Granit Xhaka Is A Gooner. Well… It Certainly Appears So.

Xhaka knew aint nobody about to make us happy like he could…

Morning, folks.

We’ve all said it at some point, “I wish Arsenal would get their transfer business done as soon as possible”. There have been instances in the past when business has been done extremely late – Ozil, Arteta, Welbeck and Mertesacker are all good examples of Arsene biding his time until the opportune moment presented itself. Whilst none of us know the reasons behind timings – mainly because we all know f*ck all when it comes to transfers – it is easy to get frustrated when others seem to manage making early additions with ease.

With all that in mind, the revelations of yesterday’s leaked photos (see below) would have us all believe that Granit Xhaka is a Gooner.

Initially, I thought those photos were photoshopped. I was utterly convinced as much. Upon viewing them first whilst working I actually said to myself, “that’s a load of sh*t” and went about my business. But as the whole of Twitter exploded into a frenzy of happiness and time went on it began to appear all is legitimate and that someone – supposedly Xhaka’s brother or girlfriend – dropped the pictures onto Snapchat and from there one thing lead to another.

At this point, I imagine someone at Arsenal is getting apoplectic. Firstly because the signing has been leaked across the web before any official announcement has been made and 2nd, most importantly, the leakage put the Club in a very awkward position should any negotiations still remain unfinished. Some think the deal must be complete if it has reached the posing for photographs stage, but all that means little. For example, remember this?

Zlatan doesn’t do trials…

At this point, absolutely nothing is finalised. Nothing is official and nothing is set in tablets of stone. The whole things could go down the toilet at a moments notice. As much as it does look likely he’ll be a Gooner, he isn’t one until he’s posing with a shirt of the Club’s official website.

So, for the sake of discussion, let’s look at what Xhaka brings to the team. He’s 23-years-old, a full Swiss international and captain at both club and international level. He was one of the few non-Bayern players to make it into the Bundesliga’s team of the year and those who know will tell you he’s undoubted quality – think of an amalgamation of Arteta in his prime with the tackling ability of Claude Makalele. He sounds a wonderful player and a wonderful prospect.

If you want further proof, check out this comparison chart thing – the type that appear all over Twitter and serve only to make no sense whatsoever.

Xhaka vs Random player.

So, should things materialise the way we all expect, he’ll be wearing the red and white of Arsenal next season. Incidentally, if you take a close look at the pictures of Xhaka, you’d be forgiven for not noticing he’s wearing the new Puma homeshirt. The reason is that the new shirt is practically the same f*cking shirt as last season, other than a slightly different collar. Nice of Puma to blatantly rip us off, isn’t it.

So, on that note of fury, I’ll leave you folks for the time being. I shall return tomorrow with more. Drop me a comment with your thoughts about the impending arrival of Granit Xhaka. Until we meet again, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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