Rooney to Arsenal won’t happen and 3 leave at the end of June.

Another Man United Christmas party was ruined by Wayne Rooney.

Good morning, folks.

Today I bring tidings of joy – to a certain extent. Sebastien Squillaci (Thank Christ), Denilson (No big loss) and Andrey Arshavin (Shame) will all be leaving the hallowed turf of The Emirates once their contracts expire at the end of the month.

Squillaci and Denilson I couldn’t care less about. Two average players burdening our finances on grossly inflated salaries departing is nothing other than a good thing. Arshavin, on the other hand, I’m going to miss. Yes – I’d agree his form has been absolutely horrendous for the past 2-3 years, but, unlike the other 2, he will leave us with some good memories.

Whether it be the 4 goals at Anfield, the winner against Barcelona or simply his humorous personality off the field; the little Russian will always have my fondness. I don’t know what happened to him. Perhaps his enthusiasm for football on the whole deteriorated over time, or he had falling-out with Arsene and was unable to convince the manager he still had worth. Regardless, his final years as an Arsenal player were extremely disappointing.

For the good memories, I wish him well in the future. Denilson and Squillaci get a limp-wristed handshake and shifty glare as they disappear out the door.

Various media outlets are still reporting the Rooney transfer saga. Now it’s being alleged Wayne’s insistence on playing the central striker’s role has Arsenal on red alert – not to mention the fact he’s having a sulk about the limelight shifting from him to that irksome Dutch individual with the greying temples.

It’s poppycock, balderdash and hogwash. It won’t happen.

For starters, I seriously doubt he would be sold to another Premiership club if he did leave, and if he was, the only ones capable of realistically matching his wages are Chelsea and Manchester City. Bringing Wayne Rooney to Arsenal would ensure every player earning less who thinks he is as valuable to the club marches into Arsene’s office demanding a rise – whether they be right or wrong to ask. I certainly can’t see that fat cretin taking a pay-cut.

Most importantly, I don’t really think he wants to leave. The whole epic saga smacks of the last time he declared his desire to move on, only to stay the moment he was given a new contract. Rooney is just sulking, and using his proposed departure as a threat to get what he wants. I don’ think for one second he’ll be playing any where other than Old Trafford next season.

I am that confident, I posted this to Twitter yesterday:

And you have my word as a gentleman I will follow through with that should Wayne Rooney be pictured holding an Arsenal shirt with his name on the back having signed on the dotted line. I reckon I’m safe as houses.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments below are ready and waiting to be filled with your thoughts on today’s news. Happy to see the 3 depart? Do you actually think there is a chance we will sign Rooney? Let me know what you think.

I shall return with more tomorrow. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

6 thoughts on “Rooney to Arsenal won’t happen and 3 leave at the end of June.”

  1. hi raul..3rd time im seeing this blog in a fortnight..dont know wether ive just not bin lookin or its new,,but i seriuosly suspect its my fault..ive liked the posts tho….its preeety sad about arshavin..what happened there…i second he looked like an avengers superhero character..the next…like a lazy hobbit…sad ,really sad…..i like the turn the club took with denilson,reaching an amicable settlement n all,i hope we do the same with the remaining lot who r either too bad to fetch a transfer fee..or just want to staick araund coz of the supersuper quality wages

  2. To describe Rooney as a fat cretin is an insult to all we fat cretins who are Arsenal fans from way back. I demand an immediate withdrawal.

  3. moyes is the problem with rooney, they simply do not like each other. if they can bury the hatchet, moyes will adopt a variation of 442 with rooney and rvp up top, with welbeck and hernandez the deputy strike force. if not I would take rooney over all the other strikers we have been linked with

  4. Ho many big clubs have you seen where players demand pay rise just because a big player comes in with high weekly wages? Until your contract expires and the club deems it fit based on your performance will a player’s wage be increased. If Rooney is signed and is paid $200,000 or more per week will only spur other players to perform better to earn a wage increase. Arsenal need s to sign such player to show intent, ambition as this will make other average, inconsistent and complacent players who are sure of first team shirt to sit up or ship out of the club.

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