Kallstrom Fury, No Striker, Rage, Rage, and a Little Bit More Rage.

The signing of Kim Kallstrom didn’t impress many…

Morning, folks.

He’s here! The man we’d been hoping for has arrived at the glistening gates of London Colney to grab our season by the scruff of the neck and take charge. Men want to be him, ladies want to be with him – he’s a globally recognised football brand, the apotheoisis of the modern game; it’s Kim Kallstrom!!

“Errr… Who, James?” 

Kim Kallstrom, you know, that fella who used to play at Lyon – was at Spartak Moscow before Arsenal ‘swooped’ for his services on loan.

“Never heard of him. Where the f**king f**k is Draxler? Wenger Out”

Alright, calm down. I was just being a bit silly. Truth be told, I’m only very vaguely familiar with Kallstrom.

I’ve watched him play on numerous occasions over the years, although he’s never really stood out. He takes a decent free kick, I do know that much – he was pretty damn useful on Championship Manager circa 2002. Other than that, my knowledge is limited.

“Stop talking to yourself. This bit isn’t as funny as you thought it would be. Get on with the post…”

That transfer window was pretty much what I expected to be. One of the best decisions I have made recently was to ignore the whole sorry saga almost completely – I did have a relapse and took a sneaky peak during the afternoon. Even in those brief moments as I scoured through ongoing discussions, the thing that immediately struck me is that quite the majority did not approve of Kallstrom’s signing. The huddled masses didn’t just snort with derision, they blasted hate filled dross across the Internet with frightening regularity.

Why? Because of false hope and expectation. Kallstrom may not be the signing we all craved – not even in the position we craved – but he is a solid midfielder that will add us a bit of depth. His arrival doesn’t mean our season lays in tatters. He’s officially an Arsenal player until the end of the season, and once he puts that shirt on for the first time, he deserves both the benefit of the doubt and our full support. Writing him off purely because he wasn’t want you wanted is silly.

The January window is an awful, awful idea. No club with aspiration will consider selling their top players halfway through a season without a ludicrous offer being placed. Arsene’s refusal to pay in excess of £37m for Draxler may infuriate some, but when you consider that money is going on an unproven – albeit incredibly talented – 20-year-old, from a business perpective it makes absolute sense. I would have been delighted had we snapped up the young German, but I do agree with Arsene’s stance.

Ideally, we would have secured the services of a good striker to compete/compliment Olivier Giroud. We didn’t. Slamming the manager and his representatives for dallying and dithering might be accurate, or it might not. The only truth is none of us can know what goes on behind the scenes. If Arsene didn’t see fit to bring in a striker, then I’m inclined to trust his choice. I might think it’s a touch dangerous given the paucity of options, but I’m not a football manager and I don’t have the faintest idea what occurs behind closed doors at Arsenal. It appears we tried to get one. We didn’t succeed.

The window is closed. As I’m certain they will; debates and exchanges regarding the decisions that should have been made will rage until a fresh topic to moan about comes to light. Personally, I’m tired of all the moaning – from both sides of the extremes. Everyone just moans, and even I’m f**king moaning now about the moaning.

It’s ridiculous and I’ve had enough. Whimsy and foolishness are what I do best. I’ll stick to those. There is little point growing frustrated by that which you can’t possibly hope to change. We have a good squad, we have a shot at the title. We may have missed the chance to strengthen the squad, but it is what it is. The future awaits with untold possibility, and supporting the team and looking forward with hope is a great deal more enjoyable than bleating incessantly.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments await, there’s a fair bit to talk about regarding yesterday’s hideous window. Share you thoughts with me.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

41 thoughts on “Kallstrom Fury, No Striker, Rage, Rage, and a Little Bit More Rage.”

