QPR reaction, M’Vila and stuff.

Joey Barton displays another of his famed 'tough guy' poses.

Monday morning, slightly-blusey greetings, folks.

Watching Spurs win yesterday pained me, as seeing those grubby inbreds invariably does. The 3 points they gained by beating Swansea certainly adds a little spice to proceedings. Losing at QPR wasn’t quite the apocalyptic disaster a few of Twitter’s more grumpy members would have you believe, but it has served to put that little bit of extra pressure on the game with City at the weekend.

Speaking yesterday, Wenger promised a different Arsenal would eerge on the Emirates to take on Mancini’s mega-rich and disingenuous rabble:

“It’s a good opportunity to put things right again, of course.

“I believe that we will see a different Arsenal on Sunday but I can tell you as well that it will be needed.

“We have played well against the top teams and that is our target again. We know how to respond, as we have been exposed to this situation before this season.”

He’s absolutely correct. A different Arsenal to the the one at Loftus Road is needed. Quite frankly, if we play like that against City, we’ll lose. If you look at QPR’s winning goal, the first thing you’ll notice is the mistake by Vermaelen that allowed the ball to be cut back to Diakite. What I noticed was the gaping hole in our midfield that allowed the goalscorer enough time to pick his spot. Where was the holding midfielder or the trackers?

I love Alex Song, and I’ve nothing but admiration for his contribution in the final third this season. However, I’m concerned that his defensive duties – those key to the role he plays – are taking a back seat to his buccaneering. Arteta, for the most part, fills in for Song where he can, but I’ve seen our defence left cruelly exposed by a lack of protection from those in front on numerous occasions this season.

That’s why I view Yaan M’Vila as a key signing. He’s got that tenacity and aggression that Flamini had, and he’s an imposing figure. Adding that little bit of bite to the hub of the team is essential.

The man himself has been speaking about his departure from Rennes:

“Inter, Arsenal, Real … I will take the fun everywhere!

‘These are great clubs.

‘If the coach calls you and tells you he wants you to make you play, especially a French coach, it changes everything.

‘The important thing for me is getting playing time for the France team.’

The bit about a French coach does give my reason to hope we’re in with a shot, but sadly, if Real Madrid really want him, then I think that’s where he’ll go. I’ve an inkling Wenger’s much-maligned parsimony may become a thing of the past, but we’ve not got the kind of mega-bucks to compete with the Spanish giants. But we can get there first, and given his desire for playing time, I think he’d be aware that would certainly be a bigger guarantee at Arsenal. We’ve already bid for him once and failed. With a larger offer made quickly, we might be able to snatch him from under their noses.
That’s all for today. Until the weekend, I’ve got to attempt to come up with news and hilarity from pretty much nothing whatsoever. I shall endeavour to make the most out of it, just for you. Because I love you all.
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5 thoughts on “QPR reaction, M’Vila and stuff.”

  1. I totally agree with your article. The defeat by QPR underpins the fact that we need a defensive midfielder. Wenger rarely criticises the team and in his own words we lacked commitment and were out- battled. I don??t think you can play three similar players like Ramsey, Arteta, Rosicky in same midfield ?? who are predominantly possession footballers, who like to receive to feet and like to instigate moves and not be at the end of them. Unless their world beaters who have the craft, change of pace and first touch to retain the ball in tight areas then the ball will invariably be given away, and midfield battles are inevitable, particularly away from home.Moreover, these players are not renowned for their aggression and tackling qualities and it??s no surprise we got out battled. Song, for all he does going forward needs to prioritise his defending duties ahead of his attacking ones, as at the end of the day that??s what an anchorman is judged on. M??vila seems like the type of player that will do just that and for me is a must signing, or else our midfielders will continue to get out battled and bullied away from home. This is I hope that??s the last time we see atrteta,ramsey and rosicky all start an away game as a trio.

  2. The lesson i learn and wish Wenger learn is dat arsenal needs a depth,by ds i mean,buy more useful players.he shud nt b carried away by those 7 matchs unbeaten.

  3. For a knee jerk reaction tune into twitter … for a true reasoned and thought provoking one follow the blogs.

    James your reasoned view of Song and Arteta is correct. Although I don’t think we currently play with a DM but 2 holding mid-fielders. I personally don’t rate M’Vila and also don’t think we need him as Coqulain will be a better player given time. If we choose to play a “true” DM he will be our man! Song given the role of box-to-box midfielder with Jack next season will free the wingers/inside forwards with a play maker in front. When we play the DM role the wide two midfielders will play as wingers and not inside forwards. The 5 CM’s will rota with Roskicky/Chamberlain/ plus the signing we need to make in the form of a playmaker (ie Hazard). Not that he’s the answer to our prayers just that the current midfielders are of a type and we need a 25 year old Rosicky-type to complement the 32 year old Rosicky and the teenage Ox.

    This is where we are weakest not defensively as offence is the best defence. The QPR game was lost on two errors and a lob-sided midfield of 4 CM’s, 1 Inside forward(right) and a a CF. That is just weird! We got lucky playing that against Everton.

    As twitterists are fond of tweeting: #justsaying

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