Sell him? Replace him? Keep him against his will? Damn you, Robin van Persie.

Robin set his sights on the door marked “exit”.

Morning, Earthlings and dejected, morose Gooners of the world.

Now that the hullabaloo has settled somewhat, now the the diatribes have all been written, read and dispatched about the Goonerverse, I find myself unable to be angry. Some are angry at the club for showing a lack of ambition, some are furious with Robin for the manner in which he has released his statement. I don’t doubt there’s a case for both being valid, but, to be perfectly honest with you; I’m not angry becasue I was resigned to this happening some time ago. I may have chosen not to articulate it, but buried deep down, it was always there.

I don’t see any Rooney-esque U-turns on the horizon. All I see is another valuable player leaving Arsenal during a summer we swore to do everything we could to keep them. The question isn’t whether he goes anymore. The question that’s pertinent is what we do now that he is.

Firstly, and for the sake of my sanity; please don’t allow him to go to Manchester City. I’m not sure I could stomach that. Seeing him skip around in a sky-blue shirt is enough to make me want to drop-kick kittens, or unleash a vicious assault on the cutest of teddy bears – not Big Ted, though. He’s fucking furious with Robin

Cashing in on him now makes the greatest sense, but that might prove difficult given the position his statement has left the club in. Now any potential suitors of his services will know we are left little choice but to sell, and the price will drop drastically. I’d like to think that wasn’t the reason for him breaking the silence agreed between him, Gazidis and Wenger – a move Arsenal reportedly knew nothing about. If it was, then he’d certainly drop a few levels in my opinion.

At this stage, I just want to see him go. I’m not going to trash him as others have, but I’m not singing his praises either. Vieira, Pires, Henry and Bergkamp all left Arsenal as legends. Robin van Persie will not.

As for what’s next; well, I hope the club reinvest, or at least do something of note. There will be a lot of supporter dissatisfaction to contend with. Losing your star player and captain is bad enough, having it happen twice in a row is appalling. Arsenal made numerous mistakes when Fabregas left and suffered greatly because of it. We can not, and must not allow those same mistakes to be repeated. I’m very pleased we have already secured both Giroud and Podolski, but I feel they may not be enough. Another attacking midfielder would be a very nice addition. It might even be time to put down a marker and show some real intent. Arsenal, the ball is in your court, dont let us down this time.

To sum things up; Robin is going to leave, and he’ll leave under a cloud of shit instead of a blaze of glory. The fans are right to expect more from him as the club captain, and I’m as disappointed and annoyed as the rest of you. But it’s done, and he should be forgotten. Let’s move on. Don’t blame Arsene Wenger. He’s the one showing the loyalty we all crave from the players, and he’s the one who stays to pick up the pieces.

We are Arsenal. We are the fans. We remain through thick and thin.

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30 thoughts on “Sell him? Replace him? Keep him against his will? Damn you, Robin van Persie.”

  1. Poor form from our captain but the more the summer rolled on the more it became obvious…another moody, greed driven player.

    I’m still not sure on selling him, but i’m a lot surer than i was. I was all for him staying out his contract but i didn’t expect him to come out and say it i thought it would be a not yet scenario until he had 6 months left.

    He owes the gooner nation so much more than this after the support he has been shown…so you know what i change my mind, i’m going with the sell him network!! Get someone in…Another Giroud esque player THAT WANTS TO BE THERE!

    I also think that means we need 100% another midfielder…i purposely didn’t buy into your post yesterday jimbo as i was still hoping, but you got it right!! well done…

    what about theo…i think he will leave too now, which sucks…

    GOD DAM I’M PISSED OFF AT FOOTBALLERS!! F#*king mancity/chelsea/PSG the game has lost the plot…amidst global recession all we see if footballers grabbing for more and more…

    i could go on but i better stop…


  2. Did we seriously think that when ever cautious wenger buys 2 left footed forwards That RVP wasn’t off !!!!!!

    1. I believe RVP made up his mind before the Euro Championship but agreed to stay quiet till replacements had been bought. As he states, the Management’s way of running the club was contrary to his own view. That is not about money of which he has loads already …. it is about how the present regime can conceivably win anything ! Like how can we take on the really top clubs without any tactics and without a drilled defence. Others who gave up on the Wenger (discredited) grand plan have included Cesc, Clichy, Nasri, Hleb, Flamini. Meanwhile the worst players – who could hardly make the 1st team – have been overpaid and have not wished to leave. It’s NOT rocket science.

  3. As soon as Arsenal bought poldi and Giroud i knew he was off and the fact that they let fans believe he was staying is disgraceful they did the same with nasri and cesc, once again we sell our best players and buy cheaper alternatives. Next year Wilshere anyone? Fans should protest over this!

    1. Much of the problem dates back to Wenger’s ludicrous egalitarian wage structure. But some fans still think he’s a genius. The truth is he has been allowed to take control of far too much within the club. How many years of winning nothing is it ? 2012/13 may be about the same.

      1. ohhh…here they come AAA brigade and the wenger bashers!! didn’t take long.

        tell me how you fight oil tycoons playing real life football manager when you run a club for long term existence?

        actually try to analyse the problem properly instead of listening to the tabloids and letting them be your brain and you’ll see there are big problems in football. This just brings them to light again…

        Gunners always and wenger always cause the man is a footballing genius…just look what he did against all odds last year.

