Tasic, Travel Troubles and Win an Anfield ’89 Shirt.

It’s up for grabs now.

Morning, folks.

Ahead of the monstrously important fixture with Man United, today is a relatively quiet day. The minutes will tick by in their customarily ticky-tocky fashion and the odd nugget of intrigue is certain to appear as the day progresses. As things stand, it’s tumbleweed central.

With that in mind, I shall keep today’s post relatively brief. One little snippet that caught my eye was the news of Arsenal being impressed with the recent trial of  15-year-old winger Filip Tasic from Swedish side Djurgardens. He popped down to the Emirates to strut his stuff, met his Idol, Mesut Ozil, and left having impressed everyone enough to be offered another chance to visit the Club.

You can al;most hear the disgruntled snorts that will accompany this kind of news. Think comments along these lines:

“F**king Wenger is signing kids when he had £110m in the bank over January. Get him out.”

Now, I’m no Arsene apologist and I would have liked to have seen him splurge a little cash during the window as much as the next fan. But comments like that type of hyperbolic drivel rile me. The two aren’t in anyway linked, and if we consider a young man good enough for another trial then I see absolutely no reason why he shouldn’t be offered one. It’s not as if we’re parading him around the press as our huge addition to the squad.

Elsewhere, there’s quite a lot of anger amongst fans regarding the Tube strikes in London. I don’t usually get myself involved in this type of discussion as I make no secret of not being a regular attendee. However, should the Tube strike continue into Wednesday as expected, it does through turmoil into the travel arrangements of those that do regularly get to games. Fulham are considering postponing their fixture with Liverpool and rightfully so. The Sky cameras can always come back, the safety and access of the people going to the ground should be paramount. Travel arrangements without a working Tube service will be extremely tough and even I know that having been to London enough times. For once, the Club and the FA should put the people paying good money to get to the ground first.

Lastly today, a competition. After Saturday’s abject failure in Merseyside, what better way to boost your spirits than to fondly recall Anfield in 1989, the day Mickey Thomas skipped through the Liverpool defence and snatched their League title from right under their noses.

At The Goonersphere Podcast, we’re giving away this rather lovely prize in association with Campo Retro:

All you need is a Twitter account and to follow the simple instructions. I’ll be drawing a winner on Friday, so if you’re taking part, the very best of luck to you.

That’s all for today, folks. Be sure to use the comments section to drop me a few of your thoughts – especially if you’re in London and affected by the Tube strike. I shall return tomorrow with a preview of the United game.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

2 thoughts on “Tasic, Travel Troubles and Win an Anfield ’89 Shirt.”

  1. Hahaha is that ment to bother lfc ? They say times a good healer and almost 25 years when Mickey skipped through our defence it has healed , but it will take ar5ena1 50 years to get over the 5-1 should of bin 10-1 drubbing because we will keep reminding you’s of when we started the rot for you’s not to win anything for year 9 !!!

    1. Well, if (big if, but if) we win the title this season, I’d say your one result will mean, well, nothing. Celebrate what you can though.

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