Song, Song, blue (and purple), Sahin, RvP, and a few new season thoughts.

“What? What do you mean this haircut is fucking ridiculous?”

Well hello beautifuls….

As the days pass, Alex Song’s rumoured departure has gone from a few unsustained bouts of idle chitter-chatter, to what seems to be crushing inevitability. Foolishly, I had thought we might go through a summer without our players being so egregiously coveted by Barcelona and their wretched minions. I should really have known better.

That said, and unlike last summer’s epically dull Fabregas fiasco; I’m not sure I’d miss Song all that much. I know some of you will point to his assists, but I struggle to see past the many occasions our defensive/holding midfielder has been caught sauntering around the left-wing position, and the fuck load of goals we managed to concede last season. Of course, he isn’t responsible for all of those, but do you think we’d have let in as many had Gilberto been playing instead of him?

If indeed, as is suggested by some more ‘ITK’ than I, we already have eyes elsewhere, and Song is to leave, then I hope we opt for someone who’ll play his role with a degree of thought about where he’s supposed to be on the pitch, and someone who doesn’t think he’s a combination of Rivaldo and Christ.

Rumour would have us believe Arsenal are very close to securing a loan deal for Madrid’s Nuri Sahin – quality, quality player – but that move is alleged to be precautionary incase Jack’s return is delayed further. Song’s departure would leave Coquelin as the remaining holder in midfield, and I don’t think it would be wise to head into the new campaign with our only option a relatively untested player – I do rate him highly, however.

We’ll certainly know more in the next few days.

In that time, and for the sake of my sanity, I hope we find ourselves at the point of resolution with Robin van Persie. By now, I’m sick of typing his stupid name with it’s bloody irritating lower-case word in the middle. He may very likely go to Man United, and if that occurs, he’ll be about as revered as a nasty stain on a street urchin’s underpants. He’ll be right up there with Samir Nasri.

Whether or not I’d forgive him if he made a u-turn is fairly irrelevant at this point. Truth be told; I don’t think he’s going to, and if a deal can be reached, he’ll be off playing for Sir Alex. If he’s playing in an Arsenal shirt this year, it won’t be because he wants to be, and players like that are ones I believe we can do without – regardless of how good they might be.

The new season is now mere days away. It’s seems like only yesterday we were all moaning about the lack of ‘proper’ football and trying to watch the Olympic team to secure our fix – I liken that to a heroin addict trying to get high from a tube of Smarties.

I’m hopeful about our chances, I really am. The players we have bought are all looking to be excellent additions, and there appears to be plenty more movement on the horizon. Below are the comments, in those you can tell me who you’d like to see come in if Song leaves, and you can put forward a case for keeping him at all costs. Do you disagree with what I said? Let me know. I look forward to reading some.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. I shall return.


No sooner than I had finished writing this post, Nuri Sahin  secured a loan deal…. with Liverpool. Funny old world we live in, isn’t it?


9 thoughts on “Song, Song, blue (and purple), Sahin, RvP, and a few new season thoughts.”

  1. Really good blog, however Sahin, we may express interest, but so has liverpool and tottenham, and how many times have we seen arsene offer less than other clubs and lose out. With van persie leaving (its a certainty otherwise arsene would not be looking at llorente) we need to pull our finger out and start cementing another established player (or two).

    Lets be honest, our team looks great compared with last year but so does liverpools and chelsea, and Man u if they get VP. if we lose song, we must replace with a worldclass player. Song was a motor in midfiled, very strong, solid, and the touch of an angel (sometimes).

    Sahin would be great
    llorente would be great
    y’ann villa – great if song goes

  2. Victory through Harmony is our moto, and with van Persie and Song leaving that harmony may be disrupted especially with so many recruits coming in. I may as well take as less than expected for the new players to blend in and start producing results but thinking about it, I don’t really want Song gone. Let’s hope the transfers happen sooner rather than later for everybody’s peace of mind. Congrats for your great blog!

  3. Great blog and i totally agree on the RvP front, it’s not worth having an unhappy player in the team.
    If Song is to leave then i wouldn’t want M’vila because i don’t think he’s defensive minded enough for the role we truly need. I would love to see Capoue come to Arsenal because he ticks all the boxes.
    It’s a shame that Sahin looks like he’s off to Liverpool however i am much more in favour of us securing a proper long term deal for a player. This is mainly because i really can’t see Jack Wilshire being anything near his potential this year, if ever. So i would love to see Belhanda join us as he is what we need creatively

  4. Well it seems that RvP is GONE!! Finally! Now wenger better get some replacements happening pretty fast.

    As for song i still think this is more hot air than anything else…Jimbo i have to disagree with you comments on song. He is valuable and i really hope he doesn’t leave. When we saw song and arteta we saw a strong and stable midfield and the goals were much less. Song and arteta or song and Jack or jack and arteta would provide the stability we need and they give good balance going forward. Song is a class player…he is incredible at keeping the ball and using his strength to hold players off in attack and defence…i hope he stays

    don’t forget just this week both he and wenger said he is staying…seems like a lot of english and spanish tabloid crap!

    guess we’ll see when 31/08 rolls around


  5. i hope song will ramain an arsenal player for years to come. he is a class midfielder and is just about to reach his potential.

  6. Welcome back … I had deleted you from my bookmarks … looks like I’ll have to add you again. But only if you promise to give me at least 5 out of 7 days to read your opinions!

    Just to let you know we still need to sell before we can buy!

    If we sell Mr Diamonds to Barca we will be selling a home-grown player and that we still leave us with 9 home-grown over 21 year olds! We will need to offload any two of Bendtner, Eastmond, Mannone or Lansbury before we could buy any home-grown over 21 year old! We also have our 17 overseas players. So unless we sell or dump Park, Chamakh, Squillaci or Arshavin there will be no replacement for Song or RIP van Winkle!

    Just saying!

    I personally think if the money is right (£17m plus 3m in add ons) we should cash in! I also genuinely think we will not include Squillaci in the seasons squad list therefore freeing one overseas slot. Biglia, M’Vila, Capoue or Sahin would fit the bill here. I also think that Arshavin has not finalised his move away and I think we will sign a new defender with Sahko being my favourite for a deadline deal. If we decide to sell Park or loan out Chamakh (Blackburn are sniffing around) then we could see another forward join. Again I think we may head to Belgium and double raid Anderlecht for Martias Suarez along with afore mention Biglia.

    But what do I know … apart from we can’t buy unless we sell and Mr Diamonds and RIP leaving doesn’t free a slot in order to buy!

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