Let’s all brand Mesut Ozil a flop. What a wonderful idea….

United fans were happy to queue for hours to get Rooney’s signature.

Morning, folks.

What a lovely Tuesday morning it is. It’s 5:05am as I’m writing, and I’m suffering a little bit of fatigue. At 6.00am I must leave the house for work with a full 2.5 hours sleep under my belt. The reason? Netflix, and Firefly.

Damn you, Joss Whedon.

One thing I’ve noticed in the wake of bitter defeat is that certain fans like to furiously eject all their play things from prams. Don’t get me wrong here , folks; most followers of football I encounter are pleasant souls and know what they’re talking about when it comes to football. As is the case with every group of supporters, a select few miscreants show their faces and give the majority a bad name.

We didn’t perform to the best of our capabilities against Man United, of that there is no debate. We weren’t appallingly bad, just considerably off the heights we are capable. Mesut Ozil especially didn’t look at his best. Whether you put that fact down to tiredness of the bout of illness he suffered during the week is entirely up to you. However, certain fans – those previously mentioned – have taken to calling him a flop. Even shitty websites have used moronic headlines such as this particular nugget of stupidity.

Utterly f**king ridiculous – as is the statement he was in Phil Jones’ pocket for the match. The only thing you’ll ever find in Jones’ pocket is a Mars Bar.

I’ve a question to those p[eople. Robert Pires, Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp; all undoubtedly Arsenal greats and heroes. How many of them were setting the Premiership alight after 10-15 games? None of them, that’s how many. To write Ozil off in any way, shape or form is so preposterous I can barely allow it to register in my head.

The guy has bags and bags of talent. He’s already scored 3 goals and made 6 assists, and will only grow into the team and his role once he fully intergrates. The Premiership is arguably the toughest and most competitive league in world football. It has taken many excellent players a full season to fully bed themselves in. Yes – some manage to do so quickly, but we cannot expect someone to do that purely because we believe his price tag means it’s okay to expect world-class performances every time he takes the field. Remember, this is someone who played two full 90 minute matches in 4 days. With flu.

In this media age, everyone feeds off outrage and stories of failure. Journalists will hardly write a piece about giving a player time, or sight the positive influence he already has had when there’ss bombastic nonsense that’ll sell twice as many papers, or get a site twice as many hits. When I trawl through the news I’m often left pondering how any of it even got published, such is its dripping mendacious quality.

All I know is this; Mesut Ozil is a fantastic footballer. He’s proven himself in Germany, played superb football with Real Madrid and we’re very lucky to have him. I wouldn’t trade him for anyone right now, and have absolute faith that we will see his best form in an Arsenal shirt. When that happens, certain people are going to start asking themselves what the bloody hell they were talking about.

That’s all from me today, boys ‘n’ grils. Leave me a comment with your thoughts on Mesut Ozil. I’ll look forward to reading some – especially from all you wonderful United fans that dropped by yesterday. Wow – you guys are so intelligent and well-informed. It’s an absolute pleasure to interact with you and delete your sweary comments about Phil Jones being a top-class footballer. You all really taught me so much…

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

15 thoughts on “Let’s all brand Mesut Ozil a flop. What a wonderful idea….”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. In various discussions over the last 2 weeks I have been semi-critical of Özil – saying that occasionally it seems to me that when the teams not in control, i.e. having to defend – maybe he doesn’t do his fair share. This was epitomised against United. However, calling him a ‘flop’ is completely and utterly deluded and laughable – if you want evidence of some ‘flops’ I suggest you look to our North London neighbours before you start scrounging around for some at the Emirates. On the match; very disappointing result and performance – have so much love/hate for Wayne Rooney right now – but it is worth remembering we have played Lewandowski, Rooney, Suarez, Sturridge and RVP in the last week and have only conceded one goal, which came from a corner in a game where our undoubted star defender this season (Per) was for the first time not playing.

  2. Awesome write up James.
    I totally agree about needing time to become accustomed to the way of play, the country and the prem.
    I also think Wenger’s tactics of all central mids didn’t help Ozil’s play. I think you find he’ll have more space when players like Gnabry, Rosicky, Walcott, Podolski and Ox offer something different.

  3. it was just one game I really dnt get all d fuss. Granted d one game was against a team we all love to hate,but we weren’t in anyway embarrassed nor outclassed. They won With a set piece goal and when we started playing we totally out classed them only tng missing was d goal. if anytng, that game strenthened my faith in ds arsenal team and also still proves united are crap. My only prayer remains that in January we get a forward to support Giroud cos bringing an idiot like Nik b to save a game after his interview was a bit embarrassing. He shd never be allowed any where near our first team again
    Or Maybe podolski can save us from further emqbarrassment and come back from injury

  4. Good article. I remember being at Highbury for Dennis Bergkamp’s first game – friendly v Napoli I think. Right in front of me he had the most sublime touch where he brought down a high ball under instant control. At that moment I knew he was going to be a great. Ozil is the first player since then that I have got the same feeling about. He will be an Arsenal great. TH14 didn’t score until his 10th game I believe, and Pires was nowhere to be seen in his first 6 months.

