New Puma kit, naughty, naughty Wilshere and other such things.

The British media anticipated Wilshere’s next tweet.

Hello everyone.

I’ve been away, but like a triumphant Phoenix rising majestically from the ashes of solitude I greet you again, one and all, delicious readers of this ‘ere blog of mine. I really ought pull my finger out, but with my new found enthusiasm for podcasting, those valuable moments of spare time are at a premium.

The Goonersphere Podcast means I’m never too far away from those of you that genuinely miss me – all 2 of you – and I’ll always be back here to enlighten, brighten and errr… something that rhymes with that.

Onto the news. In the past few days my beady little eyes have scoured the pages of the internet as usual, furiously scanning the varied news outlets in the hope of finding some nuggets of information that isn’t either entirely fabricated or speculative nonsense. I hate international football. It truly bores me to the point of becoming maddened and mentally unstable. Give me an Arsenal game over my national team any day of the week.

One story, however, did manage to grab my attention – an attention span that I can only liken to a startled badger with a penchant for doing crystal meth. Arsenal’s new kit may (or may not) have been leaked to the world thanks to the combined efforts of Thierry Henry Bacary Sagna, Linford Christie and Olvier Giroud. Courtesy of The Telegraph (I think I’d best credit them lest I receive snotty E-mails and such things…) here’s the image in all its glory:

Snug fit, Thierry?

Looks tight, doesn’t it. Unless Thierry have been given a size too small, it appears I might have to give consideration to taking myself to a gym. I hope not, I don’t much care for working out and the competitive, no-neck Neanderthals I invariably encounter around places of that ilk. I’m more your dandy-like soul, a wispy figure dancing through life under a cacophony of hair and idiosyncracy…

Moving on…

Jack Wilshere has been naughty again. First he dares to cross swords with decent, law-abiding citizens by smoking a solitary cigarette, now he’s making alleged xenophobic remarks about who ought play for England. I have to be honest with you, I don’t especially care who plays for who or where they come from.

I can understand to an extent his thoughts behind “English players playing for England” but perhaps that’s an opinion for closed doors, and not at a time when the media have their knives out and are eager to gleefully misinterpret anything he says. It’s all one enormous storm brewing in a relatively tiny porcelain receptacle. It seems Jack can do no right at the present.

I still love the guy. He’s not having the best of times, but he’ll come through it shining. You’re built up to be knocked down by the tabloid press these days. Jack is no different. The turn of events was inevitable from the moment he came to their attention. Personally, I chose the remember that Jack Wilshere is the type of gifted young man who does things like this.

The rest matters not a jot as far as I’m concerned.

That’s all for this evening. Bit later than usual, but I had the time at my disposal. You know the drill, leave me a comment with your thoughts, and thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

2 thoughts on “New Puma kit, naughty, naughty Wilshere and other such things.”

  1. I think Jack would be well advised to stop posting his thoughts on Twitter.. I can’t understand why players do this as surely they know the tabloid press are ready to jump on every comment he makes and twist it to make him look bad.. Players today get plenty of publicity as it is, why do they need more… ?
    As you say it’s a storm in a teacup but even so, it must distract him at times, when he should be 100% focused on his game.

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