Higuain deal “close”, horrendous target linked and Bendtner no-go.

“If we just sit here and wait, something is bound to happen”

Morning folks.

Apologies for today’s post being a little late. I didn’t have the time to write yesterday evening, and the delicious luxury of a lie-in was on offer this morning, and it would have been a criminal act not to accept it with open arms.

As has been already stated countless times, and backed up with statements from every member of his close family; Gonzalo Higuain is close to signing for Arsenal. The talented Argentine forward’s father/mother/brother had these words to say – allegedly – to Fox Sports:

“We have been given permission by Real Madrid to negotiate with Arsenal.

“I will luckily be able to see my son in the Premier League soon.”

“There isn’t anything signed yet, but the negotiations are very advanced,

“We haven’t spoken about the contract yet. Arsenal have made a great offer, in the same way as Juventus.”

Whilst that is reassuring, I not sure it warrants use of the word “close”. If you’re asking me, “close” would be Higuain having completed his medical and heading towards a conference room with haste to sign a contract. As it stands, negotiations can be a tumultuous process and there is plenty of distance to be travelled. Good news it most certainly is, but there is still quite a way to go.

Elsewhere, Arsenal have been linked to Gareth Barry.

Lets just take a moment to let that sink in…


That news brought the memories of Mikeal Silvestre’s transfer flooding back. I recall my exact thoughts when that deal was announced:

– “Really? What the bloody hell have we done that for?” 

With a bit of luck, this is another in the plethora of tall tales we’ve had to endure, and there is absolutely no truth to it. Gareth Barry is by no means an awful player, but he would make for an awful signing. It’s widely reported that Arsene is a fan, and had Barry been a 25-year-old looking to make to step up to Champions League football, I’d probably think it wasn’t all that bad. He is not; he’s 32 now, and not as good as Arteta. His arrival would not improve our options in midfield.

With Fellaini and Bender being linked, both of whom are far, far better options, I’m going to pretend I never read that story, and hopefully it will go away. Spurs can have him. That’s perfectly fine with me.

Lastly today, it looks like Bendtner’s move to Eintracht Frankfurt is floundering on the rocks. The stalling point? You’ve guessed it; Nicklas’ wage demands. The recent departures of Mannone and Djourou have been about a desire to play football. Bendtner appears mores concerned with how much he earns.

Yes – you could say Arsenal are partly to blame here for paying such a monstrously inflated salary. However, Bendtner could take a small pay cut to ensure a deal is done if it’s really that important to him to move on. Looks to me that another loan deal is his likeliest avenue for a move, and next summer he’ll be back again.

That’s all for today, folks. Leave me a comment or two with your thoughts in the handy section below.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

35 thoughts on “Higuain deal “close”, horrendous target linked and Bendtner no-go.”

  1. wenger must not sign barry.

    he must sign players now and not later or we should be looking to bring in a new manager.

    why do you writer call us bastards? it is rude and offensive and I will not return to this website again.

  2. we should make him train with the boys , and do what ever possible to make him feel uncomfortable. work hours, times . what ever is possible
    within the terms of his contract.

  3. Nice work Mr Stokes!

    Love this blog.

    I don’t see Barry coming to Arsenal. Shows no ambition to bring in a player of his age who is unwanted by our rivals. We can do much better.

  4. hopefully higuain will sign. phil neville back at moanchester un-united as coach, ryan ( hairy welsh tosser) giggs player coach, robbin van rapist, anal bandit sausage jockey adviser, and alex ( red nosed alcoholic twat) ferguson, the new head cheerleader for another misrable twat, andy (why is life so hard for me) murray. as for rooney, what a complete cunt. 50th game of our unbeaten season and the arsehole dives for a penalty, has a wig on his bonce, likes to shag pensioners,lives in a swamp, and scored a wonder goal against us which shot him to fame when at evershit. cunt!!!! oh shit, he just signed for the mighty gunners. always said he was world class. thoroughly bloody nice bloke and handsome too

  5. Wahaha, at least the writer thinks we are beautiful milk man kids.

    Any player the other top teams are giving the boot to we will be linked to. If Juve didn’t buy Tevez we would be in the news for him. We’re in for Torres, Suarez, there was Dzecko and Rooney.

