Perpetually Changing Squad Numbers and A Frutile End Of Season Review

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Morning, folks.

Today there is absolutely f*ck all of any note to discuss. Unless, that is, you’re one of the many who takes great interest in the number a player wears on his shirt and the alleged significance. Granit Xhaka has sent pulses racing with the audacious move of changing his originally designated shirt No16 to No29 for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

People care. They care deeply and emotionally. Evidently, this is a concept entirely lost on me. Perhaps there is something visceral about a number assigned to a player that I’m incapable of truly understanding. Perhaps Granit Xhaka’s grandmother always makes his favourite pudding on the 29th day of each month and this serves as his inspiration to succed at Arsenal.

Alternatively, he could be freeing up the No16 shirt for a world-class superstar who adores that number, only I can’t think of any world-class superstars that wear No16 – I’d say Aaron Ramsey, but fear the responses to this might break the Internet, and that’s not something for which I feel comfortable being responsible.

Or, more realistically, it just doesn’t matter at all in the grand scale of things. A number is just a number. I feel the player inside of the shirt is of greater importance than the number on the back. Although, I would have to point out that it did seem extremely odd to see William Gallas wear the No10 shirt. That was strange. I didn’t much care, but I can understand why people thought it a touch peculiar. I’m not entirely sure whether or not that makes me a flaming hypocrite of biblical proportion. I guess I’ll leave that one up to you guys to decide.

On that note, I feel I shall cut short today’s random explosion of words and point you good folks towards the latest edition of the Goonersphere Podcast. It’s jovial, fun , filled with complete nonsense and rude language so you should love it.

Take a listen.

All that remains is for me to bid you all farewell for another day. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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  1. someone sensible at the club should decide on shirt numbers – in other words, not the manager or the players !

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