the lads sharp after giving their all battling Bayern with ten men for more than half the game, four days earlier.

    All the goals were good – Giroud took both goals well, sharp and precise on Sunderland’s back pass to Mannone; Koscielny is such a dependable CB to score a goal here and there; and that beauty of a Tomas Rosicky goal, reminiscent of Wilshere’s vs Norwich. Maybe the three back flips that led to Wishere’s gives it an edge. But no taking away the quality of Rosicky’s, which he started and finished with a lovely dink. At his age, he still has that burst of pace which is admirable.

    It’s great that both Rosicky’s and Wilshere’s goals were at the Emirates for all to see. Pity we didn’t keep a clean sheet but it showed we’re up for the fight for the title. A week’s rest and off to Stoke. That will be tough but it’s winnable. COYG

  4. Can we please get Bacary Sagna to sign a new contract, he did a great job today plugging holes as they popped up due to injuries in defense. If he leaves it will be a bigger transfer window catastrophe than the January just past.

    1. @Pitch: I agree with you. Keeping him on for a couple of years would be extremely beneficial. I’d hope he stays and we look at bringing someone in to rival him for the position and to occupy it in his absence. As much as I love Carl Jenkinson, I’m not sure he’s the man for the job.

  5. @charlie1gun
    I agree Giroud plays better with poldi on the wings. The thing is,and I’ve held this view for a while, Giroud plays off wingers. He’s more efficient when wingers are in play and the best he really does with the midfielders is hold up play and flicks and stuff. Loved the fact that he scored 2 yesterday.
    Good game for the gunners. Let’s do stoke too next alright. 😀

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