No Cescy-time and Arsenal should allow Diaby to leave.

The years had not been kind to ex-Sunderland player Dan Smith.

Good morning, darlings.

Let’s get all the fluff out of the way first, shall we.

Cesc Fabregas, the little furry-faced rascal, probably won’t be rejoining Arsenal. Such a thing was always a unlikely notion. Having spent 8 years proudly and majestically strutting around our midfield, he left. He opted to play for his childhood club, and whilst that club is abhorrent and filled to the brim with loathsome human beings, I didn’t begrudge him doing so in any way. His heart was always in Catalonia..

Cesc’s time there in recent months hasn’t been all that great. The crowd have occasionally jeered and whistled him, and he’s not getting consistent minutes on the pitch – still immeasurably more than Alex Song, mind you. And now Barcelona have signed Neymar…

Cue: Frothy, drooling, rampant speculation.

Would he return to Arsenal? Could Arsenal afford him? Will he do the unthinkable and join that Dutch cretin at Manchester United? In all likelihood, the answer to all 3 questions is a resounding “No!”.  Cesc isn’t a quitter, and he’s also an undoubtedly world-class midfielder. With Xavi and Iniesta not getting any younger, it’s only a matter of time before he is an integral part of the team.

When asked about what might occur in his future, Cesc, had these dismissive words to say:

“It has taken a lot for me to get where I am and I am not thinking about throwing it all away for nothing.

“If they (Barcelona) said that they didn’t want me that would be another thing, what I really want is to triumph at Barca, that has been my dream since I was small.

“The important thing in life is to accept the good and also bad moments when they happen.

“If they (the crowd) whistle me I have to accept it. I am the first person that knew it would be the biggest challenge of my life (to play at Barcelona). I only want to play. Barca is my home, I have always dreamed of triumphing here.

“Up until now everything has gone well. The important thing is to work and work so that you enjoy it more than you don’t.”

And that puts the matter to bed as far as I’m concerned. He doesn’t want to leave, and Barcelona don’t wish to sell him. Case closed.

The other point of news today regards Abou Diaby – he of the incredibly brittle skeleton. Still not expected to be anywhere near the first team until Christmas, the inury-prone Frenchman has taken step toward recovery from a knee ligament injury sustained in March. Abou is off the crutches, and expects to be running around soon.

Before I mention my opinion on this matter, I feel I should point out I’m a huge fan of Diaby’s, and there is nothing I’d like to see more than his injury trouble put firmly behind him. As it was showcased in his performance at Anfield last season, when he’s fit and playing well, the guy is an absolute monster in the centre of the field.

However, he is 27-years-old, and his games played statistics are woeful. Since that brainless thug at Sunderland broke his ankle, Abou has barley managed to hold down a starting position. It’s a terrible shame, but I feel it’s time we cut our losses, and allowed his place in the squad to go to someone capable of contributing to the team.

I’d love to be proved wrong, but I see no light at the end of the tunnel. All I see is a gifted footballer ravaged by misfortune who will be forever remembered by what he might have been. The optimist in me often thinks he should be given one more chance, as this might be the time he finally pulls through, and we get to reap the rewards of a very talented player. Yet it’s the pessimist that wins through here. Football is a business, and allowing him to move on is good business.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments await your views on Diaby. Would you keep him in the hope he can beat the constant ailments, or release him and move on? Let me know.

I shall return with more tomorrow. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

9 thoughts on “No Cescy-time and Arsenal should allow Diaby to leave.”

  1. To blame Diaby’s injuries on the Sunderland tackle is a mis-guided notion everyone seems to have bought into. If you go and do your research, you will find he has always been injury prone. His manager at Auxerre actually said that “yes, the kid is no doubt talented but he is always injured.” Fact. Arsenal need to cut their losses and move on, he is taking up valuable squad space. A huge part of ability is availability.

  2. With players like squilaci, park or chamack in the squad for years, I feel the man with the glass skeleton deserves to have another chance…the big stoopid dutch took his sweet time to be fit and available, didn’t he? Diary deserves another go.

  3. Its about time arsenal called time on Diaby. You cannot wait forever for a player to sort out his injuries. Arsenal should move on and get a defensive midfielder who is able to stay fit. Diaby may be lucky and find a new club where he is more fortunate. The team needs a strong defensive midfielder to prosper and must start winning trophies soon or they will become one of the also rans in the premiership and europe.

  4. I think we should write diaby off this season, de-list him and send him on loan as soon as he is fit to a less physical league to try and re-build his career. if he can string together a dozen or more games, then bring him back. However, I am of the opinion, that the EPL is just a physical step too far for Diaby. Im thinking Diaby to Real Betis, the sunshine and warmer climate will do him good

  5. diaby’s time at arsenal is long overdue..he should have been sold long time ago..replace him with wanyama and fellaini

  6. ‘SECOND CHANCE ‘ is the last thing i wanna see the club give any player, before someone do another RVPish move on us all…..we want AVAILABILITY !

  7. Hate to say it, because he is certainly a talented player when healthy, but I wouldn’t complain if we moved Diaby on somewhere else. Especially if we had some talented replacements ready to go (Fellaini, for example).

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