Pires. Pires. PIRES!!!! Excuse me, I have just sullied myself.

“And then he just lobbed it. It was so simple”

Morning folks.

There’s some fairly alarming – but as yet unconfirmed – injury news to report. Yesterday Laurent Koscielny hobbled/limped/crawled out of training with and ankle injury. The severity of the damage is as-yet unknown, but given our defensive sick-list already includes Vermaelen and Monreal, the need for reinforcements in that area are all the more urgent.

Some outlets have used, as they customarily do, an injury to an Arsenal player to peddle their transfer dross to a world desperate for news. Perhaps Arsene’s hand will be forced into a move for Ashley Williams, but I don’t need hit-whoring balderdash to tell me something that’s fairly obvious. We’ve already allowed Djourou and Squillaci to depart, I would assume our manager is either looking to recruit, or feels we have the ability to promote from within.

On that subject, are you tired of all the transfer fluff? Me to. Today I thought would be the day I described to you a moment of pure, unadulterated elation I’ve experienced supporting Arsenal. It may not be a League winning goal, or moment of triumph over a great adversity. It is, however, something I remember vividly to this day.

Away at Aston Villa in the 2001/2002 season, I was present in the crowd. Unable to get a ticket to join the rest of my Arsenal friends, I made do with a section in the family enclosure. Not the greatest atmosphere, but I wasn’t too bothered. Villa Park isn’t as partizan as some grounds I’ve attended, and at no point did I feel my head would be removed from my shoulders should I so much as whimper in the away team’s favour.

My brother will tell you in great detail the look of sheer orgasm on my face when Robert Pires scored this goal in the 60th minute.

It was wide-eyed, jaw-agape, and as if at the point of glorious climax. If you’re female, reading this and have had the dubious honour of witnessing one of my sex faces, you’ll know exactly what I’m describing, only three-fold more intense. Seeing that goal live, above all the others I’ve seen, has stuck with me through the years. It may not be the best Arsenal have ever scored, or even Bobby himself, but to me it’s always been my absolute favourite.

The imputant manner in which he lobs Schmeichel, the skill to beat the Villa defender and the look on his face afterwards that screams, “Yeah – that was f**king brilliant, and I know it”  ensure it will always reside within a special place in my heart.

So, today I’m going to put to you, the delicious reader, a question; What is your personal favourite Arsenal goal? Doesn’t have to be the best or the most critical, just one that’s always meant a little something more than the others.

We’re all tired of debating who we will/won’t sign, or wether we’ll sign anyone at all. For today, let’s share some moments that’ll put some smiles on a few faces.

I look forward to reading your comments below.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

33 thoughts on “Pires. Pires. PIRES!!!! Excuse me, I have just sullied myself.”

  1. Mine was Henry’s header against Utd. I think we were 1-0 down and then bang, bang, 2-1 up. Watching with Utd fans that had been going at me the whole game. The change of expression was magical.

  2. I was there too, but in the Gooner end! Quality goal from a quality player, what made it even more special was that Schmeichel was in goal. He took almost as much abuse as the day at Old Trafford when he hobbled back injured from a last minute corner…another great day when Overmars turned us into title winners!…So long ago, but such sweet memories.

  3. For the current team… Sagna’s murder ball header that started the comeback against spurs for the first 5-2
    Such violence, sagna gathered all the fear and frustration from all the arsenal fans and unleashed it hulk like on the ball.
    Fabregas against ac milan
    Skunk against Chelsea where John terry slips

    Bergkamp against Middlesbrough in the 5-3.
    In fact every Bergkamp goal

  4. My best Arsenal moment, the one that nearly caused me to break the sofa and evacuate the neighbours has got to be Arshavin vs Barca. Nowhere near the best goal I’ve witnessed as an Arsenal fan, but the sheer elation was off the scale. This was a time when Barca seemed untouchable, in a completely different league to another team in Europe; and I remember my heart sinking when Villa scored in the first half. I thought that we were in for a very long evening and I was honestly fearing a thrashing. Then RVP pulled one back from that ridiculous angle, and Wilshere became Zidane, and I started believing. When the ball just bobbled in front of Arshavin I held my breath, and when the net shook a second later I was on cloud nine. As someone with only vague memories of the invincibles season, that goal stands atop of all my Arsenal moments, the night we slayed Barcelona at the Emirates.

    1. …I threw my Shirt up And it never came down ‘cos it hung on the ‘still rolling’ ceiling fan lol…..

  5. Great article. Maybe I’m a bit older and carrying a bit of local bias but its got to be Christmas 78 against Seven Sisters FC. Brady …look at that….ohh look at that! Eamo. Dublin 11.

  6. Mine is robin van persie’s goal against blackburn at highbury… It leaves me speechless all the time considering how young he was and just wow!

