The Dangers Of Alexis Sanchez And World Cup Wonderment.

Trapped, alone; it all got too much for Alexis Sanchez

Morning, delicious Earth creatures.

It’s nice to be back. As I always state when addressing you all after a prolonged absence; things have been hectic and troublesome for me in previous weeks. Such is the jarring regularity of irksome occurrences, my personal life has descended into an obstacle course in which I need every faculty at my disposal to avoid frequent bouts of madness and frustration. To cut a meandering story short; it has been a tough couple of weeks.

But, hey – you’re not here to read about my problems, nor do you particularly care. You fine folks are here to immerse yourself in Arsenal related offerings. Along with the World Cup, across the glorious Twitterverse much debate rages on about transfers. It’s always bloody transfers, isn’t it? Transfers, transfers, transfers. Bloody transfers. Even that word has become a little annoying, such is the regularity with which my peepers peruse stories of its ilk.

I think I’ll write a little about the World Cup first. It’s been a truly brilliant tournament thus far. I’ve often stated I find international football interminably dull, so the excitement and quality on display in Brazil has been an enormously pleasant surprise. Whether it be the ‘plucky’ exploits of the underdog, the quality of some of the goals – James Rodriguez, take a bow – or the extra-time endeavours, there has been so much to admire and very little to court disgust – aside from the Dutch national team, who seem to have transformed from everyone’s favourite footballing nation as the years have passed to become a reprehensible bunch of c*nts.

A lot has been said regarding England also. They did not acquit themselves with any small semblance of goodness. They were bloody awful; appearing lethargic and disinterested, without any real idea of how to approach games. Perhaps that’s a little harsh, but when the so-called “lesser” footballing nations display such pride and enthusiasm, you’ve a right to question those that represent England.

Catching the attention of Arsenal fans is Alexis Sanchez. If you are inclined to believe any of what is published across the Internet, you’d think it’s a certainty he’ll be wearing the red of Arsenal next season. That’s were the danger I mentioned in the title comes in; I’ve this horrible feeling that this deal is playing out in a manner we’ve seen before, notably last season with Gonzalo Higuain.

For all intents and purposes, it looked dead-set we’d acquire the Argentine forward from Real Madrid, until it all went horribly tits-up absurdly quickly. Even today, reports are suggesting we will announce the double signing of Sanchez and Newcastle’s Mathieu Debuchy. Everyone seems sold on the idea. Except me.

I can’t shake the aforementioned feeling that there a sting in the tail. All the hilarious trolling of Liverpool fans, freshly wounded from Sanchez’s rejection of their Club, might come back to bite us in the arse. Don’t get me wrong, mocking certain elements of Liverpool’s fanbase is a pursuit everyone should try at least once, such is their total lack of anything other than blind allegiance.  Like all football teams, Liverpool have a section of silly fans, but occasionally their section seems that extra little bit more moronic.

However, in order to do the mocking, it is usually a wise move to ensure nothing can return to haunt you. In this case, it absolutely can. I sincerely hope my pessimism regarding the deal is just that, as Sanchez is a wonderful player and would be a fabulous signing for us. All things do point towards Arsenal being his chosen destination, but until we see him stood next to Arsene holding an Arsenal shirt, the whole thing could go down the toilet at a moments notice. That would lead to gloating Liverpool fans and that, dear readers, is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments below await a few of your thoughts, so use ’em to pour your little hearts out. I’ll be aiming to return with greater regularity from this moment forth. I hope you’ll welcome me back with open, as opposed to a disgruntled stance of folded arms as if to say, “James, where the f**k have you been?”.

As always, thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.


8 thoughts on “The Dangers Of Alexis Sanchez And World Cup Wonderment.”

  1. I for one truly hope that the transfer window doesn’t turn into a debacle of historic proportions.
    It would certainly be just like their Wenger/Law ‘ship’s to leave it too late, act too slowly and we lose out on the players we had been looking at.

    But we must also as you say look at these associations with a pinch of salt because the club are so “under the radar” that we seem to all cling to stories made up in the media in a bid to trend or whatever it is.

    I would be happy with both of the players mentioned and a FANTASTIC forward with lightening pace to hark us back to the glorious days of TH14.
    Maybe thats where we are headed.

    I did hear something the other day on ABW’s podcast that made perfect sense and that was NO signing will be revealed until the Puma kit is launched on the 10th.
    It is too good an opportunity to be missed.
    Imagine taking photo’s of new signings last week with the Nike Kit? The media would have a field day.
    For gawd sakes, they are already berating Wenger for wearing Nike Arsenal gear in nearly all of his
    pictures during the World Cup, do they not realise, even Le Boss isn’t allowed the new kit until it is launched….!

    In my honest opinion, I am almost positive that we will see at least two new players or a Marquee signing on the day of the Puma Launch.

    So, 3 days time I shall be proven wrong!

    Oh, and it would be a delight if we did get Sanchez if only just to annoy the Red side of Liverpool, especially as it looks like “Bitey” is going……

  2. Not that it`s any of my business James but, I think your personal life may be of more interest than the melodious media suggestions of transfers and the melodramatic crap that surrounds them.
    Welcome back.

  3. sanchez would be good for us wouldnt he!? i hope we get the right powerful midfielder as well and then we would be a force to be reckoned with.

  4. great to have you back James. I am completely in the same boat as you in terms of pessimism. Was so excited about Higuain last summer only for us to truly nalls it up! Just hope it happens though because with the addition of Sanchez, plus a dm, a good rb and a gk to cover for Sczesney and we’ll definitely get more points than last year – which could win us the league! COYG!

  5. I hv tried very had to reserve my comment untill the 10 of this month before i will burst out, a lot of Arsenal fanatics look forward to me for info but due to what has happen before in the previous transfer market i have been very skeptic in talking about our beloved club and it transfers. I will surely come back on this same issue after official unvaill of Arsenal-Puma deal. Bye

  6. Yes James, I agree fully about the Sanchez ‘rumour’. When standing there holding the shirt, I will believe we have signed him.

    As for Liverpool fans, thank f*ck they didn’t win the league last season. Imagine the tripe you’d have to endure on forums. It has been excruciating for two decades hearing them live on their ancient ’18’ achievements from decades before that.

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