It’s all a little bit predictable

Evening all.

Profligacy in front of the old ‘onion bag’ has cost valuable points on numerous occasions. Season after season passes with the same story; Arsenal create myriad chances, and they either squander them in the most frustratingly inept manner, or the opposition keeper becomes superhuman for 90 minutes. As the inventive title I’ve used states; it’s all so fucking predictable.

Yesterday, Bolton were resilient at best. Any team with genuine aspirations to finish in the top 4 would have beaten them. Bad luck only serves as a valid excuse to a certain extent. Yes, van Persie hit the post and Theo really should have done better when through (also, predictable), but the harsh light of day illuminates glaring faults. Aaron Ramsey is tired, RvP is isolated and that crucial element of creative spark has been absent throughout the campaign. January was the time to remedy this, yet decisive action was not taken. There are many theories; board negligence, Wenger’s stubbornness, for example, but analysing the problem has been done by far bigger blogs, and far better – the well-informed bastards.

Of greater concern, is where we go from here. Henry’s off in 4 weeks, Wilshere’s almost certain to be nothing more than a cameo appearance and the squad is constantly exposed by one or two injuries. If we had our first-choice XI fit for the the remainder of the year, we’d be in with a shot of hitting the Champions League spots. That, however, is as likely as me being able to type my next post blindfolded and using only my penis. I’ve a horrible feeling we could be headed a similar way to Liverpool a few years ago. As they’ve showed, once you drop, the ascent becomes doubly hard.

Whilst I believe that, as fans, we must put our full support behind the team – booing does not help matters – there is an element of the supporter unrest I feel is totally necessary. The feelings of fans must be heard by the board for them to realise that a sustainable business model doesn’t work without a successful football model. Arsenal are flirting perilously with losing grip with those above us, and the amount of mistakes we can make know is tiny. We’ve lost a whopping 11 times in all competitions, and it’s barley February.

Beating Blackburn is essential. And we’ve got to offer our prayers to the footballing gods we can avoid another injury induced capitulation, as that could see us out of touch way before the end of the season.

That’s my ranting done, thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. Please comment and follow me on Twitter – @Puddleduck1978.

3 thoughts on “It’s all a little bit predictable”

  1. No team is gunna let go of their in-form world class striker half way through the season are they! Prove me wrong! You tell me WHO in january we could have bought?

    I’ve got my eye on the Knock-out competitions because the timing seems right somehow. I think this team could knock out anyone with a bit of luck, which always comes in knock-outs.
    Sagna, Vermaelan/Per/Koz, Gibbs
    Song, Arteta,Diaby
    Gervinho Ox
    Am I the only man on the planet who thinks Diaby would be wicked where Ramsey plays?

  2. The best thing Thierry Henry could do for Arsenal in the time he has left is to run a 2 week clinic on “how to beat the keeper in one on one situations” and how to take your scoring opportunity “by side-footing it into the corner of the net not blasting it into the stands or toe-poking it to the keeper”
    Suggested Class List:
    T Walcott
    A Arsharvin
    T Rosicky
    A Ramsey


    Alex Song needs an appointment with the club colour blindness expert cause he seems to have trouble distinguishing the red shirts we wear from whatever colour the other team is wearing.

    Per Mertesacker on the other hand must stay after training and write 500 times on the blackboard “If ze ballen comenz into ze box usen your headen to puten ze ballen into ze goalenthingy”

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