  1. Totally agree James. We have no idea of what goes on behind closed doors. I can also understand not paying all that money for a young lad as he is currently injured and although they say he will be back soon, what if its another Ramsey? Thats the season almost over and we’ve spent £37m on someone to warm the bench.
    The best bit is Poldi hasn’t gone. We need characters like him at the club. Just imagine him with a Ramsey work rate, holy cow, that would be something!
    Anyway, for now, I will share my disappointment with you not being able to hold out for the day 😉 I managed and only turned the TV on at 10pm, got bored of Simon (orange) Jordan and fell asleep.
    Best thing for it is to sit on the sidelines and NOT worry about things we cannot change because when the day comes our manager listens to us….(fill the rest in yourself)

    1. I agree completely, I think 37million to be spent in January means that the deal needs to be spotless. There were too many umms and ahhs around fitness. AT the end of the day if that’s deal is meant to be it will be in Summer.

      In the meant time I’d rather have taken an old striker than an old playmaker plying his trade in Moscow. However it give a chance to Podolski, Bendtner(yes i know) and Sinogo to step up and provide us with the backup job to Giroud we desperately need..

      1. Wenger should not have been even considering spending £37m on a talented youngster – based on converting him into an RVP striker. His ‘ conversions ‘ often fallen flat in the past (Arshavin, Reyes, Wiltord, Eboue, Vela).
        Worse … we have been desperate for a class striker in both windows. We have acquired none. Wenger only got away with it in the Autumn because Giroud lost form but stayed fit. After being coerced into spending some money last August he only bought anyone (a midfielder) by the skin of his teeth. Wenger has made himself more powerful and more controlling than the Executive Directors. By the time we win nothing again he may have signed another contract (!) And don’t kid yourselves we are 2nd due to Wenger. We are there because we can at last defend – after 8 years – and that is due to Bould (and Per M.)

  2. I also think Wenger was correct. Assuming the press was correct about it. Also his supposed release clause kicks in from the summer, not now so if the 37 million is the figure then it would take possibly more than that for the window just gone as schalke are still in the champions league, which present a stupid risk for a player currently injured.

  3. desperate times. .bids for kalou and klose at 35….on last day. 8 million per year and thats the best he can find…what a joke..

  4. Not gonna lie .. You just calmed me right down wih this post annnnnnd breathe .. Agree with everything you said , I even think Poldi will start banging them in soon enough anyway and you never know with bendtner ( no I’m serious) lets just support who we have as they’ve got us this far ….

  5. Wenger said the press made up the Draxler situation by the way!! Whether we should’ve signed him or not is irrelevant!

    Wenger and Arsenal have been negligent in their lack of business this month. The fact they finally went for Kalou, Klose and Cisse PROVES they know we needed a striker. Klose really wanted to join us so why not just BUY him FFS?!!

    No ambition and Wenger pockets £24m in the next three years!!! Personally I object whole heartedly to the club offering him another contract!!

    Our first chance of sniffing the title for a decade has been cast away by his and the club’s negligence this season!!

    1. Stokesie, I agree with your comments mate. With the injuries we have and Flamini out for 4 weeks we needed more than the Swede. We now have a serious lack of depth and the fixture line up will test the best of teams.

      At this stage of the season we needed some serious management skills in at least securing an experienced striker to assist Giroud. I might add that we were talking about this before we signed Ozil, and back then it was expressed that Giroud wasn’t intended to be VP’s replacement. So hello where is the striker.

      Our first chance in 10 to pick up some silverware. After this January window now closed, I’m not feeling hopeful.

      I tell you Ashley I’m not calmed bro, far from it.

  6. The way we deal with transfer windows is a load of old pony. I am furious. Again.How many more times do we have to fuck things up before we learn? How much more patience do we have to show for those running the club?? They announce the biggest ever sponsorship deals, charge the highest prices in the world, release books about arsenal being a “Superclub” and then point blank refuse to buy the players we need to compete with the money (our money) they have sitting in the bank. Whats worse is they then have the cheek to moan about Man City and Chelsea when they aren’t even TRYING to compete by spending what we have. Disgraceful.

