Olivier Girbooooooooooooooooooo and Callum Chambers On Loan.


Morning, folks.

Today is beautiful. Outside my window, my eyes feast upon resplendent sunshine across the sprawling metropolis of Gloucester. And it’s just bloody typical, isn’t it… You can always safely assume that the notoriously fickle British summertime will come bursting through on the days you have to work and never the days you don’t. Yesterday, for example, was a relentless barrage of dingy greyness and near-artic temperatures by comparison to what you’d expect for May.

But that’s England for you. Some things never change.

And that rather pointless beginning serves to perfectly segue to the subject of today’s entry; Olivier Giroud and all the incessant booing that accompanies him. You could understand why certain fans of both Arsenal and France have grown to dislike him. Despite an extremely healthy goals return for both, he has shown the audacity to be devastatingly handsome, rich and, inexplicably, he just refuses to be Thierry Henry.

Perhaps all that is just a sign of the world we live in. People want results immediately and have grown a sense of entitlement. Giroud may not be Theirry Henry or Robin van Persie. He certainly lacks the flamboyance of either and the ability to do something remarkable with regularity. But there’s no disputing he has been very good for Arsenal. His goals per season return is healthy. His lack of ego and his team ethic sees him contribute to a lot of our good attacking play and he sets up goals as well as scoring them. Admittedly, there’s more than a few missed chances, but Sergio Aguero is guilty of that, as are most centre forwards.

Now, before anyone thinks I’m comparing those two players, I’m not. Aguero is probably the best striker in the Premiership, but I’ve seen him take 3-4 attempts before he scores. It happens to every striker. Point being, it’s often the perception of a player that can lead to heightened responses to actions.

I should also make it clear that I’m not holding Giroud upon a golden pedestal. He’s a very good player, but I wouldn’t dispute we could do with another option up front, someone a little more mobile. My grumble is with the way he’s treated. Booing him is catastrophically stupid to the point of being embarrassing. We’ve had much worse at Arsenal. Much worse.

Elsewhere today, it would appear Callum Chambers is all set to return to Southampton on loan for a season to get some much-needed playing time under his belt. I think that’s a great shame. Callum hasn’t had the best of times at Arsenal. After a bright start that showed immense promise, he suffered a few bad performances and a noticeable dip in confidence. He’s fallen behind Gabriel in the pecking order and barely featured last season. Whilst a loan has its benefits, it strikes me as being a death nail in any young Arsenal player’s career.

With Coquelin being perhaps the only notable example of a player finding his way back into the first team after regularly being loaned out, Chambers might fear his Arsenal career is heading the same way as Jenkinson or Szczesny. Given that Gabriel has often looked out of place and uneasy when played in defence, Chambers may feel aggrieved not to have had more opportunities, and I’d agree with him. Of the two, he certainly instils more confidence.

Should he return to Southampton, I fear that may be the end of him in the red and white of Arsenal. With our options in defence limited, any such deal, I would assume, will signify a player coming in to make up the squad numbers. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but I hope it isn’t true.

That’s all for today, folks. Tomorrow I shall return with more. Until then, why not splurge your thoughts all over the delightfully handy comments section below. We shall speak again soon. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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