Starting XI for the game against Manchester City.

Sunday 23rd Sept: FA Premiership, Man City (A)

Morning, folks.

There are many out there who believe that entire seasons can be defined through simple, brief moments; instances that occur and act to shape what follows. Whilst it would be foolish to assume our fortunes lie solely with getting a result tomorrow, I do consider a favourable result to have significant baring. If we can win, and do so having put in a commanding performance, then our stock will rise; Arsenal could be title contenders.

Having said that, I don’t view defeat as bringing with it the opposite reaction. It’s an important game, of that there is no mistake, but at this juncture, it’s truly too early to tell how things may or may not pan out.

I think the game will be a tight affair, and City’s undeniable talent in the attacking areas offers our new look defence its biggest test. Our opponents may not be the most harmonious bunch, but they have talent in abundance. Our beloved ex-player, Samir Nasri, will miss the game – presumably with a ruptured vagina.

We know Szczsney is absent for the next couple of weeks, and I’d say it’s highly unlikely Jack will be risked even as a named substitute. The strikers position is an interesting one, and I think Wenger will opt against Giroud and operate with the same ‘false 9’ formation we deployed against Southampton; Gervinho, The Ox and Podolski will all be interchangeable –  similar to the 4-6-0 formation Spain use. I would also expect the defence to be unchanged, with the centre of the park to consist of a fully-fit triumvirate; Diaby, Arteta and our little Spanish magician.

4-6-0 with interchangeable forwards

I go into the game today with considerable optimism. Of late, this Arsenal team have looked greatly improved in both defence and attack. We have goals in us from various places, and the back four appear to have greater focus. We can get a result tomorrow, of that I have no doubt. It will be a big test for us, but if we want success we need to start passing some of these tests. Hopefully, we’ll have something to smile about come 6pm tonight.

Thanks for reading today, you wonderful lifeforms. What are you views on the team? Would you start with Giroud, or maybe Coquelin for extra stability in midfield? Let me know in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “Starting XI for the game against Manchester City.”

  1. Lets use good language in our comments, the raptured organ in Nassir thats unfair term. Lets not provoke our former players .Have a nice game, four nil is not bad. You talk about G G in Kenya youll learn a lot, Geroud/Gervino carry our flag up and up. Theo should watch in terraces since his ancious to join them in January.

    Mombasa, Kenya.

  2. I totally agree, i would bring on Coquelin towards the end of the game to sure things up if we have a lead as any earlier he is likely to get set off with his hard tackles and the City actors diving everywhere. I wouldn’t start with Giroud we have no room for hope today we need to be on it like a car bonnet, and i hope Chamackh and Mikkel don’t even make the bench i get a sinking feeling in my testicles as soon as i see them!

  3. am expecting an entertaining game with coqouline to start instead of Diaby & Giroud instead of Gervinho. the other sides to remain unchanged. big up komora from Garissa prison.

  4. I have a sneaky feeling that koscielny will come in today either at right back in place of jenko or more likely alongside our bfg with tv5 pushing alongside arteta just behind diaby. but i agree on the 4-6-0 formation as gervinho podolski and cazorla could be the 3 rotational “forwards” who are all capable of having the discipline to assist the midfield in over powering citys. this would leave us with an excellent plan b sitting on the bench of walcott giroud and chamberlain. i expect ramsey coquelin santos to offer an alternative plan b if we are trying to hold on to the game.

  5. hahahahahaha, come again on why Nasri will miss the match! N’way i too have he same belief that we might overcome the Mancs but if we are to lose, we’ll take it honorably and “revenge” on our next opponent! The tactic is not losing to lesser opponents!

  6. If the mighty gunners play 4-6-0 we will be a great force that the city worrying defence won’t be able to cope with.

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