London, Evans, Aubameyang, Transfers, FA Cup And Mehhhhhhhhhh…..

Morning, darlings.

Today I’m going to brief because I’m off to London this morning to meet my friends, Daniel and Jok – you’ll know them from their unmistakable blogging exploits. A festival of burgers, pool and swearing awaits me in the ‘Big Smoke’ and we’ve also important wedding-related points to discuss (we’ve allotted 2-3 minutes for this…). So, instead of rambling unstoppably over the course of several paragraphs, I thought I’d endeavour to make today’s entry as swift as possible. To do this I intend to use the glory and deliciousness of the bullet-point option.

With our further ado, here’s some news:

  • Aubameyang – Little or nothing appears to be happening. There’s no new rumblings to dissect. Depending on your personality, you can take this two ways. The angry pessimists amongst you will assume the end is nigh and shout “dithering Wenger!” and “pay the money!” until you’re blue in the face. The blurry optimists amongst you will assume this is all somehow down to Arsene’s genius and praise him even more steadfast that usual. I’d say neither of those are correct. In all honesty, I’m at the point of blissful ignorance and I’ll be happy if it happens and not surprised if it doesn’t.
  • Johnny Evans – Rumours are we’ve made an over considerably lower that his slightly excessive £23m price tag. I don’t know the exact figure, but it’s probably £2.50, a signed Ivan Gazidis photo and Debuchy on loan for 6 months. Can’t see this one happening at all.
  • Giroud to Chelsea – F*ck off.
  • FA Cup – We’re not in it, so I don’t care, but I did raise a chuckle at that Yeovil centre-half cutting Alexis in half with one of the more ‘industrial’ tackles you’ll see this season. If you look at the video closely, you can see him mouth the words, “Take that, dog nonce”.
  • Meh – There’s not much happening.

And that’s about your lot today, folks. My apologies for keeping things short, but I must dash to have a shower, finish my porridge and make myself look beautiful.

I’ll be back with more tomorrow.

Until that time, and as always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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