Goalkeeper Troubles, Podolski, Wilshere And Stuff.

Tottenham? Not a chance in hell.

Afternoon, folks.

” I just blew in from the windy city”

Currently there is a rampaging gale blowing. I exaggerate not a jot. Should a cat or small car float past, swirling towards the clouds, I wouldn’t pay it a second glance such is the ferocity of Mother Nature at present. It immediately put me in mind of the film, ‘Twister’ and I secretly yearn for Bill Paxton to burst through my door and exclaim, “Sh*t! Horizontal rain!” for no reason other than the fact I love Bill Paxton.

Today I jot for you good people because of a sense of obligation and without the handy bonus of interesting points of discussion. Recent months have seen me fall out of love with blogging, mainly due to the constraints of time and my personal grievances with the manner in which success in gleaned in this field – barring a few notable exceptions, most pursue to avenue of controversy and speculative dross in order to seduce a readership. I’m not of that persuasion, I’m just a big-haired dandy from Bristol sat in front on a PC blathering about Arsenal, and to see what little success I had obtained obliterated by opportunistic drivel disheartened me somewhat.

Then I realised that I was being silly. The numbers mean little or nothing. If 5 people return regularly and enjoy what I write then that’s all the reason I need to continue. Temporarily lost in the murky depths of statistics and alleged success, I have resurfaced and fully intend to splurge my brand of foolishness across the screens of you beautiful bastards. Regularly, and all.

So what’s going on in the world of Arsenal? Little nuggets, my friends, little nugget. No enormous, life-affirming stories have broken so it’s one of those days where I plough through the news quickly. Most bits I encountered concern injuries and antics. 3rd choice GK, Emiliano Martinez will make his Champions League debut at Anderlecht tomorrow night due to Ospina’s injury and Szczesny’s suspension. The reserve spot on the bench is, as far as I can see, taken by young Illiev (I can’t recall his first name and don’t have the inclination to look it up – cutting edge reporting, this is…).

This alarms me slightly, even more so when I recollect Martinez’s previous performance in the bonkers 7-5 Capital One Cup game at Reading. He didn’t exactly cover himself in glory that day, one attempted save in particular still baffles me because he attempted to repel a shot only to deflect it over himself into the net – if you remember the game, you’ll know what I’m referring to.

That said, it’s a touch unfair to write him off because of one bad display. Those events were quite some time ago. He’ll have the chance to impress tomorrow night and I wish him all the best.

The other injury note is Jack Wilshere. During one of his seemingly endless tumbles toward the turf on Saturday, Jack picked up what initially appeared a bad injury. Mercifully, given our spate of inconsiderate and irksome ailments, he should be fit to play tomorrow.

Now for some antics. Lukas Podolski. You have to love him. Why? Other than the fact he’s probably the happiest man on Planet Earth, he responded to a story on BBC Sport linking him with Spurs with this magnificent tweet. He might divide opinion as a player – I often find he cuts a despondent figure, but his finishing is lethal – but I challenge anyone to deny he isn’t a positive figure to have around the Club. Chances are, he’ll move to another pasture once the January window open, but he’ll at least leave us with some good memories.

And that’s about that. Comments are below if you wish to discuss anything in the above, call me names or maybe just write a saucy poem. The world is your oyster and you may do as you please. I’ll be back tomorrow to preview the Anderlecht game and some other bits.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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  1. I know I’m a little late responding to your blog but life has been very busy. Don’t get discouraged with writing, I for one find your blogs very entertaining and I’m sure there are plenty others that do too, we may not respond though

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