Llorente? Cabaye? Fellaini? Zaha? Navas? Is throwing money at the problem the answer?

“Come on – just let me take a little bit off the top”

Morning, folks.

Few of you would question that there is currently something of a problem at Arsenal. Whether that problem resides with the manager, playing staff, or members of the board remains open to interpretation. What most people seem to think is vital is to spend big bucks in January on a few new faces.

I’m not sure that is the answer.

Now, I’m not saying we don’t need reinforcements – we do. I think the problem goes a little deeper and isn’t as easy to fix. I think it’s a motivational issue on the pitch and on the training ground.

When I look around the current Arsenal team, I don’t see a talisman – a player that the others look at when we’re in a jam. We have had those players in the past – Adams, Vieira, Henry, Fabregas, and even that bloody Dutch fella whose name causes me to feel nauseous every time I type it. With the exception of maybe Jack Wilshere, I don’t see an established figure who can grab the other 10 players by the scruff of the neck and get them playing when the chips are down.

That isn’t something we can immediately purchase in the January window. Before the season began, I had high hopes that Thomas Vermaelen would emerge as the figure I mentioned, but since receiving the captaincy he’s looked a player with a great burden on his shoulders – almost as if he is trying too hard. Thomas has made many mistakes and generally looks nowhere near as good as we all know he is.

It’s become a painful tradition at Arsenal to see established stars walk away from the club during the summer. Year after year it has occurred with irksome inevitability. The lack of a spearhead or inspiration is a direct result of that. You simply can’t lose top quality players with such regularity and expect the effect to being anything other than adverse.

I still muster some hope for Arsenal. We have excellent players, and the ability to perform far better than we currently are. Yet something has to be done to pull us out of this funk – someone has to take charge and get the boys playing as a team, and not a bunch of strangers. Let’s hope that person shows their face for the Spurs game at the weekend. Defeat in that one could really turn things nasty.

That’s all for today, folks. What do you think? Do I have a point? Am I talking utter balderdash? Would you like some of our transfer money splashed in January? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Lastly, if you want to read a truly excellent piece about the current feeling amongst Arsenal fans, then I suggest you take a look at this one.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

12 thoughts on “Llorente? Cabaye? Fellaini? Zaha? Navas? Is throwing money at the problem the answer?”

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  2. You are right when you say our trouble goes deeper and about the new recruitment.
    I think we will not get any of the players mentioned.They will cost 20mil+ which is beyond “Arsene’s policy”.
    Secondly, we need to be defensively solid.We can’t let opponents score.We must be able to keep clean sheets on a regular basis.The opponents now know that they will get enough opportunities to get a result against us. Will new recruits be the solution to this problem? I don’t know because it is not about an individual or a couple of individuals. It is about the whole system.

  3. Whilst I certainly think this is a weak squad in relation to previous arsenal squads, it is nonetheless a squad full of international players.

    Certainly, throwing 100 million will improve any team (unless you are liverpool) but I doubt that that is the only way froward.

    Moyes and Pardrew have less funds for transfers and wages, have had to sell of star players, yet both managers have drilled their formations and players, got their tactics right and made positive buys in the transfer market. It certainly was not all about money with them!

    Lennon over at celtic seems to have organised his team accordingly enough to beat barca.

    Ultimately, wenger should be doing better. It is not good enough to say, oh the players have lost belief! What is that about? He is failing to organise his defence, his tactics are stale… I think the problems lie with the manager at the moment.

    Do not underestimate what a big name buy would do however, it would galvanise the team, the supporters and it would put a little fear into our competitors.

  4. Our emidiate problem is the midfield, opposition sides just come straight through us. After loosing Song this has become a common situation. Sure we can score goals however we seem to let them in to often as we’ll. how I see it is that if we can fix the midfield and deep defensive situation this will improve our on field motivation, cause we look flat at the moment. We need to replace Song, Fab, and VP, this would go some way to restoring confident and belief we the Arsenal once more.

  5. You surely have a point there. The mental strenght is the issue. Self belif that is carrying even the small teams like Wigan West Brom andWest Ham forward is not in Arsenal now.

  6. it is time to change managers and bring in a new face that will come make new good decisions, wenger’s decision making this season is too poor when it comes to team selection, and everything on how players should tackle every game wk and wk out.

  7. To answer the question in the headline. Not throwing money at the problem hasn’t worked, might as well try the other way. Works for City, United and Chelsea.

  8. I sell Ramsey, And add some of reserves to 1st and recall some players before buying Bendnter, Afobe and Eisfield, Aneke and Gnarbry? Bottomline need to make more competition for places! Someone needs to light a fire under Carzola and Poldoski ASAP.

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