No bid for Higuain. Wait… Hang on… Maybe there is… Maybe….

“Higuain hasn’t signed because he’s stuck in that escape pod orbiting Nicklas Bendtner’s ego”

Morning, all.

Today I must be brief. Work calls, and as much as I don’t want to answer, I am contractually obliged to.

News is sparse out there, but the one nugget to get chins wagging and tempers flaring is the peculiar revalation from Madrid’s president, Florentino Perez, that Arsenal are yet to make any kind of offer for Gonzalo Higuain:

“We don’t want Higuain to leave.

“What’s more no-one from Arsenal has come to us and made us any offers at all for him. There are no offers on the table.”

Strange. I was under the impression the price was in the process of negotiation.

I don’t know about you guys, but this is all starting to get a little boring as far as I’m concerned. One minute the deal is a certainty, the next it might not even have started. There is no way to tell what is truth and what is made up to shift a few extra units to those hungry for news.

The only option is to wait. Hope for the best and wait and see. Arsenal have never liked conducting business in the open. Politics and gamesmanship comes into play, and there appears an element of media manipulation at play here, and it’s coming from both sides.

I’m just going to leave it all alone. If we sign a player of Higuain’s calibre, I shall be ecstatic. If we don’t, well, it’s best to just move on an accept that it wasn’t to be. I see little point in using a situation few us have any real knowledge of as an excuse to fire petulant remarks at those running the Club.

More of this will follow. Transfer mania won’t be leaving for a considerable amount of time. Tomorrow, I’m sure it will all be back on and the player will be signing subject to one of those medicals we hear so much about.

Remember; don’t believe anything until…..

Ahhh, you know the rest by now.

That’s all for today, folks. Use the comments. You know the drill.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

9 thoughts on “No bid for Higuain. Wait… Hang on… Maybe there is… Maybe….”

  1. Is Higuain really that good? has anyone seen him play and thought wow he’d be good for the Arsenal? I saw him a couple of times last year and he looked slow and pretty average. 23m? not for me. I would prefer Benteke, anyone that can score for Villa deserves a medal (or a 4th place finish!)

  2. Who knows, the Higuain saga might only exist in the virtual world inhabited by agents, journalists, bloggers ant itks. In the real world Perez is right and Arsenal have no interest in signing him at all. I love this part of the season, hilarious all these people getting wound up about things they have no knowledge of or can influence in any way.

  3. Patience my precious Gooners.

    Tis the season to be Jolly….

    Times they are a changing….

    Only time will tell…

    Lets wait and see…

    if platitudes are your thing then keep checking the transfer news. If not, then tune in for the first game of the season and see whether Gazidis has put our money where his mouth is. I personally think we will have a couple of new quality players involved and Higuain is one. A DM as well would be great. Fellaini would be my pick.

    If we have no new signings then so be it. Can’t stop watching the Arsenal as there is no other team in the world like them. No matter how much it breaks my heart to see our team slowly moving down the Premiership table.

    Just keep me away from Gazidis and Kroenke. I will refrain from calling them filthy c.nts until the window closes.


  4. Every season like the one before ,big talk ,big money ,and then shop in the bargain basement . Why not just for once pick a player and bloody pay the price

  5. Is these all are for cheating fans ?

    And showing Arsenal is trying hard something…….

    What you think ???????

    We may hear from Wenger end of the window, ” We tried to get better players, but we could not find better players in market to buy”

  6. I don’t know why, but I think this transfer will happen its just that Wenger n Co. saw that this transfer was getting deeper into being completed and didn’t want it to be too public. I mean why did we actually bid for Suarez, its most probably to divert the attention before Higuain joins Arsenal before the team leaves for pre season. Arsenal do only announce deals when everything has been completely finished.

  7. You know the day is going to be caca when you start it with the reading of a comment quoting the worst Bob Dylan song ever.

    As for Perez, he has put an end to Arsenal Blogs this Summer by exposing them all for what they are.

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