Raheem Sterling? No Thanks…

The scene of the crime

Morning, folks. 

I had a peculiar dream last night involving the most significant landmark in my native Bristol: Clifton Suspension Bridge. I say “dream”, but that may be doing it something of a disservice. It was a night terror – the type that leaves you bewildered a good 30-40 seconds after waking up. 

In the usually tranquil setting of my unconscious mind I had parked across the centre of the road causing traffic to come to a standstill whilst horrified members of the public watched as I threw Hull City’s entire first team squad off in alphabetical order (Huddlestone was a struggle).

Quite why I dreamt this is beyond me. I have no ill-feeling toward Hull and nothing but ambivalence towards their players. Perhaps there’s some profound meaning to be extracted by a trained mental professional… Alas, I’m utterly at a loss to explain where it came from and thought it warranted sharing. 


Today I thought I’d talk about the hullabaloo and rapture surrounding Raheem Sterling. 

The situation reminds me of Nicolas Anelka’s acrimonious departure to Real Madrid: talented, petulant young player with greedy advisors. I don’t pretend to know the ins and outs of the situation anywhere near as much as a dedicated Liverpool fan might. But from the outside looking in, it certainly appears that way. 

Arsene Wenger is known to be an admirer of Sterling. Taken purely on footballing ability, the kid certainly has talent in abundance. However, troubles begin to appear when you look at his attitude. To be quite frank, if I was a Liverpool fan I’d be happily rid of him. 

A 20-year-old with little or no accomplishments within the game has no right to critique the manner in which his Club is being run. Then you look at the alleged comments made by his agent, Aidy Ward, to the London Evening Standard;

“I don’t care about the PR of the club and the club situation,
“I don’t care. He is definitely not signing. He’s not signing for £700,000, £800,000, £900,000 a week,
“He is not signing. My job is to make sure I do the best with them (my clients). If people say I am bad at my job, or they are badly advised it does not matter.”

Those remarks have since been denied.  However, I feel there’s a huge proportion of truth to them.  Aidy Ward’s job is to secure the highest amount of commission for himself in a move for his client, and those comments only make it appears a move is being forced. 

Most importantly of all, I wouldn’t want to see Sterling at Arsenal because I don’t think he would be anything other than an unnecessary purchase. We have players who operate in his position that are of an extremely high standard and those still to show their full potential – Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gnabry – are players I’d sooner see given a chance to do so. 

Other areas of the team are more important. 

Our business over the coming months is sure to be interesting. I don’t believe we will see another marquee addition to rival Ozil and Sanchez. The nucleus of our squad is very strong. If Arsene Wenger opts to spend a significant amount I believe it wil be to improve either our goalkeepers or central midfield. There could very well be a surprise, but, all things considered, I can’t see us wrestling with Liverpool to sign a player for what would be a hugely inflated fee and for a player we don’t need. 

That’s all for today, folks. The comments are below – do you think we need Sterling? Let me know. I’ll be back soon. Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. 

6 thoughts on “Raheem Sterling? No Thanks…”

  1. I certainly would rather have him go to Man City so to make that team even more dysfunctional.

  2. Sterling is over rated and has a shocking attitude, he has gone missing in every big game LIverpool have needed him. There was talk of a swap deal involving Walcott and cash which i find bemusing. I would not swap Walcott for Sterling in a million years let alone and cash. As for a 40 or 50 Million pound price tag???? really ?? 15 million more than Fabregas or Sanchez????? Liverpool are deluded IMO. If someone pays anywhere near that they should tear their arm off !

  3. Overrated player, I am a Liverpool fan who takes his seat in the Kop week in week out and his finishing and attitude is shocking, tbh I’d let him go for a reasonable amount (not the daft figures being bandied about no one will pay that) or make him see out his contract withdrawing the alleged £100k per week. Well written piece James 🙂

  4. Sterling will legit be one of the best players on the planet in a few years; even at 45million he’d have big sell on value.

    His touch, technique and balance is top notch, but it’s his dribbling ability that sets him appart. His ability to run at pace and keep the ball so close to his body is so rare, only messi and ronaldo can do it better.

    The problem is his personality. I don’t think Arsene will risk him upsetting the family dynamic he has going on in the squad and rightfuly so.

  5. What’s worrying is several papers have said that agent also advises Chamberlain. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we go for an attacker, with Theo possibly leaving opens up a slot. Especially if someone becomes available that we can’t turn down in a manner similar to Özil.

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