  7. Anyone who thinks Arsenal are negligent knows nothing about the real world of football. But then if you waste your time and energy drinking up all the fairy tales the media and bloggers write at this time of year, you are always going to be disappointed because 95% is pure rubbish.

    If you want lots of big money signings go support Man City (thought theirs fell through to – so I suppose they are rubbish and can’t win the title?), PSG, Monaco, Chelsi or one of the other financial dopers. They will fulfill all your wildest wet dreams about players. Arsenal are sensible and live within their means.

    And you want Wenger out? I suppose you are one of those fans who would like Arsenal to be fighting for a Europa League spot every year? Wenger out = mediocrity or failure.

    1. All I would like to see happening is the Arsenal taking advantage of an opportunity to succeed this season. And to further that possibility of success would make good seance to most to bring in an experienced striker to share the load with Giroud. If you look at the stats we are well short of City on goals scored, the only reason for this is that they have more attacking players that are very capable of netting.

      So if you have the money, this we do. It makes good football savey to give your team every hope buy sharing the load up from taking in to consideration the fixture schedule we face.

  8. A round of applause for your stance…. Enough noise already! Every Gooner should be proud that the ole’ gov, Arsene, continues to turn up diamonds in the rough at bargain rates. He has not only managed to stay competitive but, against all odds, he has kept Arsenal at the pinnacle. He sticks to his system, his religion, his type of talent, his money-ball.

    As fans we thirst for hardware and rightly so… and we’ve been so close. Naturally the hue and cry is raised every time we ship talent. We call for the old gov’s head but then forget our outrage when Arsenal excels. The other big clubs spend and spend (often on our leavings) yet cannot seem to escape our shadow.

    …And we must never forget how the other clubs feel… our every success makes a mockery of them. In the modern Premiership we are the exception to the rule and therein lies their disrespect and hatred (and grudging awe) of us… Would you like our beloved team to be run like one of ‘them’? Not on your life!

    Arsene is a better manager than we deserve… Hail king of the Gooners!!

  9. I have to say I simply don’t understand Wenger’s approach to transfer windows, whether it’s this one or any other. He waits until the last minute in the hope that he can drive down a price and when it doesn’t work it’s too late for alternatives. We need a striker – that much has been clear for some time. If he had any faith in Bendtner or Park they both would have featured before now. Look at Chelsea and Man Utd – both did deals for players that have already featured, and arguably made an impact already. We’ve pulled someone in at the last minute who’s quality is dubious. Had we acted earlier we may have had someone in the ranks that could have made the difference in the Southampton game and we’d still be top of the table. The Draxler fee may have been enormous but we did the se sort of thing with Hazard and Mata and now both are having huge influence on the success of the teams they’re playing with. Sometimes you have to accept the fee and take a gamble. Don’t think Ozil will think Arsenal and Wenger are matching his ambition with Kallstrom. Nor will other players in the squad.

      1. Mate you need to lay off the bottle bro. Arsene just couldn’t let go of the cash. Manager of the team and Manager of the finances are two different positions. Which is his? I’m sure the responsibility shouldn’t lie with the same person

  10. Should be a good game Sunday. I think with a little luck we should be at the summit of the primer league again. Fantastic achievement. Let the others go right on with purchasing their moment of false glory and tin cups.
    We will earn ours the right way. The only way. THE ARSENAL WAY..

  11. In arsen we trust top for 17 weeks best team in the premiership in the calendar year only spending 10% of the oilers
    Another sensation in gnabry Chris you nob head put your school uniform on and go to school

  12. Wenger was right. I don’t care how good Draxler is, he is not worth 37M when you can get Reus in the summer for less than that with a lot more experience.

    The transfer window shows everything wrong in football today, you people sitting there wetting themselves thinking about clubs spending stupid amounts of money. How can anyone thinking spending 37M on a player who has only just got into the first team a good idea. I knew from the off that this was never going to happen. I could understand that spending that sort of money on a Mata but on a Draxler who yes looks like he has quality but then so did Gervinho before he came here.

