Pass Debuchy To The Left Hand Side. For Three Months…

Not so chipper at present…

Afternoon, you gorgeous bunch of scallywags.

Having not been able to post recently due to limited time and other ‘exploits’ taking precedence, it is with glorious fanfare I return to your screens – I should note that those ‘exploits’ aren’t quite as saucy or debauched as it might imply.

Since that howler in Germany on Tuesday night, we’ve had a lovely little 3-0 victory over the course of a weekend that saw great hilarity. Amongst many results that favoured us, my personal highlight was the ‘Gaalacticos’ quite wonderfully blowing a 2 goal lead away at Leicester.

All is fine and dandy at the moment with Arsenal. And then comes a little bit of bad news, welcomed like I’d imagine I would an ageing prowler brandishing frozen trout with a menacing glare (That’s not welcome at all, just to clarify).

Mathieu Debuchy will be missing from Arsenal’s first team for a period of 3 months at minimum having had surgery to repair the ankle damage sustained in the game with Man City. That sucks for him and, given our paucity of options in defence, suck for us also. In fact, I’d go as far as saying it sucks for just about everyone. It’s a regular suckfest.

Such an elongated absence leaves us perilously close to a defender crisis. Say what you may about the lack of cover brought in over the summer, but it is irrelevant now. We can do nothing until the dreaded transfer window opens in January, our only choice is to collectively pray whomever we see fit in hope no one else succumbs to the injury demons.

Here’s hoping for good fortune.

I’ll keep things short and sweet today, and leave you with the latest Goonersphere Podcast. It’s a rollicking good natter between 4 grown men (3 and Jok, in all honesty) with breathtakingly childish personalities. We do get around to talking football and when we do we cover the Welbeck signing as well as the games against Dortmund and Man City.

Have a listen.

I’ll pop back tomorrow to discuss the Southampton game in the Capital One/Carling/Milk/Littlewods Cup and a few other bits and bobs as well. Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

3 thoughts on “Pass Debuchy To The Left Hand Side. For Three Months…”

  1. Raul,
    Somehow the link to the podcast is broken.
    I am planning to listen to it through the GS link.
    Best wishes!

  2. Man!! is it just me or is that debuchy one good looking S.O.B. And to imagine that giroud is his best pal? If i were at a party with a girl and those two showed up, I’d find any excuse to make a hasty exit with her before i go back home alone.

    I am sure there was supposed to be something about football in there. Oh well.

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