Griezmann bid made, Podolksi crucial and other bits of stuff.

“Just be patient. The proper football isn’t far away now”

Morning, folks. I’m flabbergastingly tired today. I spend the wee hours of Friday night in the company of a delightful and enchanting female, and followed that with a day of editorial tinkering and writing on Saturday. This morning I am up early to write before I head off to the tedium of my gainful employment.

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With so much clamouring for a new signing, reports suggest that Arsenal have made an attempt to sign one. There are a few stories circling around from sources I would consider to be of the reputable persuasion that say we’ve made bid in the region of €15m for Real Sociedad’s flying French winger, Antoine Griezmann.

Of course, the same folks suggest that the La Liga side aren’t especially enamoured by what they consider a derisory offer for their player. A price tag of €30m is more realistic in today’s inflated market given the winger is only 22-years-old. I’ve not seen too much of him, but I have watched him strut his stuff on the odd occasion. He looks a very good player indeed. It appears Arsenal are more eager to sign wingers now in the absence of Theo Walcott, and the French trickster ticks all of the boxes. However, I can’t really see it happening. Not in January, anyway.

Elsewhere, my tingling Spider-sense lead me toward more websites in my unrelenting quest for delightful newsy goodness. One of the players who has become a touch more important than originally thought is Lukas Podolski. Some folks out there see him as a peripheral figure at Arsenal, but I disagree.  Podolski may not be the answer to our supposed paucity of striking options. That’s open to debate. However, his importance shouldn’t go unmentioned. He is arguably – definitely, in my opinion – the best finisher at the club, and cutting in from the left-hand side he is more than capable of producing vital assists and getting himself on the score sheet.

Arsene Wenger agrees:

“He is working hard. This week he looked sharper in training, so he is getting closer now to being completely fit again.

“If there is one (player) you want to see in front of the goal in a shooting position, it is him because Podolski is certainly one of the best finishers I have ever seen.

“He can play that central role when he is completely fit and is one of the potential assets we have there.

“When he is physically ready, he will of course help us.”

Yesterday, there was Premiership football. Without any Arsenal involvement, I can’t say I was all that interested in results considering I’m the kind of guy that focuses on what Arsenal do and finds hoping for others to falter all a bit silly. Chelsea’s victory does mean they have momentarily reached the top-spot in the Premiership, but it’s something we will retain with a victory at Villa Park on Monday night.

Even on Sunday morning it feels like an eternity until Arsenal play. Tomorrow I shall be bringing you a full preview of that game with all my hopes and dreams. Until then, please drop me a line in the comments with all the thoughts you have on the days burning issues.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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  1. Podoslki does not rise to the occasion in big matches even when fully fit. So, go and buy a good striker, you beautiful bastards.

  2. Only determination of the players and stay away from injuries can see us win something this season wenger is not buying

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