Mesutmerising, Ramsey, Sunderland and the January window.

The Arsenal medical team tested Diaby’s new healing chamber.

Morning, folks.

First up – I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Vcast. We had a right chuckle making it, and it should the first in a regular series. If you listened, I appreciate your support.

Seeing as I was away with the fairies – not in a literal sense – the past weekend, I shall endeavour to make amends by belatedly discussing the win at Sunderland.

The main focus was on Mesut Ozil, and he didn’t dissapoint. What struck me was the impact me made. He wasn’t entirely fit for the game having suffered illness, and made his debut with unfamiliar players in a fairly hostile away stadium. Yet, he could quite comfortably had 3-4 assists had Theo not been wearing his profligate hat.

What I took from his debut was the salivating notion of what he will bring to the team once he’s fully embedded into our way of play, and completely match fit. The manner in which he played through balls throughout the first half made a difficult skill look almost pathetically simplistic. Only Dennis Bergkamp could make a similar boast. He is truly a wonderfully gifted footballer, and one who’s presence alone has enabled me to happily ignore a few of the blunders made with transfers over the summer.

Whilst his performance was striking, the MOTM award goes to a certain rejuvenated Welshman. You need only turn back the clocks a year and read supporter comments about Ramsey to appreciate just how startling the turnaround has been. Once a figure maligned and offered some of the most sickening and pathetic abuse I’ve witnessed from so-called fans, Aaron is now playing his best football in an Arsenal shirt.

I’m really pleased for him. No – I’m f**king delighted. Ramsey never shied away from games when involved during his bad spell. When things went against him, he stuck in there and tried his best. Anyone with a pair of eyes could see he had talent, but was a victim of fate and circumstance. Now he’s showing those that had faith that they were correct. His two goals at the Stadium of Light were brilliant, and long may his form continue.

Our midfield please me. Even with notable absentees we had strength in depth there. With the likes of Rosicky, Cazorla, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Podolski to return, our squad isn’t as weak as some would have you belive. We would be even stronger if Abou Diaby wasn’t made of cheese.

Lastly today – The January Transfer Window. Doesn’t anyone realise it’s September? I know misleading balderdash tends to attract hits, but is it really necessary to publish the same dross under a different title?

I had hoped a break from all that hokum would be granted after September 2nd. It appears that regardless of the time of year, you can reel in the unsuspecting with wild tales of budgets and swoops.

That’s all for today folks. From hereon in, I intend to bring back the regularity of my posts, whilst trying to pursue my new found love for podcasting. I shall be popping up all over the place as much as I can, because it’s genuinely and enjoyable pursuit if you’re dong it with the right people.

I hope you’ll drop a comment in the handy section below with a few of your thoughts on the above. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

8 thoughts on “Mesutmerising, Ramsey, Sunderland and the January window.”

  1. Without sounding sycophantic, your blog is simply one of the most enjoyable on the web. I only wish I had woken up to the idea of Arsenal Blogs years ago. The Diaby line slay’d me, absolute tea oiut the nostrils kind of line…. Thank you…..

  2. Does anybody remember the last time Arsenal topped the table? I’ve been an arsenal fan since the 2011/12 season, so this is the first time I’ve ever seen us on top.

    1. Many times in the past. For instance prior to Cesc’s departure, we would have good run of games staying on top. But each time towards the end the momentum would be lost and end result would be top 4 finish.

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