Saturday isn’t ‘van Persie day’ and Theo will sign his contract…


Afternoon folks.

It’s been a remit of mine to ensure your daily dose of blathering is served at the same time every morning. However, there are occasions where I find it next to impossible. Apologies for the lateness of today’s post.

I’ll move straight on to Arsenal matters, and the big game taking place on Saturday. Arsene Wenger has spoken to the press regarding his hopes for the manner in which Arsenal fans treat Robin van Persie. He hopes the atmosphere will be one of appreciation and respect. He surely knows the reception will be anything but. I guess it’s just one of those things managers have to say. Although, wouldn’t it be refreshing to see an honest non-PC quote in the media? One like this:

“Do I think Arsenal fans will boo Robin? Of course they will, they’ve every right to boo him. We looked after that ungrateful, chocolate-legged, money grabbing, shit-bag for the best part of 6 years, and he fucked off after one full season on the back of a petulant and massively disrespectful statement. Boo him? That’s the least he deserves. Twat.”

I hope the day isn’t about him at all, in any way. I hope he’s resigned to being nothing more than a player on the pitch, and I would love nothing more than for us to beat them. There has to come a point when we just forget him, and don’t even give him the satisfaction of knowing we care. He’s not Dennis Bergkamp, he’s not Tony Adams, and he’s not David Rocastle. He’ll never be a legend.

The wound is still open with me, but time will heal it soon enough.

Elsewhere, the mercurial Theo Walcott has hit the news with more stories of his contract appearing. Given the quality of his recent performances, it looks like the ball is very much in Theo’s court. He’s sitting on a a good point of negotiation. Arsene want’s the whole epic saga to be put to bed once and for all by December. I’d still say the chances of him staying are 50/50.

Arsene stated:

??We want to sort it out before Christmas, one way or the other. I would not like to [sell him]. I have not even thought about that, because at the moment I think we will still manage to make a deal with him.

??I always said it is important that he plays in the correct position and that certainly would be through the middle in the future.

??The positions on the flanks are changing ?? you need to do a lot of defending. He should be dedicated more to offensive work.

??I have always come out publicly and said that I see him in the future through the middle as well. He loves to score goals. He has good pace, [makes] excellent, intelligent runs, and what has changed with Theo is he has [become] a very good finisher.?

That certainly looks like a bit of concrete positional assurance. If that’s the true bone of contention with Theo, then it would appear he’s got his wish, and there’s little or no excuse for him to delay signing on any further. Of course, if he’s really just the type waiting for someone to offer him a huge wage increase, then none of the above will truly matter, and he’ll be off in January.

Time will tell.

That’s all for today, folks. I hope you’ll take a moment to share your thoughts in the comments. Which way do you see the Theo saga going? Should we boo van Persie? Let me know how you feel.

Thanks for reading, you inimitable creations. I shall return tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Saturday isn’t ‘van Persie day’ and Theo will sign his contract…”

  1. I would rather support our players, so they know we care a bout them and rise their spirit and win more likely. If they see we care more about them then some stupid RVP they will feel stronger.

  2. arsenal fans av a right to boo van panya,he isnt worth bng respect…..he is but jus nothing to us…..we shld consider him past tense coz he nolonger lives in our world(arsenal)

  3. He’s just another mercenary selling his services to the highest bidder not worth the bother to boo him. The headlines will be all about Jack Wilshire and Olivier Giroud and not Van persie.

  4. theo will go unfortunately i feel, and as far as rvp is concerned he was dead to me as soon as he released that statement so i wouldnt even give him that satisfaction of acting like i care!

  5. As far as RvP is concerned wouldn’t even open the feckin curtains if the money grabbing twat was playing keepie uppies in my back garden but i really do hope Theo stays, not just coz i rate him but the thought that somebody that really does love the club going out the back door would really piss me off big style because i really do believe him, when he says its not just about the money

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