Let’s all boo Higuain for no particular reason. What a wonderful idea that is…

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Morning, folks.

Doubtless to say, every group of supporters has its fair share of pillocks (my Bristolian accent really embraces that word) and ours is no different. During my daily scour of all things Arsenal, I came across a dastardly plot to boo Gonzalo Higuain when he steps out for Napoli at The Emirates Cup.

What a monstrously idiotic idea that is.

Quite what possess some fans to conjure such peculiar ideas is a never ending source of bafflement for yours truly. What exactly has he done to warrant such abuse? Was it the moment he adorned himself in a Spurs shirt and pranced gleefully about North London enthusing, “Arsene Wenger is a potty-mouthed incompetent”? No. That didn’t happen. Perhaps, in a moment of weakness, he sullied the good name of Dick Law in a videoed sex-a-thon? I’m pretty sure those events never took place.

Or, could it simply be that some people have adopted such a petulant attitude towards Arsenal affairs, that their misplaced sense of entitlement turns them against anything and everyone. Now that seems logical to me. I’m going to The Emirates Cup, and hope not have to witness any such balderdash. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Elsewhere in news, an Arsenal XI played a friendly against Leyton Orient yesterday that ended in a thrilling 4-4 draw. Wellington Silva made a rare appearance, and bagged himself a brace of goals in the process. Having just watched a little bit of the game via the worst quality stream I’ve ever had the misfortune to see. I think Chuba Akpom played well, but I’m not sure. A fuzzy, pixilated figure certainly did.

Lastly today, I’m going to give a special mention to a very worthy cause being organised by some friends of mine. Evan Pritchard was born with hydrocephalus, spina bifida, Arnold Chiari malformation, talipes and kyphosis of the spine. Since birth he has endured many operations, the 1st of which when he was only 2 days old.

Evan Pritchard.

A brave and chirpy character, Evan is at his happiest when moving around. In order to be able to grant that wish, his parents, Charlotte and George, hope to buy him his first wheelchair. They are good people that require a bit of help.

Below is a link to his page. If everyone who reads this takes a few moments to donate even the smallest of sums, we can collectively aid a little boy less fortunate than ourselves. I hope some of you good people will join me in doing so. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Donate to Evan’s first wheels here.

As a special incentive for your good deeds, anyone who donates (reasonably) to the cause, and mentions this site upon doing so, will go into a draw where I will select a name at random to receive the new Arsenal away shirt.

That’s all for today, folks. I’m now off for the net 5 days, and I fully intend to bask in glorious free time doing as little as possible, other than that which titillates. The comments section is below. Would you boo Gonzalo Higuain? Are you going to The Emirates Cup? Let me know.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

15 thoughts on “Let’s all boo Higuain for no particular reason. What a wonderful idea that is…”

  1. I assume the point of booing the player is to show him what shit fans we have thus confirming he made the right choice in joining Napoli … great idea

  2. I have to say I would love to see Hig get cheered every time he touches the ball as he will see how much he would have been welcomed and that tosser Wenger what another &$£k up he has made….

    1. Nice one Paul you are 100% right!!! im going this weekend the the Emirates Cup and im going to clap for Higuain! the players dad said he wanted to come, he agreed personal terms with us too! Madrid upped the price and Wenger pulled out!!! why boo him????

  3. Boo Real Madrid, not Higuain or Wenger.

    We agreed a fee with Madrid and personal terms with the player, only for Madrid to ask for another 15 million euros. That is no way to treat a great club like Arsenal and IMO we were right to tell them where to go.

  4. IM goin to the emirates cup and all im going to do is cheer for the team i love. Get behind the team everyone and give them a confidence boost before the season starts. Atid

  5. Morning James……first time comment here. I’m a regular ‘silent’ reader, always enjoying your blog. Thanks for the link to the spine-tingling novella the other day! Thank you too for taking time to promote a great cause. Everyday I work with children who live with similar conditions to Ewan, being able to witness the joy and warmth something like a new chair can bring to some children is a true privilege. I hope my small contribution will help bring lots of smiles to lots of faces, believe me, if we all contribute just a little we will all be brightening so many different people’s days. Especially one little boy’s days!

    James, my interest in your blog has been steadily increasing, I think with this honourable move you may have tempted me out of my Internet cave to the edge of the shadows, where I can be lead to believe meaningful discussions can be had! It would be a disaster to see Higuain booed at the Emirates! I still struggle to understand how people get so immersed in rumours that they forget what a rumour is in the first place!

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