Promising Young Defender Signs And Wenger Set For Touchline Ban.

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So, it’s a mere 5 days into the transfer window and Arsenal have signed a player. 20-year-old central defender Konstantinos Mavropanos has signed for £1.8m from Greek side PAS Giannina. Like most of you, I’ve little or no information about our newest recruit, only that Arsene doesn’t consider him ready for the first team and he’s likely to be loaned out until the summer. So, I decided to do a little digging around…

Here’s some of his notable statistics/attributes:

  • He’s tall (6’4) and psychically strong
  • Decent goals record (3 so far this season for PAS)
  • Reported to be a good ball winner
  • Likened to Roma’s Kostas Manolas

He’s even got a YouTube video… 

And that’s about it… There’s quite a few reports out there that appear surprised Arsenal have signed him, but it’s notable that Mavropanos’ arrival is the first since Sven Mislintat’s appointment as our head of recruitment. In his time at Dortmund, Mislintat was responsible for recruiting the likes of Lewandowski, Aubameyang and Dembele and his pedigree is respected across Europe. I’m quite excited to see what he can do at Arsenal and have a feeling that Mavropanos is going prove a good purchase in the long run  – and it is important to remember this is an acquisition aimed towards the future and not a quick fix. I know many are clamouring for new additions and they want them immediately, but that doesn’t mean we should pass up opportunities to improve the future of the team.

Elsewhere, it appears Arsene’s comments about referees in recent weeks have landed him in hot water with those stuffy imbeciles at the FA. After the game at West Brom and Mike Dean’s breathtaking moment of f*ckwittery, Arsene is alleged to have approached him in the changing room to further the discussion regarding the penalty awarded against Calum Chambers. It’s being alleged he used some choice language and questioned Dean’s integrity. To be frank, I’m disappointed he didn’t pull a gun out or suplex Dean through a glass table before dropping an elbow from the top turnbuckle. In addition to those accusations, he’s being investigated for comments he made in the post-match interview against Chelsea.

Interviewed by Sky, he said:

After that, we got again a farcical decision and mentally we were shocked.

Then we could have lost the game but we had the resources to come back, and in the end maybe it’s a fair result.

When you come here you see football, and unfortunately the games are always spoiled by factors you can’t master.

We can only continue to play the way we want to play, and hope at one stage things will go for us.”

It’s a safe to assume some duration of touchline ban is heading his way. We all know how these things work; the FA are precious about anyone mustering the gaul to question the ability or integrity of referees as those that officiate are a direct reflection of our governing body. The truth is the standard of refereeing is poor. Teams lose points due to poor decisions and inept officials and those responsible are rarely held accountable, instead they’re wrapped in cotton wool and punishment is offered to anyone who dare criticise.

I’m not saying Arsene is right to speak out because he knows the consequence as much as anyone, but I certainly understand why he did. Arguably, the last two penalty decisions have cost us 4 points and those 4 points could be vital come the end of the season. Both Chambers’ handball and Hazard’s dive were poor calls – the former being one of the dumbest f*cking decisions I’ve ever seen – and if Arsene is accountable for his actions the the FA have to ensure that Mike Dean and Anthony Taylor are held accountable for their moments of incompetence also. They probably won’t be. They’ll probably get a pat on their little bottoms before being reminded how special they are.

Okay, that’s all for today, folks. I shall return tomorrow with news and stuff.

Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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