Someone has bid for Bendtner! Fixtures and other bits.

Arsenal fans heard Bendtner was discussing terms with Frankfurt.

Morning folks.

By now, you’ll have probably noticed a theme with all my daily post images. Like the one above, they’re all movie stills, and today’s deserves a mention – even if it’s not at all football related. James Gandolfini passed away last night at the age of 51. Tragic news. I’m a fan of films and the cinema as much as I am a Gooner, and Gandolfini was a truly brilliant actor who’ll be missed.

In news that certainly is related to Arsenal, it would appear that Nicklas Bendtner, arguably the most important footballer since Pele, has found himself another club. After an astonishing campaign with Juventus that included 9 appearances and no goals, it was only a matter of time before the offers came rolling in. Eintracht Frankfurt’s sporting director, Heribert Buchhagen, had these short by revealing words on the subject:

“We are in serious negotiations with Bendtner”

That’s pretty concise stuff. These serious negotiations may take a while, and hit a brink wall when salary comes into the equation. All things going well, Bendtner should find himself a new club soon. I will try my best not to shed a tear when he does.

Yesterday (just after I published my post) the fixtures were released. In case you have somehow managed to avoid seeing them, here is our schedule in full – well… at least until Sky coverage starts moving the dates around.

Sat 17 H Aston Villa
Sat 24 A Fulham
Sat 31 H Tottenham Hotspur

Sat 14 A Sunderland
Sat 21 H Stoke City
Sat 28 A Swansea City

Sat 5 A West Bromwich Albion
Sat 19 H Norwich City
Sat 26 A Crystal Palace

Sat 2 H Liverpool
Sat 9 A Manchester United
Sat 23 H Southampton
Sat 30 A Cardiff City

Tue 3 H Hull City
Sat 7 H Everton
Sat 14 A Manchester City
Sat 21 H Chelsea
Thu 26 A West Ham United
Sat 28 A Newcastle United

Wed 1 H Cardiff City
Sat 11 A Aston Villa
Sat 18 H Fulham
Tue 28 A Southampton

Sat 1 H Crystal Palace
Sat 8 A Liverpool
Tue 11 H Manchester United
Sat 22 H Sunderland

Sat 1 A Stoke City
Sat 8 H Swansea City (or FA Cup Q/F)
Sat 15 A Tottenham Hotspur
Sat 22 A Chelsea
Sat 29 H Manchester City

Sat 5 A Everton
Sat 12 H West Ham United (or FA Cup S/F)
Sat 19 A Hull City
Sat 26 H Newcastle United

Sat 3 H West Bromwich Albion
Sun 11 A Norwich City

(I copied and pasted this list from Le Grove)

Looks like another relatively straight forward run-in, but I have to say I’m a little disappointed the home fixture with Spurs is so early again. I always prefer the big games to be a little further into the season when the team have had a chance to build up a head of steam and some form.

That’s all for today folks. The comments await you below, and they’re practically gagging to be used in whatever way you see fit. Are you devastated by Bendtner’s imminent departure? How do you feel about the fixtures? Let me know.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

6 thoughts on “Someone has bid for Bendtner! Fixtures and other bits.”

  1. Bendtner is much better than Giroud or Podolksi.

    we should have kept him here last season. he would of scored goals and given us better options on the pitch. Poor managing from Wenger.

  2. Such a shame .don’ t like losing players that should have been good for us. Just lately we have lost Arsh.Schil.etc..because they became brainless nobs!!

  3. And here I was thinking he was our next RVP, oh wait he is exactly the same, ‘worlds best striker’ and he is leaving us, can’t say I will be able to hold the tears back. Off topic: Higuain story getting better everyday…. come on make my day.

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