Sod off, Mancini, welcome Podolski (hopefully) and Diaby’s injury woes.

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“Good morning, good morning to you, the beautiful, gorgeous and dedicated few”.

I sung that with all my heart…

Like me, I imagine most you you can do without the inevitability of Roberto Mancini sniffing around our best players. He’s an odious little ferret, isn’t he?

His quotes regarding Robin van Persie ran thusly is yesterday’s press:

“We are interested in good players,” Mancini said. “I think all the good teams are interested in Van Persie.

“He is a fantastic striker but I think he will remain with Arsenal.”

Yes, so do I, Roberto. Perhaps, the next time you’re asked about one of our players, you’ll afford us the courtesy of not declaring your interest to the world an their mothers. Where Adebayor and Nasri proved themselves money-grabbing mercenaries, I’ve faith our Dutch maestro has genuine love for the club and, if he were to leave, he’d head to the continent and not to the management of a leather-faced tit playing Football Manager with somebody else’s billions.

So, fuck off, Mancini. And take your scarf with you on the way out.

Most of the van Persie talk has arrived on the back of the reported signing of Podolski – a left footed forward joining the club is assumed to be as a replacement for RvP. All this talk of the German agreeing to join is yet to be confirmed by either FC Koln or Arsenal, but it’s alleged to be a finalised, done deal by pretty much everyone else in the media circus.

And I’d like to offer him a warm, dependant-on-actually-being-true-and-not-a-ruse-by-pesky-journalists welcome to the Emirates stadium. He’s a player of vast, vast experience – 95 caps, 2 World Cups – and he’s an exceptional finisher. He’ll fit in nicely to the Arsenal set up – assuming everything is as true as I’m sure we all hope.

Another ‘new signing’ could be a tall Frenchman rumoured to have been sighted around the training ground. Speaking with Arsenal’s official site, the much-maligned and perpetually crocked, Abou Diaby, had these encouraging words to say:

There have been times where I thought
about stopping my career. You always‚?® ask yourself a lot of questions in those moments. It‚??s hard mentally and I had to be strong. But quickly, I went back to a very positive attitude. I know I am going to be fine. I am not a cheat. I have always worked very hard to come back.

I have never had any apprehension playing football but I have to say that last season I feared a bit to play. It was so important for me to come back to my best level and to avoid getting injured again that I had this little apprehension.

Diaby is the kind of player I’m always expecting to explode into life and become a world beater. He’s had more than his fair share of injuries and niggles, and, for his sake as much as the team’s, it would be nice to have him back, fully fit and with a point to prove. He can be immense when the mood takes him. Add consistency and a little steely determination, and he could be somewhere near as good as Vieira once was – he’s got similar quick feet, an imposing physique and a thunderbolt of a shot when he feels like letting rip. I’ve always been a fan, even amidst the snorts and howls of derision from certain cretins who think he’s getting injured on purpose just to upset them personally.

That’s about yer lot, boys and girls. Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. There’s no game until Newcastle on Monday evening, so I’ll come up with something innovative and entertaining for you until I begin to preview that game. In the meantime, take a moment to comment and follow my Twitter account – @_ArmchairGooner.

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  1. I really hope diaby gets his chance to play and show his class, really a goood player but just unfortunate so far, but hardship like these will only make you stronger

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