Koscielny, M’Vila, van Persie, Walcott and transfer speculation ahoy!

Laurent did his famous mime for 'Frank Lampard'...

Evening, folks.

I thought I’d take a break from the normal posting time to offer you up another bit of blathering today. Out there in the wonderful world of Arsenal, little of any truth exists. But there’s more than enough speculative bits ‘n’ bobs to get your gums flapping and your fingers tapping.

Laurent Koscielny has kind of done a Xavi today. He’s been talking about Yann M’Vila, and how he’d like to see his French team-mate join up with him at the Emirates. The quotes are as follows from Laurent:

“Yann is a player with enormous quality. He is strong on the ball and has great vision. He can triumph in an important competition like the Premier League.

“Would he be good at Arsenal? Of course.

“I will try to convince him to come when we are together at the Euros,”

The last part, and the part that’s sure to get the most mentions is actually reported to have been delivered ‘jokingly’. That said, I can recall how much I detested Xavi’s behaviour when he’d constantly harp on about Fabregas. Whilst I love Laurent, and Xavi is a feculent abhorrence to both football and mankind; there has to be a bit of honesty here. I don’t think our players should be actively speaking of persuading others under contract to join Arsenal – jokingly or otherwise. Yes, Laurent’s words hardly carry the arrogance and spoilt-brat nature Xavi’s did, but the principal is the same.

In contract news, Robin has delivered one of those quotes that I always worry about; the dreaded “concentrating on my football, we’ll speak afterwards” variety. When asked about a move to Juventus by pesky reporters representing TalkShite itching for an exclusive, RvP said:

“Juventus are a great team. But I have agreed with Arsenal that I will not discuss my future,”.

“All I can say is that it is my intention to have a great Euro 2012 and win it. I also want to continue playing in the Champions League.

“I’ve never felt so strong and I just want to continue winning. At this point in time all I want to do is focus on the European Championship. There will then be time to address other matters.”

It’s all just maddening, isn’t it? All this waiting, all this procrastination, and for what? How difficult can it be to make a decision? Chances are, Robin already knows what he wants to do, and for reasons that constantly baffle me, we all have to wait. And then wait some more. Arsenal can ill-afford another fiasco this summer. Sort it out, and fast. If he wants to go, sell him and get someone else in before pre-season. I love the guy to bits, but his behaviour is beginning to grate slightly.

Another player rumoured to be stalling on a contract is Theo. In all honesty, I’m ambivalent on this one. I like Theo, he has his moments where he can be a real asset to the team. He can also be the most exasperating player in an Arsenal shirt I’ve ever seen. Ask yourself honestly: is he really worth the £100k-per-week he’s alleged to be holding out for? I’m not so sure he is. He needs to have a serious level of consistency about his play before he can demand that amount. Occasional flashes isn’t enough.

The comments are below, so drop me a line with a few words of your own on the subjects. I’m always interesed to hear/read what you folks have to say.

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9 thoughts on “Koscielny, M’Vila, van Persie, Walcott and transfer speculation ahoy!”

  1. Im not sure how you can remotely compare what Koscielny said to Xavis comments.
    Rennes have made it clear the guy will to be a their club next season,so what the hell is wrong with talking to the guy???
    He wants out,the club knows he’s going,the only question is his destination.
    In the Xavi case,it was abundantly clear Arsenal wanted Fabregas to remain.
    Chalk and cheese situation,and ridiculous to even raise it.

    1. I didn’t compare, but you tell me the principal isn’t the same. It the Arsenal case, it was abundantly clear Fabregas didn’t want to remain.

      1. Agree with James its pretty similar. I love the Kozmeister
        But he shouldn’t really be saying that sorta shit…

        BUT and this applies to both situations…

        Its all completely media fueled. These players continually get asked by the media about the “speculated” players so they answer them. It was the same case with Barca…

        You think Xavi, Pedro, Pique et al. were calling up La Marca and other spanish tabloids…hey guys i got a quote for you today…”we really want cesc”

        It sucks and players should say thats not my position to comment. But you can hardly blame them for speaking their mind. The clubs aren’t gonna. Its another annoying part of modern football just as the twitter scape now is!!

  2. RVP,should think deeply in to his philosophy of what his doing right now,bcus,all Arsenal fans,players & the club its self have greatly regard him all respects.

  3. my advise is vpersie should wait for wenger to sign arsenal real needed men before making is decision on leaving,bcos gunners gonna come out wit silverware nextseason in Allah grace.

  4. Walcott may not be worth 100k. however as our leading assist maker and 2nd top goalscorer he is pretty damn important to us at the.moment. our 2nd top assist maker alex song is in a similar position and we all know our top goalscorer is too. all 3 will be.difficult to replace.

  5. Hopefully whatever purchases wenger makes it is enough to keep RVP and Theo and song are impossible to replace. Songs all round performance is one of the best in the prem and he’s played the most games for arsenal thus season. And remember walcott is still young than Henry when we bought him and he didn’t exactly set the world on fire when he arrived… He got a great potential and he’s also still played out of position so Walcott is a must keep.

  6. If Rvp is to leave let’s hope he has already told wenger so he has time to replace him ifs and buts are not good (nasri) lets hope we learned somthing from last years fiasco and are preparing to replace a world superstar with a world superstar . That way any departure can seem like a positive and not a catastrophe

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