Starting XI for the game against Olympiakos.

UEFA Champions League: Wednesday Oct 3rd, Olymipiakos (h)

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The sign of a good team is how they bounce back from disappointment. Tonight we have a good opportunity against opponents that notoriously travel poorly to do exactly that.

It may be early days, but the Chelsea result hurt. Not just because of the fact it brought the aspirations of many back to the ground with a jarring thud, but also because John Terry is a shit, and he should never be allowed the pleasure of being on a winning team. Ever. I mean it, folks; the man should be resigned to a life of defeat-induced flagellation.

But we did lose. It’s in the past now, and should be left there. Tonight we move on, and with a handy 3 points already in the bag from a good away victory in France, we can further cement our position in the group if we double our tally.

There have been some rumblings that rotation could be the order of the day with a game against West Ham to come the following Saturday, and whilst I agree, I only agree to a certain extent. There is plenty to be gained from allowing our more important players a breather here and there, but not much to be gleaned from constant tinkering. Football is perhaps the sport in which it’s most important to have familiarity in your line-up.

With that in mind, my best guess at how we’ll take to the pitch is as follows (I’m never right, mind you):

Starting Giroud would be beneficial. He may be shanking shots high and wide when the chances come his way, but the more we persevere, the better he’s likely to get. His approach play is excellent, he adds another dimension to our forward line when on the pitch. I’m expecting that once the dreaded bouts of panic relent, and his lack of composure goes, he’ll be a very good striker indeed. He just needs a ‘moment’, something to fill him with confidence and get people talking about what he can do, as opposed to what he isn’t doing.

All in all, the above selection should dispatch our Greek friends with minimal fuss. I’ll be expecting a deliciously comfortable victory with a couple of goals to put us all right again. Of course, as I always say, complacency is our enemy, and must be fought off at all costs. We don’t want to upset Twitter again, do we…

That’s what I predict, what about you folks? How do you see the team lining up? There is a handy comments section below this post that’s just waiting for you to splurge your thoughts all over it.

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Thanks for reading today, you beautiful people.

8 thoughts on “Starting XI for the game against Olympiakos.”

  1. Having per mertesacker at the back means good defence.gervihno can play better as top man than the usual wing,he shud come in for giroud and ashervin for podolski.we re the GUNNERS of time.

  2. Mannone
    Jackinson the verminator kos the energetic(Gibbs)
    Ramsey the super SANTI Coquelin
    Theo Giroud Podolisk

    sub Martinez, sacker, The OX, Gervinho, Santos, djouru for RB

  3. Ramsey are you people in your right mind.He passing is below par, tackling questionable, tracking down opponents wanting, his speed on counter attack poor & just as a fact the stats show we have not won ever since he became a first team player, to add to that when he plays he forces Podolski to play like a defensive midfield, thus Podolski disappears in the game.the good side about him is that he covers alot of ground but as they say that if you are going nowhere any road can take you there.

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