  4. Iam glad he is leaving i think it’s time we made vermaelen captain since he have already shown loyalty as a gunner i respect that,and at this stage i just like to remind @persie_official having had a great seasondoes nt meen he has done anythng 4 the club nor does it make u a legend o how i miss that tipe of loyalty dennis bergkamp had

  5. Let go of robin…AFC r NT ready to win for any reason..My loyal fans let’s support robin in wateva plan he is making

  6. Nice article. I think at his age, he sees winning as a last resolution. Lets face it seven years without something to show is quite a long time. Its time that wenger restructured the team around young players like Wilshere.

    1. it took Chelsea,man city ages to win something yet terry and lampard waited that long. thats what we call loyalty. 6 years no excuse to use after all its the players themselves to blame if the can drop points to the likes of wigan,blackburn stoke etc.

  7. Firstly, so many butthurt Arsenal supporters it’s pathetic. He’s been here eight years FFS!

    Secondly, we should keep him for the last year. If he stays, he’ll still play well; he’s not a cock like Adebayor was in his last season, lazing about on the halfway line flashing his crotch to every club in Europe.

    Thirdly, and most importantly, we have a better chance of winning silverware with him in the team.

    If he goes immediately, so long and thanks for the memories.

  8. i saw this coming and am happy that he leaves rather stay and perform below par.what he should know is that,before him we had others and after him we ll have someone.he only performs one season and he thinks he is all that “NO” Let him go and one day he ll wish he never left.ask cleb he ll testify to that.go hypocrite and l hope hope all those who want to leave time is now,come out in the open and declare so.we love arsenal and no player will take that from all of us arsenal loving fans.ARSENAL FOR LIFE with or without van per sier

  9. Yeah, damn you Van Persie because you refuse to give up your dreams for Arsenes. Damn you for giving 8 years to Arsenal when many thought you would leave ages ago. Damn you for daring to want to actually win something in your career?

    Players wnat to win things, Arsene wants something else. What Arsene wants is commendable indeed BUT how many of you would happily watch your career pass you by whilst giving your all for somebody else’s dream?

    Footballers all dream the same dreams, I bet none of them involve making a club the most financially stable in history so that their successors at the club can reap the rewards that they themselves can’t.

    RvP gave you 8 years on lower wages than his peers with less chance of success than many of them, all the while he could have walked into any of Europes elite line ups? Now you call him disloyal!


    1. Yes, 8 years but half that time has been in the sick bay. Van Persie averaged 18 games a season over 8 years. Yes he had a blinder last season but he’ll be forgotten at Arsenal before Christmas.

      1. That’s fair enough mate. I was responding to those above who seem to think RvP owes his entire career to Arsenal and Wenger and should have been prepared to stay at Arsenal until he was washed up, or thost that think that he is leaving for money.

        He is a born competitor, as are many millions of sports men and women around the globe. Obviously to fans, their own club, is the biggest thing in the world but to a competitive sportsman there is much more to life than making fans happy.

        You should be wishing RvP well, except should he come up as an opponent. All the bile just shows the so-called intelligent Arsenal support to be no more than a bunch of children who cannot see past their own glitzy stadium and whiley manager.

        There is actually much more to football than what goes on at the Emirates and between Wengers ears!

      1. Again, you don’t need to tell me this, I’m a Chelsea fan and have beat Gooners with that particular stick myself, on many occasions.

        If using that stat is how you are going to deal with it then fair enough but you know as well as I do, and your benevolent manager does, that RvP fit was worth the time he spent injured.

        I could also tell you that only once in his entire career played more than 20 club games ion a season, Wenger still wanted him.

        He has a pretty poor scoring record for a striker of such hype, Wenger still wanted him.

        I could carry on but the fact is he has left to try and fill a void, on his mantelpiece at home, and you fans should applaud what he has given you, not turn nasty when he dicides it’s his time to move on. Doing it right all the way might I add. Not leaving you high and dry, you can still get a good price more so due to his exceptional season, he may even see out his contract if Arsene wants that, although he will then go for free.

        1. Can’t wait for the day Abramovich gets bored with his little “game” and leaves chelsea. The plummet is going to be spectacular. Chelsea is less sustainable than Man City!!

          You said earlier there is more to football than what goes on between Wenger’s ears…True…its money. again i ask, how does a team that tries to be ethical and have a sustainable business model compete with oil tycoon running clubs at 100s of millions loss every year? Its a joke!

          All i can say is Arsenal will come out of the “Tycoon Era”, Chelsea & Manchester City will not…long live the gooners

  10. Rvp made his decision last year, he just waited for confirmation of two things: 1) that wenger/board wouldn’t get rid of the deadwood, and 2) that wenger/board won’t be bringing in the players required to compete(realistically) for silverware. The only conclusion available is that wenger/board have no ambition to achieve anything beyond a top four place, and because world class players don’t have to settle for this, they leave.

    1. Are you fucking stupid? Bringing in Podolski and Giroud, and people like you still are nog satisfied. Oh my god, the life of a football manager must be hard with the likes of you around.
      Anyway, no player is bigger than the club. Sell the man and bring in an offensive midfielder.

  11. I agree 100% Cupsi. This is not Wenger’s fault, at least he knows how to show real LOYALTY when other clubs have come calling for him.

    It’s all very well RVP insinuating that we have are showing a lack of ambition but we’ve already bought two top quality international players this summer, with who knows who else to come.

    RVPs excuses dont wash. We stood by him for YEARS while he was injured but now after one good season he decides to hop it. Flamini all over again.

    In any case we wont fall apart with out him. As well as he played last year most of his goals were tap ins (albeit with the odd beauty as well) supplied by our midfield which Giroud can finish off now.


  12. 8 years and only one good season to show
    I dont think that there are a lot of managers, teams or fans who would have put up with something like that for as long as we did.
    One good season and he thinks hes god.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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