    At the end of the day we sit one point behind the leaders we good part of the season left to play and if someone would have told us that after the opening game we would be in this positions. Football fans are a strange bunch, I mean which club was going to sell their best player mid season and which player would want to risk moving to a new club and then risk their world cup place, I mean you don’t get a Mata situation everywhere not every manager is a stupid as Mourinho.

    If you look across Europe no team has strengthened with a qaulity well known player other than Man U who got very lucky could you have seen that deal this time last year? No

    So lets not hang our heads may Kallstrom will be another Yossi.

  13. We don’t play with an out and out striker anymore. Giroud is there to hold up the play until the midfield arrives.

    Giroud’s backup is Bendtner.

    We have injury problems in midfield. Consequently, AW has bought in a loan midifield backup.

    As for Draxler….I wonder if this was made up into a story by the bookies. Its a great way to generate risk free profits.

    Finally, the club’s money is the club’s money. It is not ours.
    If you do not like the way the club spends its own money, support someone else.

  14. i think the problem is that arsenal fans wouldn’t have been disappointed had there been another signing- a striker or draxler along with kallstrom. this signing could be a hit or miss or somewhere in between. we’ll have to wait and see.

    i think part of the issue is the situation arsenal are in at this moment. first, is the hectic and challenging schedule. players like koscielny, mertesacker, ozil and giroud have been overplayed already, but they’ll have to be super-fit to get over these challenging fixtures.

    second, ramsey, who is arguably the best player in arsenal is out for at least 6 weeks, walcott- the guarantor of goals is out for the season. wilshere’s ankle problem is now threatening to become legendary. so a midfield which otherwise looks strong is kinda looking thin.

    third, the reason why fans might be worrying about arsenal’s title push is not because of arsenal but because of the strength in depth that chelsea and man city possess. man city in particular doesn’t look like they’re going to drop many points now. so fans might be looking at the window as a lost opportunity to really hit the accelerator towards the title.

  15. Things looked so good before the start of the window and in the beginning. Wenger apparently had a shortlist of Diego Costa, Robert Lewandowski, Fernando Llorente, and look what we ended up with. A 31 year old midfielder on a loan deal. It was our best chance at the title in the past few years and now its gone. Lets all just hope for the FA cup…

  16. I guarantee most of you , who are of a ‘negative’ disposition, criticised Wenger during the summer for aquiring a ‘washed up’ midfielder in Flamini, but how important has he been? Football fans are too fickle for their own good, especially when all the team needs is our support. The mans head that everyone has asked for over the seasons, is the same one that has masterminded our return to the top and mixing it with the big dogs, WITHOUT that striker we have all craved, myself included.

    Common sense should not escape us here, we have brought in a vastly experienced midfielder who can operate anywhere in the middle of the park, is tenacious and combative defensively, has aerial prowess where we lack it, a wand of a left peg and someone who can relieve some of the defensive constraints of Arteta , Wilshere etc. , i can only draw positivity from his arrival. Violently rubbishing the ability of a genius who has more footballing knowledge than the whole of Twitterdom, is pathetic, and it shames me that some of these so called fans don replica Arsenal jerseys.

    Our fall from grace has been well documented, and like any i wish for nothing more than to see this team succeed,but i fear some have lost all positive connection with this club because of the let downs and all the fourth places. But that was the medias job, and we cant let them divide us as fans but most importantly as a club. believing in this club and this team is our job as fans, let wenger handle the rest, hes the only person in the world with the know how to do so.

    ‘United we stand, divided we fall’

  17. Dude, really, one of the main reason i follow u on twitter is that you write one of the best posts I read amd rarely miss, (and not to swell your ego,one of the best). You always have a way of being funny in the midst of making good points, but I ramble with your praises, my point is that you wrote exactly how I feel, guess years of failure(silverware),has made most gonners antagonistic , buts lets just give Kim a chance, watch and see what Arsene’s plans are,we are better this year than we have ever being in 7yrs,so lets watch and see. I believe. Gooners for live

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