M’Vila admits interest, Arsenal players pack their bags and other bits.

Yann's teammates loathed his harmonica playing.

Afternoon, intrepid perusers from across this ‘ere planet.

Sometimes when I begin my daily blog, I stare vacantly at the screen hoping to be hit with inspiration. During the season, this rarely is a problem. But when news is dedicated primarily to the Euros, finding interesting Arsenal topics isn’t as simple as you might think.

At the present, most Arsenal stories are speculative; tall and wild yarns hoping to lure in the unsuspecting. Out there in the wide and unforgiving Goonerdom lies many a tale of incoming targets and potential departures. Folks are eager for news – no, they crave it; salivating uncontrollably and frothing at the mouth to know who the latest bright young thing headed to the Emirates could be.

The main name on people’s lips is Yann M’Vila, and he’s poured gasoline onto the fire of speculation by saying Arsenal are of interest to him. Words attributed to him in that beacon of truth and reliability, The Mirror are as follows:

‚??I have heard Arsenal are interested in me. I like Arsenal and I like the Premier League.

“I don‚??t know what is happening with the clubs, but yes, I would be interested in the Premier League and Arsenal.‚?Ě

It’s worth mentioning that the article in question¬†offers nothing in the way of a source. For all intents and purpose, it could be the product of a very poor imagination. Most probably, its sole purpose is to send news fiends into a clicking frenzy. It certainly doesn’t offer anything new.

A few weeks ago, genuinely reputable people claimed the deal was “%99 done”. I had my doubts then, those doubts have grown over time. M’Vila is exactly the type of player I’d like Arsenal to go out and buy. He’s powerful, combative and abundantly talented. As the days pass, rumours of our refusal to meet the ¬£17m Rennes’ are demanding surface regularly. As time drags on, I begin to see similarities between this deal and the Juan Mata incident of last summer.

I hope we get in there and get our business done quickly before other clubs start sniffing around. £17m for a highly-rated, 21-year-old French international is not an unreasonable price by any means.

In the Euros yesterday, Greece defied expectation and sent Russia packing. Football really is a strange game; a week ago I would have said Russia were the most impressive team, and Greece the least. Szczsney didn’t have the best of tournaments ¬†for Poland, and along with Arshavin, he’ll be headed home earlier than he would have liked. Of course, it’s good news for Tomas Rosicky and the Czechs, and I hope to see Tomas fit enough to play a part in the quarter finals.

That’s all for today, folks. I’m going to prepare myself for watching the games tonight. It will be interesting to see how the results pan out. Robin van Persie’s Holland, one of the favourites, could very well be coming home, too. Perhaps we’ll get some news on his contract a bit sooner…

Thanks for reading, you delicious creatures. You can post in the comments below if you have any burning opinions to share. I shall return tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “M’Vila admits interest, Arsenal players pack their bags and other bits.”

  1. Yann M’Vila for ¬£ 17 million will be a perfect deal am sure , but what am worried about is our (gunners) inability to snatch top class players. If Asnene & the rest of the board members are really serious taking into consideration our ( the supporters ) feelings then Players like Oliver giroud & M’Vila will be magnificent.

  2. Realy i dont see the deal come true because i believ if Arsene Wenger realy wanted to sign him, he would have done that for long, because every one knows that if M’yann Villa had not sustained the injury in the French nation team at the Euro, he could have been the best player among the other players in french team in the likes of Diara, cabaye e.t.c and there by increasing his tranfer fee above ¬£17m which Arsenal would not want to pay to Rennes. So, fans lets forget about the deal and look forward to other players.

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