News, News, News, News, News, News…..

Morning, folks.

And there’s no news…

In this particular instance, albeit not exactly ideal from my point of view, no news is very much good news. At this stage, we don’t need to hear/read any of the players coming out to state the obvious – anyone with a functioning pair of eyes in their head could see that the team weren’t good enough against West Ham.

Having frequently stated the desire to “prove things on the pitch”, any of our senior players coming out and stating so again after a performance in which they did anything but would only serve to add fuel to the fires of outrage and make the speaker look a little foolish.

At this stage, less is more. The players themselves, especially the elder statesmen of the dressing room, will know that actions speak louder than words. The questions are sure to come in press conferences leading up to Sunday’s trip to Crystal Palace. The media just love to create juicy, click-baiting mountains out of relative molehills. Nothing that can be said about our opening defeat matters a jot as far as I’m concerned. All that holds any relevance is what is done during those 90 minutes on Sunday.

And I do believe we’ll see a reaction. We have to. If – and I guess at this point, it’s going to have to be a fairly large ‘IF’ – Arsenal can maintain a challenge for the league title this season, we have to get things back on track as soon as possible and there is no better way to do that than a good performance at Palace.

It won’t be easy. Under Pardew, Palace have quietly grown into a very tricky opponent, especially on their own turf. The likes of Puncheon, Bolasie and Chamakh (joking) are capable of upsetting even the staunchest of defenders when on song. Add a very partizan crowd and yet another London derby into the mix and you have a potential banana skin. Anything other than absolute focus from the players could quite easily result in an unthinkably bad start to the season.

And that’s not something I care to think about. I’ve enjoyed all this positivity and happiness around the Club. Stepping back towards the bile, the hatred, the bitterness and the downright stupidity certain elements of our fanbase are capable of spewing out when things go awry hasn’t been pleasent. Foolishly, I’d thought all that was behind us and we could frolic into a glorious sunset hand-in-hand and with only nice things to say.

Fat f*cking chance.

Hold on, there is some news.

Criminally, I’ve overlooked the story of Emi Martinez joining Wolves on loan. Other than a truly sh*t-awful display during that famous 7-5 victory at Reading in the Capital Carling Worthington’s Milk Cup (or whatever the bloody hell it’s being called this season), he’s put in some solid performances in an Arsenal shirt. Much like Chuba Akpom’s loan to Hull City, I can’t say it comes as much of a surprise and I hope Emi uses it as a chance to show how good he can be on a regular basis – assuming he is afforded the luxury of starting games.

Arguably, it might leave us a little short should either Ospina or Cech suffer at the claws of the dreaded Arsenal injury demon, but that’s not something that’s likely to happen…

And I guess that note is the ideal one upon which to leave today’s entry. There’s a comments section below and you wonderful creatures can use it until your little hearts are content. Tell me your hopes, your dreams, you aspirations. Why not write a short poem about a lost love or fallen comrade? Alternatively, just drop in your thoughts on something Arsenal related – that will probably be the best choice for everyone concerned.

I’ll aim to be back tomorrow morning with more. Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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