I hate Ramsey! I love Ramsey!

Marseille 1-2 Arsenal: SHAZZAM!

Morning, folks.

It’s such a bloody nuisance, all this work and other stuff I have to do. One thing certain to cause me to become irked is supposedly “important” things rendering me unable to post here as much as I’d like. If the world we inhabited was an ideal one, my time for blogging would be considerable, enabling me to write at my leisure. Unfortunately, it is not.


Anyway, I’m wasting valuable time by dribbling on about stuff that has no relevance. “Dear God man, this is an Arsenal blog!” I hear you collectively exclaim. That’s usually my cue to starting being sensible.

10 straight away wins. What you have there is an undeniably impressive statistic. Some stats are bloody silly. I don’t especially care how many times Mikel Arteta passes at a 45 degree angle to a teammate. On the main, I find stats boring and pointless, but that one I like. It sounds impressive, and that’s because it is.

This Arsenal team has something about it. Yes – it’s early days and announcing ourselves as a superpower at this stage would be excruciatingly silly, but I do have that ‘feeling’ – a feeling I get when I can sense good things are on the horizon. Perhaps some of you share that sensation. I’m sure it’s not just me.

As a team, we looked relatively solid and, barring the odd bizarre defensive blunder, weathered the occasional storm to finish deserved winners. Special mentions should go to Szczsney and Gibbs. Neither will grab the headlines, but both were excellent.

Who’ll grab the headlines? Aaron Ramsey.

If you’re a regular frequenter of Twitter, you’ll have noticed there’s quite a bit of one-upmanship going on. Those that defended Ramsey during his, shall we say, ‘darker’ period at Arsenal are gleefully showing the world that they were right all along. Those that threw all that vile abuse are conspicuous by their absence.

That vitriol aimed at a young man was disgusting. Wishing someone dead simply becuase he isn’t performing in a manner expected is about as vile as it gets. However, I’m a firm believer in being honest, and you have to say Aaron’s form, at the time, wasn’t as good as it could have been. I’m sure he’d tell you the same thing.

We’re a fickle bunch, us fans. Some feel the need to portray themselves as the great rationalisers of this world, others bed themselves in one extreme camp and refuse to move. Personally, I disagree with all of that nonsense. We’ve a right to complain when players perform poorly, or when we feel the Club isn’t doing all it can to progress. It’s not wrong to do so.

I complained about Arsene’s transfer policies during the summer, I stand by that. I’ve said countless times in the past that I thought Ramsey was playing poorly, I stand by that. I stand by my opinions at the time, because that’s how I felt, and I’m big and ugly enough to admit that I regularly get things wrong. Just like all of you. None of us are infallible or preachers to those beneath us; we’re just human beings, and we’re more than capable of saying stupid things.

I guess I find all of what’s going on around me a little silly at times. As an Arsenal blogger – one of many – I try to write honestly.  I’m just free-writing as it comes off the top of my head. Perhaps it makes little or no sense, and I’ll be getting some of those rude comments I enjoy so much.

Right now, I couldn’t be any happier for Aaron – a player who deserves his time in the sun more than most. He’s showing all that potential he had was worth persevering with, and that the bad form was a momentary blip.  Point being – if you are one of the people responsible for the vitriol he received, then you should be ashamed of yourself. If you spoke about his poor form, you were just being honest. No amount of self-important Tweets from others pointing out mistakes or perceived wrong opinions should change that. They’ve made just as many themselves.

Jesus. What the f**k am I talking about?

I do possess a superhuman ability to rattle on. There’s a point in amongst that lot somewhere, I’ll leave you to find it. My finishing words shall embrace a deliciously warm and welcome 3 points, and the glorious manner in which we’ve performed recently. We look like a team, there’s a spirit and togetherness there.

Okay, time to finish.

I’m thinking about deleting all this and starting again… Oh, balls. I’ll leave it.

The comments are below. Let’s be having a few of your thoughts on the game. Try not to have a pop at me regarding the content, mind you. Well… you can if you want, I shan’t take it personally.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

24 thoughts on “I hate Ramsey! I love Ramsey!”

  1. the simple fact is the that every fan under-estimates his or her own stupidity and is out to “cure” all problems that plague Arsenal. Sometimes I hate democracy on the net because of guys like you legrove and piersmorgan. Sensationalism works to grab attention but is of no use to anyone.

  2. have that sameng feeling about the squad to been a year since carzola podolski n giroud even though the first two didnt play i think we have an amazing squad x11 atleast and evrery player from our midfield and attack can produce something special if the others are anot playing on par thats what i think gives me that feeling if it aint ramsey its giroud if its not giroud its ozil or carzola or wilshere or the defence sticking together, if we can stay injury free maybe get a backup giroud if his form stays and a squad cb or a young dm i see arsenal going places,

  3. There is a lesson here… instead of complaining, insulting the player and talking about how poor he is, how about supporting them through their dark periods. they are arsenal players, we want them to succeed….so act like it. please dont act like you know more than the manager because you dont.

  4. well, u cud do one on theo too……i hate him/ love him depending on his match performances. Extremely frustrating player

  5. So basically, Aaron started his Arsenal career pretty well… got injured, took his time to make it back to form and confidence and is now playing well again… This has happened to 100s of footballers before. Can someone please explain to me why everyone is so amazed/surprised?

