The £50m MEGA STRIKER And A Talking Coq.

Francis is all smiles and happiness.

Morning, folks.

Disappointment is a huge part of life. Following a Football team certainly brings with it its fair share. Often the euphoric moments become lost in a haze of glee and whimsy whereas those crushing moments I can recall with crystal clarity. In short, disappointment resonates.

The reason I’m starting this entry on such a sombre note is because I suffered a large disappointment last night. It has little or nothing to do with football, but seeing as I report only to myself regarding this blog, and can write about pretty much whatever the fu*k I please, I shall proceed regardless (I am going to discuss pressing Arsenal matters in a moment, so feel free to skip this if you’re not particularly interested in me blathering and moaning).

The crushing letdown to which I refer was Only God Forgives – a movie starring Ryan Gosling and directed by Nicolas Winding-Refn (the two behind Drive; a cinematic delight I absolutely adore).

What appears a brooding and intriguing revenge tale from the trailer is actually 90 minutes of Gosling wandering about in near-silence, stopping only to make prostitutes do weird things and have the absolute sh*t beaten out of him. I thoroughly enjoy any film that embraces life’s idiosyncracies, but this seemed to just want to be creepily bizarre and make as little sense as possible.

It was unbridled cack from start to finish and given the previous brilliance of the two collaborators, a huge and unexpected disappointment.

Moving on…

In the title I mentioned a £50m MEGA STRIKER  – I put that in all capitals because that appears the done thing these days if you want to hammer a point home. Don’t really get it myself. It comes across and shouty and aggressive, not the kind of thing you’d do in real life when using innocuous words.

You wouldn’t, for example, go into Tesco and say:

Excuse me, I’m having trouble locating the CHOCOLATE COATED DIGESTIVE BISCUITS. Would you at all mind pointing me in the right direction?

Arsenal fans and many pundits throughout the game discuss the much-fabled MEGA STRIKER with regularity; barely a week passes without it being mentioned. Arsenal need one if they’re going to compete at the highest level because Olivier Giroud, regardless of how much good he does on the pitch, just can’t quite live up to the perception of what we need.

I often find this unfair to Giroud; a player the has done pretty much everything we could ask from him – his less-than-searing pace perhaps the only area in which he is lacking. Giroud scores and makes goals, is nothing if not a player who puts the team before himself and has progressed over the course of his time at Arsenal.

I like him. The team functions as a whole when he plays because he puts in an abundance of effort to be a part of it, to create space and opportunities for others. He may never have the wow factor of Thierry Henry, but if you cast perception to one side and actually look at what he does I find it baffling how some still doubt him.

I struggle to think of a name in world Football that could come into Arsenal and do what Giroud does better than him. I believe we could sustain a legitimate title challenge with him leading the line. Many disagree with this, but our current strike force isn’t an area in which we need huge investment in order to compete.

Elsewhere today, I came across an interview Amy Lawrence did with midfield revelation, Francis Coquelin, in which he discusses his meteoric rise from the relative obscurity of loan periods at Freiburg and Charlton to becoming a regular name on the Arsenal team sheet.

There’s plenty of interesting exerts, this being a particular favourite of mine about his first ever training session with Arsenal (you can read the piece in its entirety by clicking here):

“I thought I was going to have a nice little week in the reserves. I never trained with the first team in Laval. I saw Gallas, Bac Sagna, Clichy, from the French national team, and I was thinking: ‘What am I doing here?’” First there was the Lehmann incident – “He went absolutely crazy on me! I didn’t know what was happening.” Then Emmanuel Eboué and Cesc Fàbregas had a fight because one kicked the other. “I was thinking: ‘Is every training like this? It’s war in here!’”

That’s about all I have time for today, folks. You know the drill; hit me up with a comment or two regarding the above. Do you think we can sustain a title challenge with Giroud leading the line? Let me know your thoughts.

I’ll be back with more tomorrow, including some words about the game against Swansea. Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

6 thoughts on “The £50m MEGA STRIKER And A Talking Coq.”

  1. Giroud’s a great asset to have. For me it’s about adding the right players for form a team that gels, like we’re doing laterly. You don’t need me to highlight City & Utd’s squads of MEGA STARS.
    Personally reckon it’s one of the harder sides of management, buying the right player to compliment the rest. Who, what, where etc is the bosses conundrum.

  2. i agree wholeheartedly about the s**t that is only god forgives,i was expecting a watch as good as drive and a place beyond the pines insteed what i got was time i’ll never get back.As to Giroud i agree with you i think he doesn’t get the proper credit for what he brings to the team there are only 4 other strickers with more goals this year and most of them have plyed more football.

  3. We can actually compete with other teams like chelsea that has all the defence giroud can not penetrate them because of his style and mental strength as a strike.lack of driving force,dribbling one on one is out,skills,and a lot he doesn’t have with his disposal.though he assist and does little.but will need a good finish that has the idea of what to do with the ball at the minutes the ball comes.not just one sider striker,both legs should bang in. Goals.if we are to compete next season.let’s get three players,CB,DM And a striker,if we are to sell szeneszy,let’s get peter cezh.if these is done arsenal is unstoppable.Great Gunners for life!

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