Staring XI for the game against Manchester United.

FA Premiership; Saturday Nov 3rd, Man United (a)

Morning folks.

Did you sleep well last night? Nervous? Excited?

The day of the big game is upon us. Our beloved Arsenal face arguably the toughest away trip in the Premiership fixture list; the home of ‘Fergie time’, a place where we won the league, the setting for one of our worst defeats in history – Old Trafford.

I’d be lying to you if I said I was full of bravado and super-confidence. I’d be telling the truth if I said I’d be very happy with a draw. It’s going to be a tough test of our mettle. If there is ever a time to put a few ghosts from our past to bed, that time is now. I don’t doubt for a second there is enough talent and ability in our team to beat United on their own patch. My only worry is wether or not it turns up.

The team news is pretty much as expected. Gervinho is out for 3 weeks. There was hope Szczsney and Gibbs would return, but it appears to be too early for both players. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will have a fitness test before the match, and Theo Walcott is a doubt to start having completed 120 minutes on Tuesday. Bacary Sagna and Jack Wilshere are available for selection.

As for the line-up that starts the game, my biggest worry is the form of Andre Santos. If he does start, I have no doubts he’ll be the first player targeted by Ferguson as a weak link. I would give serious consideration to playing Vermaelen at left-back. The thought of United’s speedy wingers flying towards our portly Brazilian fills me with dread.

With that in mind, my team would be:

I would be tempted to start with Frimpong, and give him strict instructions to perform a groin-high sliding challenge on Robin van Persie within the first 2 minutes. Purely because the fucker deserves it. I wonder if Robin is expecting a good reception from the Arsenal faithful? He’s not going to get one…

In all seriousness, we will need all 11 players to perform today. It’s easy to place importance on a certain area of the team, but we’ll need to be excellent in defence, midfield and attack. United are certainly very beatable, and they are weak at the back. If we can establish a footing and make good of the possession we’ll probably be allowed, we can come away with a result.

I’m a bag of nerves this morning, and I’m working. I’ll be stuck with 5Live in the background. I hope you all have got yourselves better vantage points than I. As fae as predictions on the score go, I’m going to hope for a sneaky 1-0, and a goal from Podolski. Fingers crossed, boys ‘n’ grils, and come on the Arsenal!

Thanks for reading today, you beautiful bastards. The comments are below – let me know a few of your line-ups and predictions. I shall return tomorrow with a – hopefully gushy and congratulatory – review of the game.

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16 thoughts on “Staring XI for the game against Manchester United.”

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  2. I think your line up is the best we can have on the day. Though I am always worried about Per, but it seems I am the only Arsenal faithful that has not really connected with Per’s sluggishness and lack of participatory role in the entire game, just sitting back and making breath taking back pass the fragile Manone. It is hidden but the truth is that Per is one of the reasons for our deep in form, only very few can spot this out. To have a defender who cannot connect with the midfield and does not make easy 360* turnaround with the ball is noth but a short circuit of the flow.

    But between having Santos in the back four and what you have outlined, I will surely go with you, but we have a coach in wenger who always repeat the same mistakes all the time, sure there is no feedback in Wenger’s System, so let us keep our fingers crossed.

    1. @ daniel indeed u r d only arsenal fan who has not understood the importance of having a player like PER in the team. This season he has been our best performing center back with perfect game reading $ positional abilities,in short, he has been outstanding $ that’s the only reason koscielny is on the bench.

  3. I am pretty confident for a change foolish of me maybe but today i am filled with hope & optimism that we are gunna get the result we want
    People keep on about our defence but when you look at the table we have the best defensive record in the PL we have only conceded 6 and Utd have leaked 13
    The fact that they have scored 24 is slightly worrying but 1 nil to the Arse me thinks COYG

  4. My own line up.our skiper for left becuse i dont want to hear bad news for that vaminator,kosenly,mateseka,sagna 4 back.weresh,arteta,carzola 4 medle and genaral podoski,theo and arshavin 4ront.giruod,ramsy and coqulin sub.tnks my club.up guners!4life,4all,4ever

  5. Everyone talks about santos as a weak link?
    Yet everyone fails to admit the truth that Ramsey has destroyed this club!
    Worst arsenal player in history !
    Sloppy. Slow. Careless. Predictable.
    Crap. Wasteful. Boring. Useless.
    I would rather 11 santos type players than half a Ramsey.

    Watching Ramsey play is like being on death row every day!

  6. I’m not sure Ox can play today, and instead of Ramsey, I prefer Arshavin to fill in our right attackers, and walccot to be our targetman :), for the rest I agree with you

  7. OX is out of todays game, to be honest if Ramsey starts this game we are in a big trouble, believe it or not, he always plays well from the bench,James should start this game, and the Rassian, should be given more chances, to me i still have confidence in him,

  8. Wenger might change the team but that should have been good and they tight mark these guys,Chicalto,v pee,the fuck…Wayne,Valencia. Our goal keeper is also useless we might concede several. But Arshavin must start he is a good player who reads the game well

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