Glorious, Superb, Fantastic, Unbridled Ecstasy, We’ll Just Forget The First 10 Minutes….

2014 Winners.

Afternoon, folks.

In my 35 years of residency on planet Earth, I’ve never suffered with migraines.          Like the rest of you, most probably, I assumed they we’re just a really bad headache. The past week, mainly due to a combination of heat, stress and fatigue, I’ve begun having them. They are not like a really bad headache, nope; they’re far, far worse.

I watched the game in a bustling Bristol centre yesterday in sweltering heat with a very large turn out of Gooners and regretfully had to cut the celebrations short due to my pounding cranium. However, the pain it caused me to be in such a vociferous and jocund environment was worth it in each and every way conceivable.

Apart from the opening 10 minutes of the game.

Up until Santi Cazorla thundered in that fabulous free-kick on 17 minutes, I don’t think I’ve ever felt the hope and enthusiasm drain out of me faster. Genuinely, I was stood jaw agape wondering if what was occurring in front of me was actually happening or just a work of the evils that occupy my mind.

Mercifully, that abject feeling was fleeting. Once Santi halved the deficit I kinda knew we’d get back into the game and go on and win it. It wouldn’t be a true Arsenal performance if we didn’t at least make things a little difficult for ourselves.

It wasn’t a pretty game, not by any stretch of the imagination. I’m sure there are elements of the media that’ll try to tell you we didn’t win it ‘the right way’ or it wasn’t something we should be proud of. To those people I simply say this, “I DON’T CARE!”

What matters is we won the game. Nothing else registers. The 2014 FA Cup winners are Arsenal and we thoroughly deserved it. Credit goes to Hull City and their fans who made a real game of it and behaved impeccably, helping to contribute to what appeared a magnificent atmosphere in the stadium.

The players:

Yaya Sanogo

Quickly becoming a cult figure. He may define the term ‘raw’ at present, but it’s impossible to say he didn’t make a positive impact when he came on the pitch for a largely ineffectual Lukas Podolski. He’s got so much heart and desire that I find it easy to overlook most of his failings. If it wasn’t Ramsey, Yaya is the player I’d have most liked to see score the winner.

Aaron Ramsey

What more can you say about Aaron? His transformation from maligned figure to essential cog in the Arsenal machine is nothing short of spectacular. No one deserved to net the winner more than him and I’m left pondering what could have been had we not missed him for such a considerable chunk of the season.

Kieran Gibbs

It shouldn’t be forgotten just how important his goal-line clearance with the scores still at 2-0 to Hull really was. Had that header looped into the net, you’d have feared the worst and the margin would have been insurmountable. He was also on hand to usher the ball to safety in the dying moments when Fabianski took a note from the Manuel Alumnia school of goalkeeping and decided to run into no-man’s land for seemingly no logical reason at all.

Mesut Ozil

Gets a mention for his hilarious pornstar-like celebrations at the end of the game. I’ve been chuckling to myself all day about that and it’s only served to deepen my affection for our boggle-eyed genius further.

Arsene Wenger

If you’re an Arsenal fan and the sight of Arsene’s elation didn’t cause you to get a little misty-eyed, then you’ve probably got an enormous slab of granite where your heart ought to be. It’s been the popular opinion to remark upon his supposed failing in recent years, some justified, some not, but it was obvious that ending the trophy drought meant everything to him. Whatever your opinion may or may not have been, it’s impossible to forget or see what he’s brought to Arsenal and what we have because of him.

On that note, I feel it’s time to bask further in sunshine and glory. We’ll be recording a Goonersphere Podcast next week where we’ll cover the game and its events in great detail as well as have a look back over the season’s happenings and good/bad moments. It’s been a rocky old road but one which has ended on the most glorious of notes.

Arsenal – 2014 FA Cup winners.

Has a f**king beautiful ring to it, doesn’t it?

All that remains is for me to point you towards the comments section. Let yourselves go today, folks; I want to read posts of joy and effusiveness as well as whatever other thoughts you might have. I’m going to try to comeback to daily blogging now things in my life appear to be settling down for the better, so we’ll talk again very soon.

Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

7 thoughts on “Glorious, Superb, Fantastic, Unbridled Ecstasy, We’ll Just Forget The First 10 Minutes….”

  1. Here in India extra time ended at 12 something. When Ramsey scored the winner, me and my friends shouted so loud we woke up half the apartment!
    Definetly my happiest moment as an arsenal fan (past 4 years)

  2. (From Houston TX) As a fan who only began supporting Arsenal following the 2005 season I’ve endured ONLY the trophy drought.
    I’ve read every bit history I might’ve and watched all of the past-glories online or TV– as I could.

    But nothing– absolutely nothing was a substitute for what I experienced yesterday.
    First silverware as an Arsenal fan!

    How sweet it is!


  3. Let it be a lesson for the manage and the board that they need to bolster the team from now on to ease our heart attacks they shouldn’t think of their pockets all the time we could have won the double if if if if

  4. oh man, till koscielny’s equalizer i was inside a pressure cooker. but after he bundled the ball into the net in his typical style, there was only going to be one winner. now critics will say it’s only an FA cup in 9 years, i say fuck them.

    anyhow such wonderful moments are the reasons why we support football clubs- a usually stoic and stern-looking wenger soaked by champagne, and then planting a kiss on sagna’s forehead, shows real camaraderie and team spirit. watched the victory parade today. loved the players singing fans’ songs specially the ones taunting our neighboring team.

  5. I must say i had said hull would have not been much of a competition defensively, but the shocker was the two goals on 9 minutes which arsenal conceded. however when Caz got the one goal i said to myself there is no way they going to stop us. The referee really made some strange decisions,, our players also made some strange ones too, whether to shoot or pass, but i will put that down as 9 years of pressure on their shoulders. Quite proud of Sanogo he showed HEART and DETERMINATION out there, which i am sorry to say that it has been missing from many of our players during crucial matches over the season. Well we got our monkey off our back, just need to start collecting more trophies, our termites need more trophies to chew on

  6. Live in Indonesia, means that Ramsey’s goal happen at around 2 AM… and when the final whistle blown up, i can’t screaming, i just full the tear of joy, thanks God, thanks Arsene i Always trust in you, thanks Fab, hope the best luck for you, thanks Sagna, hope you stay with us, thanks all the others, let make this as the start for another thropies… COYG… I’m Gooners till I Die !!!

  7. Here in south africa i watched at a bar , the beers were going down like water due to the intensity of the game. i had to put on tv on early sunday morning to get a better look at ramseys goal. GIROUD OUT

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