    Luckily not liked with Adebayor as well.

      1. it would make my year to hear this coming from the stands…. dammit i hate to mess with other peoples work but if he scored the opening goal for us it could go

        One-Nil Up, Yaya Sanogo, i hope your better than that cunt from Togo

        sorry theo

  6. I hope the Barry rumor is false, otherwise I might cry a little inside. I’m really trying not to get to excited about Higuain but its becoming harder I won’t lie. He just really needs to hurry up with his medical already and put on that Arsenal jersey already….hows the story for Suarez? he bloody good player and reckon would match Arsenal style of play, I just don’t think we ready to accept biting as formal tactic quite yet…

    1. dont cry kelly. it will happen, hate to see a girlie cry. unless your a bloke like that grace kelly ( who had 2 girls names) in that case pull yourself together man.

  7. Every time I read “Higuain’s father”, I imagine that guy from “American Pie” – Jim’s Dad (Eugene Levy) giving a statement regarding transfer of his son.

  8. If Bendtner doesnt go…i blame AW for it.He gave massive wages to idiots like NB and now we cant get rid of him-thank god we got rid of djourou,squillaci,arshavin,denilson and park(?). Still left with that other shitty striker chamakh and NB.

    I dont want the fans to renew their tickets until we see some world class singings..till then its all talk from arsenal..nothing else.

    1. Absolutely right.. Don’t renew your season tickets folks, Let someone in the waiting list buy it instead, that will really hurt the club!
      And while we are at it, lets have a good moan about having a brand new state of the art stadium. Its all that damnable Wenger’s fault!
      He gave higher wages to our (then) promising young players to stop other clubs turning their heads, and damn it, most of ’em are still here.. What a dumb tactic..

  9. The Guardian are today reporting that Gonzalo Higuain is expected to fly to London this week to undergo a ? at the Emirates before completing his £23m move from La Liga to join Arsenal in the Premier League.
    Arsenal, who conduct their own? after they stopped using an outside company, will thoroughly test Higuain’s ?
    He will be quizzed on aspects of his? which will also include questions about his ? to determine if there are any? which run in the family. fill in at question marks.

  10. Gazidis is a complete lightweight when it comes to closing deals, and for decades this club has been run by geriatric buffoons like hill wood, Keswick, friar and now the biggest fool of the lot, kroenke. Watch this space, but this club still has some selling to do, and it won’t just be the wasters like bendtner and arshavin.. Watch out for cazorla, koscielny and wilshere, plus sagna and podolski . There ll be no Fellaini, nor Williams. Wenger does not know how to spell “spine”

  11. considering Wengers earlier reservations about signing players with alledged “disciplinary problems”, i’d say the suarez story is utter BS. Wouldn’t want him in our club anyway!

  12. Firstly, I don’t care who we sign as long as they are better than the person they are replacing. So lets have a look at the business done so far

    loan moves away
    coquelin – no replacement yet
    djourou – no replacement yet

    permanent moves away
    Squillaci – no replacements yet
    Arshavin – no replacement yet
    Denilson – no replacement yet
    Mannone – no replacement yet
    Eastmond – no replacement yet
    Watt – Replaced with Sanogo
    Henderson – no replacement yet
    angha – no replacement yet
    meade – no replacement yet
    10 other youngsters – replaced with 10 new scholars

    so as we can see apart from the 10 youngsters that had never played for the first team, all having been replaced, the only other player replaced so far has been sanchez watt. that means 21 departures and 11 signings. There is much more to come too, Bendtner, Park, Chamakh, & Santos, surely have no future with the club

    If Gareth Barry and for that matter Joleon Lescott were brought in to replace Denilson and Squillaci, I would see that as squad improvement. Lets face facts, with all those departures and another possible 4 we will have something like 8 places available in our 25 man squad. they wont all be £25m signings, so a few experienced internationals who are looking to book their place on the plane for The World Cup will provide the squad with depth and quality as well as experience. Its not just the starting x1 that needs strengthening, it is the squad and the under 21s as well.

  13. somebody please, sack the french greedy assin wengo n the aged board. employ me plssssss.. i have my iq still working round the clock 24/7. maroons on our so called board.

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