No more astonishing transfers.

“Hey! Come back! It says here we’re spending £50m on Cavani!”

Morning all.

You know things are quiet when your foremost thought having read through your favourite sites is one of an extraordinarily erotic badger.

I struggle with this time of year. When it comes to blogging, I’m a creature of opportunity. A groove is required to ensure I post consistently, but most of all I need time. Unfortunately for me, I’m overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and ability to contribute to the maelstrom of information about the Goonersphere at a time when relevance and fact are in short supply.

So I’m left with little choice but to blather on a bit aimlessly.

All that resides out there at present are rumours. Rumours, rumours, and more rumours – some are even rumours about rumours, or rumoured rumours that have surfaced on the back of other rumours.

Rumours are getting boring, aren’t they.

I remember a time when a player being linked to Arsenal would cause even the most stoic of individuals to omit yelps of excitement. We’d furiously consider what impact they might have, where in the formation they’d be deployed, and what potential bonds on the pitch could be created with the current players.

These days, most stories linking to Arsenal to new blood I see are met with howls of derision and pessimism. It’s a damning sign of the media saturated world we live in. Opportunists realise that the key to bringing traffic to their site is to conjure up hogwash that grabs the attention of fans hungry for news. A humble blogger doing his best to create something original and fresh – someone like Poznan in my Pants, for example – doesn’t stand a chance of competing with a cretin spewing out crap, because the cretinous crap he spews has headlines constructed purely to grab hits.

So for today, I think I’m going to leave it alone. Astonishing transfer rumours will be out there in abundance, eagerly awaiting those that are reeled in by them. But I will be here doing my best to please those of you who pop by to endure my attempts at whimsy and informing.

I’m fully aware this post doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense, but give me a break – it’s 4am in the morning, and I’m typing away is something of a sleep deprived haze.

The comments are below. Feel free to jot down whatever you please today – about anything at all. Perhaps you’ve had a harrowing sexual experience with a girl/guy that promised much but delivered little. Perhaps you were trapped in Nakatomi Plaza and single-handedly repelled the maniacal schemes of elite european terrorists led by Alan Rickman. Or perhaps you just had a pleasant evening in watching re-runs of Friends. Regardless, I want to know.

There certainly isn’t much in the way of Arsenal to talk about.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

6 thoughts on “No more astonishing transfers.”

  1. Thanks James Raul.Am one of your ardent readers.please i want ask this question.Where’s Arsenal F.C in the scheme of new signings?Are we even going to sign any quality,experienced player at all?I’ve been a long believer that wenger is stingy with’s not about policy or anything..,he simply finds it hard to buy big.what baffles me is he wants to win trophy.Is that possible in this modern day football?We have a good team.That’s accepted!.But 2 or more established names into the team will definitely give us an edge.

    1. I’d say its impossible to know where we are regarding transfers, as most of our business is conducted on the quiet.

      I’m sure we will see new faces at some point. It’s just a case of when.

      1. At this depressing moment, I’m starting to believe that the only way we can see a new face in Arsenal shirt is a possible plastic surgery on Gervinho’s forehead.

  2. Is meeting rumours met with cries of derision because of media saturation or because every Arsenal fan knows in his or her heart that the last eight years have shown that Arsenal and Arsene Wenger lack any kind ambition to want to sign such players ?

  3. You know, I think most people are on edge about Arsenal, especially this year, because we haven’t had to worry about who is leaving. All of you lovely bloggers have zero to write from simply because, there is nothing going on now. So I’d rather have these aimless posts to read than something about Santi and Wilshire on their way to ManC and Barca.

    **Caution Aimless Comment Following**

    Anyways, might I recommend seeing “This is the End” if you’d like a good laugh. As for Man of Steel, I thought it wasn’t too bad. Decent plot and pretty entertaining. However, if you’re an avid Superman fan I understand it was rather upsetting. Apparently, “they spent too much time on his beginning that any person with a half a brain should understand.” Needless to say, those were the words of my girlfriend, and I know absolute fuck all about superheroes. If you’re wondering where she is now, she may just be getting home since I left her ass at the movie theater. It was a sight indeed. Final point, do you all watch the NBA over in the UK? If so, who do you have picked for tonights game? I’m going with the Heat by 8 and you can take that to the books. P.S., if you like music go get a copy of Yeezus by Kanye West, the first 4 songs are pretty rough, but everything after that is pure gold I say, pure fucking gold.

    Cheers (if that what you say),

    Slingblade Gunmetal

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