    I have absolute faith in Ozil11:)

  5. i would have preferred if AW brought on gnabry than bendtner after what he said in the interview. He has no brains or common sense to be speaking like that about the hands that have fed him…Lets see where he ends up before he turns 26…maybe in the first division…

  6. Özil is the closest thing we could have found on the market that reminds of Zidane in terms of footballing quality (head-butts, alas, were not included in his 42.5 million pounds fee). Elegance, ability to pick the right move, vision…he is a full package.

    Now, his performance against United was below-par. There are more than a few reasons for that.


    I had a feeling that he was too tired to make the right decision in terms of applying what went through his head – he had an idea to send the ball to Cazorla who was all alone on the left wing but Özil’s pass lacked power to reach the Spaniard. If that pass was slightly stronger, we would have read tons of blogs about Özil as a new Bergkamp and Twitter would have been full of offers that include Özil’s intimate parts, chocolate and tongues. Second example was that header he decided to pass on. He was in similar position like when he scored against Norwich but he didn’t try to jump at all.


    Flamini and Arteta couldn’t win enough balls for our creative department and didn’t offer an alternative source of quality passes for Giroud. Things changed when Wilshere and, especially, Gnabry came in.


    Rosicky has been indispensable for us this term and his absence didn’t do well for Özil neither.


    We had corners but we didn’t have our BFG in the box to make things easier for Giroud and Koscielny/Vermaelen. When you have just one big guy in the team, opponents don’t have too much troubles defending corners.

  7. Utterly f**king ridiculous – as is the statement he was in Phil Jones’ pocket for the match. The only thing you’ll ever find in Jones’ pocket is a Mars Bar

    I honestly think some pee came out I laughed that hard!

    Thank you James!

  8. Arsenal got 6 points from the three biggest games to date. This is satisfactory ,impo, Arsenal have a popor record at OT but I believe if the big gerrman were around,the traitor would not have been able to score.
    I just hope Wenger will devise a well thought plan to keep the the guy scoring when Arsenal next play the guy. He can be stifled if Wenger sets his mind to it. If Sunderland can shut up a possee of lethal sharpshooters in the MC team,why can’t Arsenal do likewise?
    I believe the gunners wee tired from two high intensity games without the benefit of rotation whih Noyes was able to do.I als think Wenger shd give some priority to defending which they did well in the Dortmund game.
    With the injure d players coming back,Arsenakl shd be able to get the better of Saints. It’s not a given.

  9. Did ManUre fans really think that Phil Jones now became a world class DMF? Well, we could dictate them not to think the opposite ways after getting defeat. But for any healthy unsided mind that will be a BIG LONG LOL.
    All of our starting midfielders were off play, not just Ozil who clearly looked lack of gasoline and loss his passing boots somewhere. Anyway, this set back is only temporary, and we’ll bounce back in Soton’s match as Ozil and some of illness gunners will take comfort rest from their international duty.
    ManUre remain as our big mental barrier, but to be honest James, if we are in our top form could those wankers beat us again? Let’s keep that answer the next we meet. We’ll get you sooner wankers. It just the matter of time.

  10. Bravo! Good article. I’m always amazed at the stupidity and shortsightedness of some people. I lose my patients with them. I know the players make a lot of money but the abuse they receive from every direction, some of the things said on social media, is so outrageous and uncalled for I just can’t get a gripe on it. It never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for taking the time to write about it.

  11. It took 1 season for David Silva to become the man who would devastate Man Utd in that 6-1 destruction at OT. It took 1 season for Juan Mata to become the Chelsea super player he is today. Even Suarez wasn’t that high in demand during his 1st season at Liverpool. It takes time to become a true Premier League superstar. Yes, Ozil’s game last Sunday was disappointing by his standards. But he is far from being a flop. This is a guy who used to play with CR7, Benzema, Higuain for 3 years. He still has not played long enough with his new teammates, let alone played with AOC or Poldi at all to form such an understanding.Things can only get better for him once he gets more acquainted with his new teammates as well as learning a few new tricks from the Premier League.

  12. That ugly piece of meat we will meet again we will have our wingers then who will torment their full backs when ozil sends a long ball and the f….ng BFG to do the v.pussy down

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