Loic Remy To Arsenal and Leicester City Starting XI

The moment Mesut learned of Cambiasso’s transfer to Leicester…

Hello everyone.

I want you to picture a scene.

Right about now, basking in the glory of having sucessfully moved house and with a new, faster, internet connection installed, a luxuriously-haired scamp sits at his desk feeling immeasurably more important than he ought. Knowing full well that he’s criminally neglected his blog for some time, our rambunctious Bristolian friend silently vows to amend his hell-worthy tresspass.

Then, an ill-tempered voice barks from the darkness…


So, folks, let’s be having some Arsenal talk – or text, as I’m hardly talking.

With the transfer window fast approaching, the masses are clamouring for recruits. Some urge defensive reinforcements, others look at Olivier Giroud’s lengthy absence and yearn for another striker to be brought in. Often I find second-guessing a football manager when you posses little or no experience yourself to be a touch churlish. After all, the vast majority of us would f**k up Arsenal something rotten if ever offered the managerial hotseat and those that think otherwise would probably be in for a nasty surprise.

However, I don’t think that means our right to form an opinion is unfounded. The joys of football stem from debate, amongst other things. If Arsene Wenger believes our squad is strong enough to maintain a challenge as it is, who am I to dispute this? Well, dispute it I shall regardless of my anonymity (this is assuming he does actually think that. He may not. Arsene is a wily character so I don’t take anything he says to the media as 100%).

To maintain a challenge, some would argue that 3 more players are required; central defender, the much-fabled holding midfielder and a striker to cover for Giroud. I certainly say 2 of those are needed, with the urgency being placed on the first and last. As it stands there is little in the form of clear targets, but some reports are growing with regard to a hijacking of Chelsea’s move for Loic Remy.

He’s a solid international forward that would get chances with our attacking players. His price is low. He seems an ideal choice. That, delicious reader, does beg the question of why we’ve not moved for him before? If I were Remy I would very much feel like a last resort.

The other names brandished by the media are as you’d expect; 2 +2 = 234. Hogwash and balderdash to obtain hits for their online pools of slobbering cack. D-Day is tomorrow. We shall see what happens. I think we’ll see someone come in, the who remains a mystery. Prepare yourself for another Kallstrom.

There’s the small matter of a match away to Leicester today.

They may be a promoted side we’re expected to wallop, but I’d wager we’re in for a tough game. Although they lost at Chelsea last week, they created good chances, stayed in the game and, were it not for the profligacy of Nugent, would have taken the lead. They have a scattering of decent players – signing Esteban Cambiasso is quite the coup – and buoyed by the home support, they’ll be up for it.

My best guest at how we’ll line-up is:

I shall offer you all the bold prediction of a 2-0 victory for Arsenal, but not the most comfortable of affairs. Our form hasn’t been very good in recent weeks, but we’ve managed to churn out results. The team will get better as things unfold. There is no reason for concern just yet.

That’s all for today, folks.

Hit the comments section and let me know your ideal starting XI for he game and thoughts on the final score. I’ll be back tomorrow with a review of the game. Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

5 thoughts on “Loic Remy To Arsenal and Leicester City Starting XI”

  1. I think we will buy in a couple of players, I think one has been a long term project and has been worked on all summer long the other will be a younger player with a view to be brought on over next couple of seasons. Will he buy a striker I am not sure he says we have sanogo Campbell podolski and Walcott coming back then chuck in akpom and he may consider we have enough to cover giroud until January February. I mean giroud’s injury was a freak one and again one that calls into question the equipment today’s players use do they offer enough protection against such injuries. Whatever happens I will be watching deadline day with interest

  2. I would likely see us use 5 of our current squad to upgrade and seal deals, here is my thinking. We offer a player on loan as part of each deal

    Diaby for carvalho or Schneirderlin
    Ryo for reus
    Campbell for cavani, falcao or benzema
    Miquel for sokratis or Alderweild
    Sanogo for remy.

    I am not saying those players are worthy of moves to replace those players, but for me they are the 5 players that we could use to really give us a strong squad. 3 of those signings would be starting x1 signings the other 2 would probably bench signings, but more importantly it would provide balance and quality of depth to our squad

    Association trained players (a list)
    Szczesney Gibbs Wilshire Walcott Ramsey chambers martinez coquelin

    Non association trained(a list)
    Debuchy mertesacker koscielny rosicky arteta podolski ozil ospina alexis monreal cazorla flamini remy, reus, carvalho or Schneirderlin, sokratis or alderwireld, cavani or benzema or falcao.

    B list
    Chamberlain gnabry bellerin akpom olsson vickers ormonde-ottewill jebb kamara huddart moore iwobi hayden

    Not listed as only eligible for (a list)
    Giroud (injured) galindo macey iliev ajayi Pleguezuelo zelalem crowley
    Plus the 5 players mentioned to trade.

  3. Ho ho! A very sincere welcome back Master James, your particular brand of madness has been much missed. You normally make up exactly one third of my morning blog perusings, and the last few weeks has seen me stumble upon all sorts of terrible, dark corners of the internet in hopeless gap-filling wanderings. Harrowing, to say the least. Congratulations on the new abode, I hope you’ve treated yourself to a new, plush armchair that sits upon a dais and comes equipped with no less than two drink holders.

    So we all know the spine of our squad could use some strengthening. I’m inclined to agree with center back and striker being the priority, and here’s why; I’ve fallen in love with the idea of Chambers being the DM we’ve always wanted. He’s got all the requisite qualities: lungs for days, composure on the ball, incisive passing, quickness, strength (plus the frame to add more), and an ability to read the game. Bring in a CB and a striker before Monday’s end, make Bellerin Debuchy’s official backup, and allow Ozil to shine in the ten spot. Sanchez can play anywhere, so pop him out left and let Ox continue on the right. Then Remy up top, Jack and Ramsey running from the midfield and Chambers cleaning up? Oof. Yes please. Dynamism, power, pace, and creativity galore.

    For today, I’ll accept the necessary evil of shunting Mesut out left, but I don’t have to like it. Here’s to Alexis grabbing another, Ox getting off the mark, and Jack maintaining some good form momentum.

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