Ozil, Cazorla and Nicklas kickstarts the Bendtner revolution. Kinda…

Nicklas Bendtner; smouldering, determined, breathtaking…

Morning, folks.

2-0 to The Arsenal has a nice ring to it. Far from being a comprehensive triumph or an absolute battering, that simple goals tally to zero conceded has a lovely professional ring to it – enough done for a comfortable evening. And that’s pretty much exactly what last night’s victory against Hull was.

Once Bendtner headed Arsenal infront after mere minutes, the game never  looked like anything other than a home victory. The away side had the odd spell on the ball that involved Tom Huddlestone lolloping around in midfield looking utterly ridiculous, but they offered little or no threat to Szczesny’s goal. Arsenal dominated possession, created chances and won at a canter. Ozil’s lovely strike early in the second half gave the score the extra sheen it deserved.

Notabe for me was another outstanding performance from Laurent Koscielny. Alongside the giant lumbering frame of Meresacker, our French friend speeds around moping up the occasional blemish. He’s quick to nip at the heels of attackers and win back the ball, he’s smart and incredibly assured. Since his debut season, Laurent has come into his own, and is now rightly regarded as one of the finest central defenders in the league.

It might seem odd to single out a defender for praise in a game that was extremely one sided, but with all our verve in the attacking areas, often the rear guard and their efforts get over looked. Undoubtedly, Arsenal’s current form and succession of good results owes as much to solidity at the back and togetherness to win back the ball as it does the brilliance of those deployed further upfield.

And that’s when we segue nicely onto the anathema of many that is Nicklas Bendtner. I’m not his greatest fan. I’ve said so on many occasions, and those are words I stand by. He has talent, but his single greatest weakness is himself; ego and bouts of laziness have hampered a promising career. However, he did well yesterday and deserves credit. With the popular vitriol he receives, It would be unjust to not offer credit when it is due. His hold-up play was good, his positional awareness and contribution to attacks was good, and the goal was very well taken.

I was genuinely pleased for him. He justifiably has his detractors, but unlike some of them, my opinions of the man do not mean I don’t wish him well when he takes to the pitch. Perhaps it’s mainly the frustration that surrounds him that leads to the bitter remarks; if he just applied himself with greater regularity and stayed away from controversy, his fortunes might have been altogether different. When the mood takes him and he wants to perform, he’s a useful player to have around and certainly one capable of adding another dimension to the team. It’s just a shame the other guy shows up as often.

But, hey – that’s neither here nor there at present. What is important is another victory keeps on track the momentum of Arsenal’s title juggernaut. At times, our football was nothing short of mesmerising, and the exchanges between Ozil and Cazorla had me yelping in glorious orgasm. Just take a moment to imagine the magic those two can create on a day both hit top form….


Excuse me. I couldn’t control my urges.

That was uncalled for. I can only offer my most sincere of apologies. I’m certain only a select few of you (Dyllan Munro) care to picture the image of me frantically masturbating at the prospect of some dynamic link-up play between Mesut Ozil and Santi Cazorla. I’m not even sure I’d want to see it.

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah – Arsenal.

Challenging for the title is about all you’ll hear discussed. Pundits love to write us off, and fans love to have the ability to shove those words right back from whence they came. At this stage in proceedings, I prefer the cagey approach. Arsene Wenger appears to have adopted it, but without sacrificing belief in his players. Speaking recently he said:

“What are changing are your minds, not ours. Until now I was never asked about the pressure because it was always thought it was an accident that we are top and it won’t last,

“Now that it’s lasting a bit longer, people start to think ‘we have to consider them a bit more seriously’.

“So now do we start to think is it pressure for us? No. We just continue to play well and that’s the pressure we have – the desire to play well.

“We want to be where we are. You have a bit less to lose when you chase it, but we have been in both situations.

That’s undoubtedly the best way to proceed – with a sense of decorum and modesty. Bragging and boasting, whilst admittedly fun, will only serve to strengthen the resolves of those who wish to knock us off our current perch. We have some hugely important games coming up in the remainder of the month. Games that will certainly see Arsenal’s mettle truly tested. We’ve come through all the doubters and doom merchants thus far, let’s see how much further we can go. Who knows, it might just be a wonderful December.

That’s all today, folks. you know what to do; hit the comments below and splurge your innermost thoughts across the page. I always look forward to reading them. It makes me feel special and all warm and fuzzy inside.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

4 thoughts on “Ozil, Cazorla and Nicklas kickstarts the Bendtner revolution. Kinda…”

  1. First. Just Kidding Don’t You Fucking Hate It When People Do That. The Blog Is Awesome As Ever Keep It Up You Beautiful Bastard. PS Now I Can’t Get The Picture Of You “frantically masturbating at the prospect of some dynamic link-up play between Mesut Ozil and Santi Cazorla” Out Of My Head So Thanks For That

  2. i might sound like a greedy, spoilt brat who just got a porche for my brithday gift, but want a Lamborghini, but we could’ve and maybe should’ve scored more. i was a bit annoyed with the scoreline at half-time with a lot of intricate passing without the goals. in the past, such situations had become arsenal’s undoing- the opposition soaking up the pressure, but responding by equalizing or leading against us in the dying minutes.

    perhaps i’m also turning my jealous head towards man city’s demolition of teams at the moment with a bit of worry against our game coming up against them. yaya toure and aguero are on fire at the moment, and we’ll have to take care against these two in that game

    having said all that, i gladly take the 2-0. what’s more, we got it done with several key players rested for the visit of everton this weekend. everton would be a tough game. they’re really thriving under roberto martinez with the likes of delefeou (?), barkley and the monster, lukaku in imperious form.
    we’ll have to be at our best. fingers crossed.

  3. Great post man, just the fist caption “smouldering, determined, breathtaking…” below Bendtner’s weirdo new look had me laughing from the get-go. I do always enjoy your captions.

    Loving watching this team right now and even when we’re scoring in the opening minutes it never really feels like we’re going to let a lead go. I think Nijwn has a very good point though. There will be teams that offer far more going forward than the likes of Hull (non offence to them) – such as Man City. It would be nice to see us capitalise just a little more on our utter domination during the opening spell of each match. I don’t want to be a negative ninja when our play is at such a high standard, but there’s always room for improvement!

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