  7. Hard to say with some many but for me I will never forget little mozart against spuds in the 1st 5-2 when he scored our 3rd just a brilliant move finished off by for me the best player on the field that day and the celebration after the goal summed up how the man himself felt about it. The red and white was flowing through him and you could feel it.

  8. Sorry have to add gives me goosebumps when I hear ‘and its rosisky he kept on running and got his reward’ brilliant just brilliant.

  9. Has to be Sol Campbell against Barca in the CL Final in ’06. What a header, to be 1 man down against Barca and then take the lead, truly amazing!

  10. Having turned 50 last week I have a few ! I was there the night Michael Thomas scored at Anfield and was like a wriggly worm ! Wiltord’s winner at old trafford when in a pub full of Cockney Red’s & Spud supporters and just a couple of us Gooners. Henry’s last minute winner against Utd in 07 after being behind with 6 mins left.

    But Surely in modern times it has to be Bergkamp’s against Newcastle. Speechless ! Did he mean that pirouette, you bet he did !

    here it is, enjoy !

  11. Two for me: Arshavin vs Barcelona as well. I was there and it was pure elation, the whole crowd going up as one. All the Barca supporters were stunned! Second: It has to be Henry’s golazo vs United in 2000 at Highbury. Standing, back to goal at the corner of the box, balled rolled in towards him by Grimandi, flicks it up and thumps it with dip into the top right corner. Sumptuous / Majestic, take your pick…

  12. Aaahh….thank you mr stokes. Now I’ve cleaned the jizz off my screen I should add what makes this goal extra orgasmic (apart from what’s already mentioned) is the way Pires is turning away from the goal before it’s in…he just bloody knew didn’t he? Beautiful french bastard!!

    RVP volley against charlton

    But what about this gooners: “..and it’s Wiltoooord….!!!!” ring any bells??

  13. Ian wrights against everton
    Bergkamps hatrick against Leicester
    Bergkamps goal agsinst newcastle
    Ljungbergs fa cup final goal against Chelsea quickly followed by an identical one from parlour
    Charlie George’s fa cup goal against Utd
    To many to choose from

  14. Bendtner’s first goal for first team. 89 th minute winning header as sub against the spuds….
    Oh how I thought he would turn out a legend????

  15. Alan Sunderland vs Utd Fa cup Final from despair to elation in 3 minute as a 12 yr old, Brady to Rix cross over Baileys head Sunderland hit the roof came down hurt my ass on our 2nd hand sofa.

  16. Charlie George ’71
    Alan Sunderland ’79
    Mickey Thomas ’89
    Dennis Bergkamp v Kiev at Wembley ’99
    Ray Parlour against Valencia ’01
    (Don’t worry, it’s only) Ray Parlour v CFC ’02
    Andre Arshavin v Barca

    My spine-tingling moments.

  17. so many to choose from. but heres my top 3. Arsenal vs Real Madrid 2006 when no one in the world gave us a chance, Henry skipping away from Ronaldo Zidane Guti Ramos and scoring past Casillas. absolutely incredible. or Ljungbergs goal v Juventus when Bergkamp completely bamboozles 2 Juventus defenders over and over before playing a delicious chipped through ball to Freddie. and coming from an entire family of Liverpool fans id like to say the Thomas goal but being born in 88 I think I have to go with the last minute RvP volley in the 11/12 season. incidently my brothers liverpool goal is not Gerrard v Olympiakos or Gerrard v West Ham. its Neil Mellors wonder goal v Arsenal…the prick 😉

  18. I’m 16 and live in the north of England, I support arsenal cause my brothers told me to when I was a young kid, anyway, when we played barcalona in the champions league and fabregas won the penalty, I was extatic and he still needed to score it haha, anyway I just love that goal, oh and Henry against spurs when he took on the whole team

  19. Bergkamp, Bergkamp and Bergkamp…
    So glad he never got that Red Steam Train when he was a little boy 😉
    Wrighty….the reason why I started to follow the Glory.
    Henry…Genius and legend

  20. I was there as a villa fan, probably the only goal I’ve seemed scored against us which cause me to stand up and applaud. One of the best goals I’ve ever seen in the flesh.

  21. Walcott at Newcastle, cutting inside from the left wing gets tackled to the ground, pops back up and finishes. FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!

  22. Great piece!

    Fabregas vs Spurs after the restart
    Arshavin vs Barca
    Tony Adams!

    Favourite will always be Henry vs Leeds in his first game back.. Such tears of joy! Touch , Slot , Celebrate. Classic!!

  23. Mine has to be to Tony Adams against Everton in 98
    He just stood there arms out nodding his head thinking “yea I’m the fucking daddy”

    A close second has to be Thierry goal against UTD when he flipped it over Dennis Irwin and volleyed in past Fabian Barthez from about 30 yards in 2000

    Absolute class

    Also every single goal scored by the one true god Dennis Bergkamp

    Good times

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