  6. I feel like I should be sitting in a musty church basement drinking shit coffee. I’m with a handful of others in a semicircle of old folding chairs. It’s my turn to speak so I take a breath and start as I’m staring at my shoes- “my name is Gravey and I’m a Ramsey hater”. Then I’d confess how badly I wanted that guy off the pitch. I’d talk about the only thing that would infuriate me more than his play were those who stuck up for him.I would argue there was nothing that couldn’t be fixed last year that didn’t include his immidiate loan to Outer Tajikistan.

    I’ve never better for being so wrong.

    1. I didn’t get to watch the game as I am in Aus but I recorded it and currently on my way home to watch it, but I know that the mrs will want to talk and shit, why do they like to talk so much for?
      Anyway, I am so happy for Rambo as you say no one deserves it more. As for the people going on bout hating Rambo and wanting him to die or get ill, those people say these things to get attention and so people will notice them, they have problems.
      Nothing wrong in critiquing Arsenal and staff, if you have points to make rather than just blindly abusing to be noticed. Although I do wish they would die tbh, no I don’t mean that at all. I can’t delete cos my phone is shit!
      Now I just want the refs to be fair and not tilt the pitch in the other teams favour, Villa anyone?

  7. His mental strength is astonishing with a mind like that he can overcome anything. That is an assett to his natural talent and ability. He can only get better and he is still young. We ought to tie him down early to an even longer term contract becuase if he continues like this (and he will) Bayern, Barca and Madrid will start stalking.

  8. One thing is abundantly clear. Form is temporary. Class is permanent.
    Ramsey has never failed to impress me, be it his attitude, or his ability/potential (regardless of form he has never gone into hiding)
    He has carried himself with the sort dignity you hope your own kids grow up having.
    The level of abuse directed at him from the stands, or the internet has been nothing short of appalling. Their are times at the grove or on the interweb where I have felt shame by the way some supporters conduct themselves.
    We seem to have picked up some incredibly vile supporters over the last 6/7 years. I feel so strongly about it I very rarely attend home games and I would go as far to say as I would gladly go many more trophyless years if it meant said supporters would #&$@ off and leave, so I can finally enjoy what for me is the best ground in the country.

  9. I think most everyone agreed he wasn’t playing all that well at the time (better than a lot of people were claiming but not great), it was just the calls to sell him, the booing (and worse) that some of us were quite annoyed about at the time.

    After his injury he needed playing time and confidence and having the crowd on his back probably delayed his return to form (and the improvement) that we are seeing each game.

    While it might sound like an ‘I told you so’ now, it is just to remind people to support our players even when they aren’t playing well, as like Ramsey they might surprise you and booing your own players during a game will only make them worse and needs to stop.

  10. But Gravey, what happens when he hits a bad patch? I see theo got ripped a new one by haters for missing v Sunderland.
    I just hope some patience and perspective is thought of next time.

    1. Of course! I have learned my lesson. Just like in baseball, team success comes in cycles (I’m a NY Mets fan and have been waiting since ’86).

  11. honestly im one of those who always complained about his inclusion in the team last season,,,, but thank God im not a coach otherwise i would have offloaded but Wenger as the manager saw something special in that lad that we all fans didn’t see,,,, thumps up to Wenger for the way he does his job,,, he is not always bothered by pressure from the fans

  12. Okay, parts of your post may have been rambling bobbins but lets face it, some of what you write is perfectly accurate.
    I myself get frustrated with our players and shout at the TV/Pitch depending on location 😉 but see no need for the vitriol some players of a team I love and support, receive. Is it sensationalist? Is it hatred? Or is it the simple fact the ones that say the terrible things are that short of vocabulary that stringing an erudite sentence together is way beyond the perpetrators abilities? Let’s face it, there are some pretty bloody stupid people out there to think that if a player goes wayward on the pitch he deserves to die! It is however indicative of the anonymity that the internet affords these cretins and so will no doubt continue for as long as their mums and dads don’t know what they are doing on their computers upstairs….
    Anyway, I may just have written a load of old bobbins but it was good to read a post instead of another match report….. Let’s face it, if you read these blogs, you’re an Arsenal fan and if you are an Arsenal fan then its pretty safe to assume you watched the game and have already afforded your own opinions…… Mind you here’s mine, I agree with Merse that Theo’s goal was one of the best I have seen in a long time……..

  13. I agree about the “I told you so” business being awful, but as far as I’m concerned he wasn’t nearly as bad as people painted him out to be. In the second half of 2011-2012? Sure. But not in the first half of last season. He just became a scapegoat. There certainly were games when he was lost, took too long on the ball and did little to affect the outcome, but even usually rational fans reacted as if he was losing the ball every two seconds and misplacing every pass despite the fact that the stats (and from where I was standing, my own eyes) completely bulshitted all of that.

  14. I blame wenger for playing ramzy out positions way back try play matersaker as winger see what he will do.wenger was doing that with ashavin as a winger playing ramzy in rb rw was not working he is md player n we get to enjoy his game now. I am happy now wenger found out that we can sit back and let the games unfold

    1. Playing passers in the wing improves their reaction and their overall decision making.. Mertesacker is hardly a playmaker, so there is no need to put him there… “I am happy now wenger found out”.. fuck me!! why didn’t you call him and let him know earlier?

  15. Arsenal signed Semi Ajayi on a free this week. He is physically well built, technically gifted and could be the next Sol Campbell. This is a shrewd signing by Arsene.
    Check him out here-

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