New Contracts For Everybody!! Well… Almost…

Signing your life away…

Morning, folks.

My absence yesterday was due to preparations for the latest Goonersphere Podcast, but luckily my little Scottish friend, Dyllan Munro, was on hand to fill in with with his unique brand of hilarity and unquenchable rage. Big thank you to Dyllan and be sure to keep an eye out as he will be guesting again for me in the future.

Right, without further ado; Arsenal stuff.

It seems there has been an explosion of news about contracts in recent weeks. Previously, much debate has raged between Arsenal fans surrounding the merits of Bacary Sagna and Arsene Wenger and their proposed extensions. Elsewhere, John Henry at Liverpool has opted to make public his bizarre admissions regarding the release clause that, according to his own words, did exist in Luis Suarez’s contract. Liverpool may have set an alarming precedence by choosing to completely ignore such a thing.

Any Suarez deal is a thing of the past and the chances of us purchasing him are long gone. Whilst not entirely legal as I understand, in an environment where players can force moves at their will there is a part of me that agrees with the stance taken by Liverpool; they didn’t wish to sell a vitally important player and simply chose not to do so.

In news that pertains to Arsenal, we had some good yesterday. Both Tomas Rosicky and Per Mertesacker have signed on the dotted line and committed their futures to Arsenal. Aaron Ramsey, whose recent deal is said to have not included a pay raise, is also widely expected to put pen to paper on an extremely lucrative deal that could see him earning a weekly figure of £100k-per-week . Aaron has also returned to full training and has penciled himself in to return to action in the upcoming North London Derby.

With the two confirmations and the third seemingly likely to happen, talk has again turned back to those that haven’t signed. Arsene Wenger is heading into the final 3 months of his commitment to Arsenal. In the past, any new deal would have been signed and announced long before this point. Whilst I consider it unlikely Arsene won’t be at the Club next season, it is beginning to become an unnecessary talking point. Perhaps the board members are simply waiting for the opportune moment to make his signature public.

Bacary Sagna, on the other hand, I do not think will retain his position at Arsenal, and that’s a great shame. Speculation suggests he is unhappy with a lack of salary increase and the duration of the contract offer he has received.  As a loyal and professional servant to Arsenal, I feel slightly aggrieved he hasn’t be treated a little better.

Those, of course, are just the opinions of a fan. What happens on a daily basis during training is something only a privileged few witness. Sagna had had his share of injury troubles over the years and is no spring chicken. The lack of any deal could quite easily be down to fitness concerns or how much of an impact he can have on the field over the course of his stay. Along with Thomas Vermalen, I expect to see Sagna leave Arsenal in the summer, leaving our defensive options significantly light.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments await below for you to use, so use ’em. Let me know your thoughts on the new contracts signed, offered and as-yet not forthcoming. I shall look forward to reading what you have to say.

I shall return with more tomorrow. Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

3 thoughts on “New Contracts For Everybody!! Well… Almost…”

  1. The sagna one is difficult, because.I understand the loyalty aspect but he is 31. being offered a deal better than that of rosicky and arteta, which for a defender is damn good. It is 2 years but he wants 4 years, a signing on fee and double is salary. Well I am afraid that he is simply not worth that. Cracks are beginning to show, just like they are with arteta and.if the manager feels that a 4 year deal is too risky then why not support that. Bloody hell people were all over him for signing kallstrom on a loan whilst not having anything until he is fit. They also slated wenger for signing Flamini and sanogo for nothing. Now people are slating him for spending 42m on ozil. Jenkinson, bellerin and Moore are 3 really good young right backs, I would be happy enough to.promote the elder 2 and spend bigger on a world class striker. Similarly, if vermaelen miquel boateng and djourou wish to leave, get shot of all 4 and bring in 2 more of which one can be semi ajayi the other an experienced defender that can play more than one position,

    1. Have to agree with you on most of what you said except Sagna’s contract. I’m not sure where your info comes from or how accurate it is but I agree 4 years is more than likely to long. There’s so much gossip out there I can’t begin to judge on specific points of contention in signing a new one but he has been a very good, dependable player for us. Who knows what goes on behind the scenes that we know nothing about. Armed with the info I have I would like to see him sign a new contract.

  2. so sorry,but looks like if u Dont spend money u can’t win any tin dis days.Wenger shud spend cos d money is not his father’s own.av Neva had issues wit Wenger sellin players.d issue I have is whoz replacing dem.

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